Reasons why People Blog

What really pushed me to write on today’s topic ” reasons why people blog ” can be seen below!

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from some of my readers asking me to explain the real meaning of blogging for them,

At a point I began to reason that answering them the meaning of a blog without also letting them to know some top reasons why people blog won’t make sence at all.

That was when I started thinking on writing on todays article.

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Have you ever ask yourself a question like “what is a blog and why do people blog?

Keep reading to know it please!

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What is a Blog?

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A blog is a type of website that involves writing, publishing and sharing knowledge to peoples and such information varies depending on what the owner of a blog had chosen to blog about.

A blog may be owned and managed by a person or an individuals and such peoples are referred to as Bloggers.

Are you now eager to become a blogger? I suggest you may find this article helpful.

How To Start A Blog: Step by Step Guide

I guessed you’ve known what a blog is all about and who is a blogger? Okay let’s kindly read the top reasons why people blog.

There are thousands of reasons why people enter into blogging and such reasons varies from one blogger to another blogger and from one niche to another niche.

Right here in this article we’re going to talk about 5 major reasons why people blog.

Let’s quickly get ourselves to the first reason behind blogging.

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Top Reasons Why People Blog!

1. Make Money ( number one reasons why people Blog)

Making money has always been the number one top reasons why people blog, I suggests that more than 50 percent of bloggers blogs to make money.

This is because there are many making money opportunities in blogging which makes it to be more lucrative for people to go into it.

Do you still doubt the profit in blogging?

Then think about some of the world successful bloggers that makes millions every month from their blogs.

Somebody like Neilpatel, Harsh Agarwal and Ryan Robinson

You should also note that it’s not only about being a blogger but it’s all about being a successful blogger, you can read how to achieve a successful blogging here;

Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger

2. Get popularity and Fame

Who doesn’t want to get fame and popularity? Definitely nobody, really everyone wants to become the talk of the town.

That’s just the second reason behind blogging!

Blogging if planned very well will get you fame and popularity, this is due to the fact that you’re not writing for yourself, instead you’re writing to people all over the world.

3. Promotion ( One of the reasons why people Blog)

Promotion is also one of the reasons why people blog,

Some people,individuals and companies sometimes get themselves a blog just to promote their brands and product.

A blog is seriously required especially when you have product to advertise and sell to the public for the sole purpose of making money.

4. Share their knowledge and experience

Sharing knowledge and experience is also one of the reasons why people blog. I have seen a lady that got a blog just to share her marriage experience to world.

She did it to extend help and advice to some people who may be in a situation similar to the one she went through.

And that’s just her reason for blogging.

5. Create great opportunities

Yeah! Blogging calls for opportunities! Opportunity to become an influencer, opportunity to relate with some great companies and even to relate with great personalities.

This is so because when you manage to produce a successful blog, many people would like to work with you in several ways, either by advertising with you or extending their views with you.

That’s how you get to know many top people, individuals and companies in the world.


6. People blog to improve their writing skills.

Are you a passionate writer looking for a way to improve your writing skills?

Then start a blog immediately! It’s a sure way to improve your skills in writing.

Of course you can believe with me on the adage ” practice makes perfect” this means the more your passion, the more perfect you become and the more happy you will be.

It’s not only applicable in writing alone, instead it applies to everything you choose to do in life.

Thank you for reading our post on the reasons why people enter into blogging, looking forward to see you in our next post.

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