Tips for becoming a Successful writer:7 Ways

Are you a publisher thinking about how to become a successful writer? Do not worry again because I’m going to explain the 7 tips for becoming a successful writer in this article today.

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Everyone can write and publish but it’s only very few writers that possess the qualities that can lead them toward achieving success as a writer.

Wants to start as a publisher today and become successful tomorrow?

Then, let’s move without protocols!! let’s see the top 7 qualities that make a successful writer.

How to Become a Successful Writer


1. Practice consistency to become a successful writer

If you have created your Website or blog to be publishing once a month, then you shouldn’t expect to be more successful than the person who publishes every week.

It is recorded that full-time blogging makes more success than part-time blogging & so if you ever plan of making money as a writer, then start as a full-time writer. Learn the habits of publishing consistently with passion.

2. Partner and relate with other writers

Do you want to become a writer?

Then cultivate the habit of relating with other writers, though associating with them won’t make you to be successful but it’s sure to lead you into laying your starting foundations.

You can make your success through hardworking and personal efforts but there’re still some benefits that you can derive from partnering with your co-writer, especially the old ones who have been in the field earlier before you.

There are many ways to relate with your colleagues’ writers, you can send them a personal email about you.

You may follow them on social media networks,

You can send them a direct email and you may even create your awareness by commenting on their write-up.

3. Create enough Time to become a successful writer

Time image that proves that time is needed to become a successful writer


Making out time for your Blog or website plays a very big role in determining your progress as a writer,

The time to create should be the right choice of post title could be difficult, especially for Newbies bloggers but then when you start learning about SEO and keywords it could be easier for you.

4. You shouldn’t neglect the power of marketing & promotion

Writing without marketing and promotion is like trying to relocate from Nigeria to the U.S.A without following any means of transportation in which the success rate is as low as 0%.

But wait a minute Please!!

Why should you try to dodge marketing and promoting your write-up? Anyway, it could be that you didn’t know the easy ways to go during promoting time.

Go ahead and study this topic that talks about blog promotion as a writer, How to Promote your Blog: 9 Best Ways

5. Be patient enough to see your hard work manifest into success.

I have said earlier that patience is strongly required for a writer to achieve success!! There is no get-rich-quick magic to move on as a publisher.

It is even supposed to appear as the number one key quality in this article ” 7 tips for becoming a successful writer.

The patient we talk about here has no time limit, instead, it’s determined by a lot of factors which time and Commitment of the writer can never be excluded.

Many failed writers failed not because they are not hardworking but because they didn’t have such qualities (patient) that could help them escape during the waiting time.

6. Cultivate the habit of continuous learning to become a successful writer

A popular English adage says that pride goes before a fall!! do not be too proud of yourself for the little knowledge you have acquired.

Whenever you are too proud that you have a loaf of bread to eat,

Always remember that someone owns the bakery & so what do you think the owner of the bakery should do?

What about the person that invented the technology? Humility solves it all, so the secret is to be humble and be focused on learning and writing.

7. Never neglect online presence in social media.

Social media image logos that a publisher must focused on to become a successful writer

Do you have a booming social media account? That’s great, start utilizing your popularity by creating awareness of your profession and your products.

Are your accounts not popular enough to do the job well?

No problem also!! You can start optimizing your account to get more followers and boost your popularity for free.

Some of the social sites like;
Facebook Twitter and Instagram play a great role in boosting your profession as a writer and so they shouldn’t for any reason be neglected.

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And you always make sure that you didn’t only have followers but engaged and active people that follow your account, in that way you’re sure to promote your write-up through Social Media.

That’s it on the 7 tips for becoming a successful writer,

You can share your thoughts in the Commenting table or you may also want to drop a question.

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