Hi! Welcome to Amagojessy’s Shop!

This is where you are going to see every one of my product, be it physical, digital and affiliated products.

Being a genuine and opened person, I will always recommend you to go through my disclaimer and disclosure page before trying to buy any of my affiliate products

As I explained earlier in my disclaimer and disclosure page that I will get some little compensation when you purchase any of my affiliated products but at no extra cost to you.

Note that you will stand a chance to win a free gift from me when you buy any of my personal products.

What if I don’t have the affiliate product of what you want to buy?

In that case, you can email me with the details of the product that you want to buy, I will make sure to include the affiliate product link within 24 hours of receiving your message.

Then go ahead and buy via my affiliate link and update me on your purchase, relax and wait for the money back guarantee duration to end and finally receive your promised compensation.

Products and compensation details.

1. Hostinger hosting provider.

In hostinger hosting, you will receive $10 compensation from me after 30 days wait time from the day of your purchase so that the 30 days money back guarantee will end without you opting out from their service.

Compensation is $10

Time; after 30 days wait time, please kindly click on the hostinger image banner below to get started.

Hostinger sign up image on how to start a history blog

2. Bluehost hosting.

Also in Bluehost hosting affiliate purchase, you will also receive $10 affiliate compensation from me after a 30 days wait time of the money back guaranteed.

So I will give you $10 compensation when you buy hosting from Bluehost company via my affiliate link at no extra cost to you.

Click on the bluehost image banner below to get started now!


3. Fiverr affiliate.

In Fiverr affiliate purchase, you will receive $5 from me within 24 hours of using my link to register new account on Fiverr and also purchase any of the Fiverr services.

To get started on Fiverr affiliate, please kindly click on the Fiverr image banner below!

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