How to Rank Higher on Google: 11 killer ways

Many bloggers still find it difficult to rank their website in the first page of Google Search results.

Some people believed that people featured in the first page of Google always pays to be in that position. But that’s always a false idea!!

You could pay to be in the first page of Google and you can as well be in the first page of Google without paying a dime for that.

Want to know how to be in the first page of Google without paying?

Then keep reading to know how!!

Google page ranking can be determined by a number of factors but I’m going to show you the 6 rank boosting factors that is sure to work for everyone.

6 must focused factors to rank higher on Google

  1. A site that is mobile friendly
  2. Links connected to the blog or Website
  3. Domain age and authority
  4. Page speed of the Website and
  5. Post Contents quality. 
  6. Contents optimization.

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Now let’s move on with our topic right away!

How to rank higher on Google


1.  Work on your site speed to rank higher on Google 

Boy and girl speeding with their bicycle to prove how speed is needed to rank higher on Google

The page speed of your site matters a lot in your site ranking in as much as 90% of your readers won’t have such patience to wait for your site loading delay so also does search engine trying to access your website.

In order to fix site loading speed in some website is good to use a clean and fast theme and also optimise your content especially your images, always  use a cache plugins and also delete unused plugins and theme for faster performance.

2.  Always update your old Post.

Since Google’s latest update on ranking factors tends to favour fresh contents more than old and abandoned contents.

It is a great idea to build a frequently updated blog in order to still maintain google ranking in favour of fresh contents.


3. Use long tail keywords.

The keyword you use when writing a post can affect your Google ranking in many ways, T

That is why it is required that you should always do a keyword research before deciding on the keyword to write about in order to achieve better ranking in Google Search results.

Do not just wake up and start writing about any keyword that came to your mind, instead do a keyword research using some free or paid tools like Ubersuggest by Neil Patel

Or you may want to use Semrush

Let me quickly explain long tail keyword For new Bloggers!

Long-tail keyword are keywords that are less competitive but with high search volume.


4.  Publish consistently  to rank higher on Google

There are many ways in which publishing consistently helps bloggers in ranking their blogs or posts in the first page of Google.

You can see below how consistent publishing positively affect google searches and ranking!

Frequent publishing would create a signal to Google that your website is not a dormant site and it needs to be ranked on being an active blog or website.

5.  Optimize your URL to rank higher on Google 


Do you belong to the category of writers that always overlook their post slug?

No, you should stop such attitude now and start optimizing your permalink to be search engine friendly.

You should know that the contents of your slug could affect your ranking either directly or indirectly, using stop words in your slug is not a good idea instead remove them from your Post URL to boost your ranking.


6.  Submit your Sitemap to Google 

This is supposed to be the first thing to do immediately after creating your blog or Website,

Submitting your Sitemap to Google delivers a notice me signal to Google search console that your Website is existing and needs to be included in search results.

Curious to know more on Google sitemap submission? Then read pur blog post on how to submit a sitemap to Google search console here Submit your Sitemap To Google Search Engine

7.  Use good SEO Plugin to rank higher on Google 

Installing and using a good SEO Plugin matters a lot when it comes to search engines and ranking,

Especially when you doesn’t install and overlooked the plugin, instead you make sure to obey it’s rule in post writing analysis.

One of such good and recommended SEO Plugin is YOAST SEO, Rank Matt SEO and others, you may also want to read our post on Best SEO Plugin for WordPress


8.  Use charming keywords as title

Using attractive title as your topic name does not have any direct effect on your ranking but will indirectly improve your organic ranking via click-through-rate.

Because charming headline initiate curiosity to click and see which returns a click through rate signal to search engines that will eventually help you to improve your ranking in search results.

9.  Create a good user experience environment 

Bedroom picture that tends to display the type of ùser experience environment to rank higher on Google.


The user experience of your visitors is also a ranking factors to consider when trying to rank your site in the first page of Google for any keyword you may wish to rank for.

Because of that, you’re required to improve the user experience of your visitors by making sure that there is no distracting factors affecting your readers.

You can improve your Website user experience by minimizing or stopping ads of any kind especially a pop up ads & then create an easy to use environment by simplifying your blog navigation.

In fact I personally discovered more engaged readers whenever I allowed my site to run without advertising, that is why my blog is always ads free.

Though advertising is one of the ways that bloggers makes their own money, but you can still give it a try anytime.

10.  Build more Backlinks to rank higher on Google 

This is supposed to be Google’s number one ranking factors when it comes to Google searching and results,

Be focused on building more  backlinks to your blog, not just any backlink you see but genuine and matching links to your blog.

Though there are ways to still rank an article in the first page of google without backlinks as seen in my article here killer tips to rank without Backlinks: 4 sure tips but it required more wisdom and intelligent to rank without backlinks.


11.  Work on your site mobile optimization 

I have been hearing of making a site to be mobile friendly to improve your site ranking, but I haven’t seen people talking about desktop friendly,

I know it’s because the number of people searching via mobile is far more than the number of people that searches via desktop after all how many people owns a desktop?

This is so because Google stated it clearly that mobile friendly site is included as one of their ranking factors when it comes to search engines and ranking.

One of the first step to take when trying to build a mobile friendly site is to look and watch the theme you use on your site, outdated and low quality theme tends to affect the mobile friendliness of your site and thereby hinders your ranking.

Do you have other tricks and ideas to rank higher on Google first page? Then also let us know your thought in the comment table!!



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