How to install Plugin in WordPress

Let’s jump into this article on how to install plugin in WordPress, I believed that you must have gotten your blog functioning by now right?

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Important Notice!

When reading the article on how to install plugin in WordPress, we talks about and not

Now before kicking a start to Our today’s topic, because there’rethousands of plugins in the WordPress Plugins depositary, the first question that should come to your mind is;


How can you find the best WordPress Plugin for your blog?

Here is a simple trick to your question, Assuming you want to download a WordPress Caching plugin,

You can type the keyword cache in the keyword search table, now choose the best plugin on Caching by comparing the searched results.


Here’re some guide to picking the best WordPress Plugin

  1. Consider the Plugin version compatibility
  2. Watch the Plugins ratings in WordPress
  3. Also look into the review of the plugin in question.
  4. Sometimes it’s also good to check the developer ratings before proceeding.


How to install Plugin in WordPress

▪ Login to your WordPress admin account dashboard

▪ Go to settings and click on the plugins button,

▪ Click on the add new plugin which will automatically take you to the plungin installation page

▪Now using the keyword search table, type the name of the plugin that you would like to install and finally click on the install button

▪ Okay, wait for some minutes for the plugin to finish installation process,

I have finished installing the Plugin What next?

Then you’re 90% close to accomplishment, quickly activate the Plugin and enjoy.


How to install Plugin in WordPress with Pictures 

Assuming you want to install W3 total cache plugin, what you have to do is just login to your WordPress account dashboard,

Click on the Plugins button

First illustration image of plugin installation in WordPress

Now click on the add new link as seen in the image below;


Second image of the plunging installation steps in wordpress

Now this will take you immediately to the plugin installation page where you’re required to search the plugin that you want to install using the provided keyword search table like in the image below where I am trying to install W3 total Cache Plugin.


Now click to install the Plugin and wait for some minutes for the plugin to bypass installation steps,

Finally click on the install button to install your downloaded plugin and enjoy.

Image that displays the activate link after plugin installation in WordPress

I think you have finally learnt how to install Plugin in WordPress here?

Advice Please!

Only install & keep the Plugins that is beneficial to you, Always delete any unused Plugin for better site performance.

If you have any question concerning plugin installation in WordPress, kindly use the comment table to let us know, or do you have a suggestion to make? Then also let us know using the same medium.

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