Monibox Reviews: is scam or legit

One of the trending internet searches has been ” how to make money online” whether in Nigeria or any other part of the world. That’s why we’re going to look into the Monibox Reviews in today’s post.

As much as joining Monibox to make money is important to you, I believe it’s much more important to read these authentic Monibox reviews till the end to boost your knowledge and finalize your decision to register on the platform.

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What is Monibox?

Monibox is one of the online side hustling sites for Nigerians to make money online from the comfort of their home after a one-time payment of 3,000 nairas but the question remains ” will they pay you after earning with them”

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How does Monibox Work?

You pay a 3,000 naira one-time payment as I said earlier to register and become a Monibox member.

Hostinger sign up image on how to start a history blog

Then start making money like never before by utilizing some of their fantastic money-making tips and features.

But will they pay you at last?  okay, get to know the best truth about after reading this article.

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You can make money by referring people to the program, by daily visiting, by sharing sponsored posts, and many other direct and indirect ways to earn.

You can see below the breakdown of how you can make money as a Monibox participant.

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How to make money on Monibox.

Monibox sign up illustration image on the post titled Monibox reviews

1. Earn a 1,500 naira instant bonus on sign up.

Instantly receive a 1,500 naira sign-up bonus on your account after successful payment and registration.

You don’t need to complete any other task to make your first 1,500 naira on Monibox.

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2. Refer People to earn money on Monibox.

There are many good ways to make money on Monibox but the best and easiest way to earn without limit is through their refer and earn program.

You will earn 2,000 naira on your Monibox account immediately if someone signed up on their site via your referral link.

This is never a joke, depending on how good you’re at convincing people about a new product, you can be making more than you may think from the  Monibox referral program. But only join them if you can provide the money and also can easily endure it when the going gets tough on the way because it’s below 30 percent legit.

3. Make Money from Daily Visiting.

Another easy way to make money on the Monibox website is by logging in to the site daily, by logging in daily you will receive 100 naira for free to boost your earning.

But the wise question is; will they pay you for all your activities or are they just making use of your money and your brain? You will get to know more after reading this Monibox review.

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4. Share Sponsored posts to make money.

Another easiest way of making money from is by sharing the sponsored post on your social media accounts.

By sharing the sponsored posts you will be earning 200 naira after you successfully shared the sponsored post on any of your social accounts.

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5. Earn from indirect referrals.

This is just the best features that singled Monibox out from their competitors like Videomine etc. in videomine you can easily sign up with just 2,000 naira to start making money with other members but not sure if they pay or not.

This is how indirect referral money works. A referred B to sign up on Monibox, B agreed and signed up, and later referred C to the platform. Now to break everything up, A will receive 2,000 naira from B and also receive a 300 naira indirect referral bonus from C sign up.

That’s just how indirect referrals work, now let’s see whether Monibox is a scam or a legit platform below.

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Monibox reviews: is it a scam or legit?

Monibox is a total scam! Please do not participate on the platform. The truth is that you will make money from them but they will never pay you after your withdrawal.

I have followed them up from day one and discovered that everything about them has been a total scam, a waste of money, and a waste of time, in fact, a waste of everything good.

Run away from the Monibox platform so that you will not turn out to be their next victim.

They claimed to be a legitimate platform that will last forever. But to be sincere they are just like MMM and other online scam platforms.

They only provide fake payment proof to people


Monibox website activities image illustration on the Monibox reviews post

Do I recommend Monibox to my readers?

I do not recommend Monibox to my enemy not to talk about recommending it to my friend.

But if you still want to try them, then go ahead and try If you can afford the 3,000 naira sign-up fees and if you can easily endure the money when the going gets tough unexpectedly. Then go ahead and give it a trial for its only trial that will convince you.

Believe the fact that platforms like Monibox are always sure to crash one day, that reminds me of the MMM platform sometime in 2019, at least I knew some people that smiled with the MMM platform, and some that cried because of the platform.

So having met up with all the conditions and concluded by yourself to join Monibox, go ahead and join the platform and be among the early birds. to make money on the Monibox platform.

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Monibox Reviews: How to Withdraw on Monibox.

Referral withdrawal is twice a month, on the 15th and 30th of every month as long as you have up to 6,000 naira in your Monibox account.

Non-referral earnings can be withdrawn at the end of the month or on the 30th of every month precisely when you have accumulated up to 10,500 naira in your account earnings but the truth is; ” they will never pay you after making money in their site.

I think we’re going to end our post here on the Monibox reviews and how to make money on Monibox.



Do you have any problem with the Monibox platform that you wished to let people know about, then openly do let us know through the comments section.

You should please note that I’m not in any way related to or know someone that owns any of the platforms mentioned here, I’m only a Monibox platform reviewer.

Thanks for reading my blog and always come to read more like this!


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