Http upload error WordPress: how to fix it

Have you been experiencing  this error in your Website?  I mean the http upload error in WordPress,

Do not worry again!

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I promise you will get it solved after reading this write up, you may want to check it out below to see the 6 tricks that works in fixing http upload error in WordPress.

Now let’s start by sharing;

  1. The meaning of http error in WordPress
  2. What causes http error
  3. Changes that you will notice when this errors occurs
  4. How to successfully fix http upload error in WordPress


What is http upload error in WordPress?

Http upload error in WordPress is an error which indicate that there is a malfunctioning file that hinders file uploading process in WordPress


What causes http upload error in WordPress?

There are many possible causes of http upload error in WordPress, Let’s quickly put it down concisely here

  1. Hosting  server downtime
  2. Loaded browser  cache and data
  3. Low memory  in WordPress
  4. Incompatibility  between your WordPress version and php version 
  5. Your WordPress image editing platform


What changes are you going to observe when the error occurs in your Website?

Anyway, you would find it entirely difficult to upload files such as images, videos etc to your WordPress media library

How can you fix the http upload error in WordPress?

There are several ways of fixing the http upload error in WordPress and most of the ways to fix the error issue we’re summarized in this article in 6 different ways, it is believed that the error must be fixed after trying our 6 solutions.

Let’s go straight to the fixing right away

How to solve Http upload error in WordPress

1st Trick:  confirm that the error is not from your hosting server

This is always the number one solution to solving WordPress http error, the trick here is for you to

  • Confirm the error
  • Give some little time
  • Try uploading again

If the error is from your hosting server, it doesn’t take them much time to quickly fix and resolve the http error,

Now when you try the image upload again,  it is sure to work like a charm even without you trying the other work-around. Assuming the error still persist after your first trial step then you should know it’s not from your hosting server,

Now go ahead and try our 2nd Solution

2nd Trick: Clear your browser cache; To solve http upload error in WordPress 


It is believed that 70 percent of errors coming from services being performed using a browser started due to loaded browser cache and data, 


So clear your browser cache and if possible clear your browser data also, and try to see if the WordPress http error is resolved.

Should incase you have a data you wouldn’t want to wipe from your browser, just try  a different browser to check the upload success.

If all trials failed,

Then try our 3rd trick below, always remember that your trials are free of charge, so keep trying to fix your error.


3rd Trick:  Check your newly activated Plugins or Theme

Explaining number 3 solution better

Does the error occur immediately after activating a new Plugin or Theme? Then be fast in discovering this trick and also quickly deactivate and uninstall the Plugin or Theme.

Now try uploading again to see if it resolves the error, if in case the error still persist after trying the 2nd Solution, do not hesitate to try our 3rd solution.

Tips: Always make sure to check Plugins and Themes compatibility with your WordPress  version before installing and toggling the activation button.

Image of a laptop that was used to fix http upload error in WordPress


4th Trick:  Check WordPress memory limit; 

Many WordPress errors always emanates from the user reaching memory limit, that is why it is also a wise idea to try to solve WordPress http error by increasing your memory limit.

Or didn’t you know how to increase WordPress memory limit?

Don’t worry

You can get it done by just adding one line of code to your WP-config.php file. The code that would increase your memory capacity to extra 256 MB

You can see the magic line code below

define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M' );

At this point, you should try uploading again to see if it is resolved, if not please kindly check solution 5 below.

5th Solution:  Upgrade your php version to solve http upload error in WordPress 

The number 5 option is also a wise option to consider when trying to fix http upload error in WordPress.

First of all, check your WordPress version to see the best php that is required to work perfectly with your WordPress version

Now, if the php version doesn’t match with the WordPress version, then kindly upgrade your php and check the upload again.

If you never succeeded with any of the 5 fixing method,

Don’t panic yet, you should try our final solution which is 100 percent guaranteed to solve this error without delay, you can check out option number 6.

6th Trick:  Edit .htaccess 

Thousands of reviews from most WordPress user certified that editing the .htaccess finally did the job for them, so try this final step with confidence.

Domain names for just 88 cents!

I myself call it the final solution, let’s go ahead and explain it better

WordPress is known to be using two image editing platforms, which includes;

  1. Imagick 
  2. GD Library

GD Library is known to be good and issue free whereas Imagick is known to be memory consuming and thereby resulting in WordPress http error, so to stop this problem in WordPress, either change your image editing platform from Imagick image editing platform to GD Library 

Or, you may want to keep using your image editing platform?

Then kindly add a line of code to your .htaccess file and retry uploading, I bet you to see this final solution working like magic.

You can see the code below; the code that is sure to put Imagick image editor in a limited state of processing images using a single thread.



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