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Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening depending on the place you are reading from. I‘m delighted to welcome you all to the Amagojessy shop.


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Update to Nigerian Buyers.

It was brought to my notice that some Nigerian buyers got rejected on their way trying to make payment for their desired books due to the CBN dollar conversion restrictions policy on their bank cards.

That’s why I’m updating to also let you know that you can as well make payment directly to my Nigeria account number. You can also make a donation using the provided account number.

How it works!

Make payment to my first bank account number ( 3081726300 ) Account name is Emechebe Jacinia Chiamago.

Send me an email with your payment information and the details of the product you paid for via email. Also, use the email to alert me when you donate. You can use the email below!

[email protected]

You will receive the PDF document file you paid for immediately from me. No dulling, no protocols, and no bullshit.

Seeing that the price was listed here in dollars, you can easily calculate the naira equivalent by multiplying 400 by the listed dollar amount. For instance; if you want to buy a 5-dollar product, the mathematics should be, 400 × 5 which is 2,000 naira.

Thank you.

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