How to Find Your WordPress Admin Login

Today we’re going to discuss WordPress, especially for beginners, our topic should be how to find your WordPress admin login.

Hostinger sign up illustration image on how to find your wordpress admin login

It is also one of the problems I encountered when trying to log in to my WordPress account.

I tried logging in by searching, no way

The same thing happened when I tried until I contacted my hosting company for clarification.

That was when I successfully logged in to my new WordPress account.

Has the same thing happened to you?

Don’t worry! We are here to talk about this topic today.

Their blogging platform is because of this type of issue which is never a WordPress fault.

There is no doubt that WordPress is the best blogging platform today and will remain the best platform in the years to come.

WordPress alone powers 35% of the internet in the world, you may want to check on their website.

Are you a newbie user of WordPress?

Have you been trying to find and locate the WordPress login Url?

You might be surprised to find it difficult to locate your WordPress admin login link.

Never should you panic again, you can be able to find your WordPress admin login after reading this article.

It usually happens to every beginner in WordPress.

You will get it solved after reading and following my step-by-step guide in this write-up.

Bluehost illustration sign up image on how to find your wordpress admin login

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Now, let’s assume that you have successfully started a blog by paying for a domain and hosting. The next thing would be WordPress Installation and designing.

Other stuff but got hooked up when login into your WordPress due to the inability to find your WordPress admin login Url link.

Then listen and listen to the concise detailed write-up on how to

Troubleshoot and bypass this situation and log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.

Step-by-Step Guide that works.

Head on to your browser;

Type the below-provided Url while in your browser Screen.

Whereas you are required to change your domain with your original domain name and send it to your browser,

You can see my example below using my real domain name.

Just type the Url like the one in the above line and replace amagojessy with your domain and you would be immediately  welcomed with the WordPress login table like in the image below,

An image that displays identity log in table to help you on how to find your WordPress admin login

At this point, type your login username in the username field and also type your password in the password field,

Finally, click on the login button to enter your WordPress admin dashboard and enjoy yourself blogging and publishing like never before.

Domain names for just 88 cents!

You may also decide to tick the remember me option whenever, make sure not to tick the option when using a public laptop, is never a wise idea to avoid your website from being hacked and stolen.

Bravo, you have successfully solved your problem.

Now in case you forgot your password during the login process, do not panic also because you can easily recover your password through the forgot password option in the login table link.

Immediately you click on the lost your password option in the image, it will automatically lead you to the authentication page where you’re required to authenticate your WordPress owner account,

You would also receive the change your password option after genuine account verification, now change your password and log in to your WordPress dashboard with no further stress and protocols.

Thanks for reading my WordPress blog tutorial

Enjoyed my article on how to find and locate your WordPress admin login.

Please, Subscribe and comment below, Thanks for reading.


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