Tips on how to rank without Backlinks: 4 killer


Are you a new blogger or Website owner? You might find it difficult to rank without backlinks, relaxed your mind now because you have the assurance to solve this ugly situation after reading my 3 killer tips to rank without backlinks.

Why sites without backlinks doesn’t rank in Google search results?

This is due to the update in Google ranking factors which tends to consider domain-acquired backlinks as the major ranking factors when it comes to search engines and ranking.

Don’t worry yet!!

I haven’t come to put more panic in your situation, instead, I have come to present to you perfect and unfailing solutions to this mess.

I’m here to present you with “4 killer tips on how to rank without backlinks”  the tricks I am dropping here are a 100% working idea that never fails.

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I think you have relaxed your mind to avoid generating more high blood pressure yourself, especially in this coronavirus epidemic.

Now keep reading till the end!!

Killer tips on how to rank without backlinks ( 4 killer tips that work)

1.  Listening to your SEO Plugin is the first killer tip to rank without backlinks 

Google has done well by providing SEO to publishers to guide and lead them toward achieving their aim as a writer.

The worst mistake you can make as a blogger is that of not building your blog with the best SEO Plugin, Bad SEO can ruin even the best-written articles in the world, in the same way, good SEO could help you rank more than you may think.

There are thousands of SEO plugins in WordPress but surprisingly there’re very few good ones that do the job well.

Now the best 2 question I expected you to ask at this point is;


1.  How to know the best SEO Plugin that will match your blog?

Answer;  You can choose SEO from one of The SEO plugins mentioned in the article here,  Best SEO Plugin for WordPress they’re the best recommended SEO Plugin to help you build your blog to success.

Domain names for just 88 cents!

2.  What core features should you consider when choosing this Plugin for your new blog?

 Answer;  Consider picking an SEO with Post analyzing features, in my opinion I think is best to start with Yoast SEO because of its powerful analyzing features.

You can also see all their features by visiting their website Here

2.  Let your On-Page SEO rule you

Do not think that because you have prepared yourself as a writer & so there is no need to allow this stupid plugin to analyze and guide your write-up.

Nope, you shouldn’t think like that, please! Instead, be humble and allow it to lead your way to success, for as long as search engines are concerned your SEO remains your representative and speaker in the game of ranking.

This is how it works!!

Allowing your On-Page SEO to rule you when writing articles will help to reach a maximum level of content optimization level that would thus lead you to rank without backlinks.

Obeying your On-Page SEO is the number one killer tip to rank your new blog without backlinks, do not even publish your article without having your SEO display a good result attestation with green logos as the one in the below screenshot.

Image that describe how SEO Plugin analysis post in wordpress

Domains with thousands of backlinks may fail to consider this rule but you having a new blog without backlinks shouldn’t for any reason disregard these tips.

3.  Utilize the power of long-tail Keywords 

Picture displaying long tail Keywords as one of the killer tips to rank without backlinks


The keywords you’re trying to rank for are also very big determining factors when trying to rank your new website without backlinks.

It is recommended that you should start building your blog with long-tail keywords,

Never should you publish on any keyword you may wish to write on, instead do proper keyword research with keyword researching tools, So that you can be able to arrive at the best easy-to-rank keywords.


Wants to start ranking your new website in Google without a single backlink?

Then, long tail Keywords are the answer, it performs the job of the tips on how to rank without backlinks very well without question.


4.  Publishing content-rich articles is another killer tip on how to rank without backlinks 

 I think I have given instances on the effect of publishing a quality and content-rich article, I have earlier discussed it in one of my Post on the 8 Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger

In the above-given articles, I narrated a life story of how a man of 25 years old suddenly changed his marriage policy which stated that “he is going to get married at 30 years”

The policy got changed simply because he saw a beauty that is irresistible and so he went ahead and married the lady at 25 years breaking his marriage policy.

You can as well break Google’s policy and join Google’s ranking page by publishing more quality articles than one of your competitors, you can also make your articles to be longer but yet with comprehending detailed guide.

These are the 4 unfailing killer tips on how to rank without backlinks in 2020 be it a new or old domain.

You can drop us a comment on your suggestions in the comment section below!!

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