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TheMakeMoneyCenter.Com Privacy Policy Includes;


The Information We Collect

The information that Themakemoneycenter collect would be from our subscribed, registered, and commented visitors only, and such information will be; Visitors’ name and Visitors Email address,  but also bear in mind that Themakemoneycenter will never pick any information from anonymous visitors.

Our Cookies  Privacy

During the use of our site online, Themakemoneycenter also collects some information through the use of cookies.

To explain it better, Cookie can be defined as information that is gotten from a Website visitor through the help of the Visitors browser, information received  through cookies will always be stored in a computer,


Never mind, you can always opt out of Cookie Privacy Policy by simply setting your browser to not accept Cookies before making use of our Website.

  • Another disturbing query could be; What then can we do with the collected information??

How We Use Your Information!

  • We use your information to always forward our website updates, based on the site or post that we believe will be beneficial to you.
  • We can also use your information to always give you direct answers to all your questions with the help of your registered and subscribed email
  • We use cookies to help us keep a record of your details should in case of a future visit to our site. And bear in mind that themakemoneycenter will never for any reason disclose your personal information to other third parties.
  • Also, note that our online privacy policy is only for online visitors who subscribed, registered, or commented, so is never applicable to offline visitors or readers!
  • Also, note that you consented to our online privacy policy by using our website online.
  • Also, note that we reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy anytime but we always promised to keep you all updated on that even earlier before the commencement of the changes.

Though the Changes to our Privacy Policy are usually minor but we will update all our Website subscribers before the Commencement of the new privacy policy.


About How We Handle Your Collected Information

Themakemoneycenter does not and can never disclose any of our visitor’s information to any people, or any third party linked with themakemoneycenter Website, We valued our visitor’s Privacy to the core and strongly maintain our Privacy Policy,


Are you still confused or have any questions concerning our Privacy Policy, Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime for we are always at your service.

[email protected] 

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