Noteledge Alternatives: Best 5 Note App

We all knows about the importance of keeping notes of our activities in life that is why I decided to write on this topic ” noteledge alternatives ”

Maybe you’re among those people using this app to take record of your notes?

Then kindly read till the end to see the best of noteledge alternatives you can divert to for better experience.

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Noteledge Alternatives.


1. Google Keep

Google keep image one of the noteledge alternatives

Google Keep is a Google owned app that is used to create,edit,save and keep note for as long as you want.

They had always been my number one pick when it comes to Noteledge alternatives.

With Google Keep, you can synchronise your note with other Google apps like Gmail.

They have 4.3 star rating in Google play Store out of more than 1 million reviews.

2. Evernote ( Noteledge Alternatives)

Evernote app image one of the noteledge alternatives

Evernote is my second pick when it comes to Noteledge alternatives you can try.

The app let you take note, edit note and save for future reference.

One great thing I love about evernote is the option to make some note offline notes in such a way that you have access to them offline.

Evernote have gotten 3.7 star rating in more than one million reviews.

3. Microsoft OneNote 

Illustration image of Microsoft OneNote one of the noteledge alternatives

Microsoft OneNote is a note taking app owned by Microsoft.

You can use it to capture your plans and ideas and save them as long as you wished.

Just like Google Keep, with Microsoft OneNote you can synchronise your note across all your devices using your Microsoft account.

They’ve gotten 4.3 star rating from more than 800 thousand plus reviews in Google play Store.

4. BasicNote( Noteledge Alternatives)

Though BasicNote is not all that popular than the app listed before but people that are using it will love it so much.

They’ve also received a massive 4.8 star rating in Google play Store out of more than one 33 thousand reviews.

BasicNote is a  great note taking app with just 3.4mb download space that doesn’t affect the app performance

You can try BasicNote and see to yourself!

5. My Diary

My Diary is far beyond a note taking app which everyone that come across it would love.

What makes my diary to stand out among other note taking apps is having the option of recording and keeping audio files.

It also have many customization options like theme changing, font changing and many other features.

My Diary is also a note app with picture support and app lock features so it’s among the top noteledge alternatives.

They’re rated 4.8 star in more than 300 thousand reviews.

These are my top apps that best suits Noteledge alternatives to try in 2021.



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