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To submit  a sitemap to the Google search engine is one of the top things required In a newly created Website, but before we proceed to the step-by-step guide on how to submit a sitemap to google search engine,

You will first of all apply & get your Website linked to the Google search console, you can do that   you can also check my post on  “HOW TO ADD A WEBSITE TO GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE.



Now that you have finished linking your Website to the Google search console through the provided link,  Let’s dive In now to our next step tutorial on how you can submit your sitemap to Google search engine

Login to your WordPress account dashboard & click on the plugin, now choose to add new plugin button which automatically takes you to the WordPress plugin installation page with keyword options,


At this moment,  type Yoast SEO as a keyword search, is going to appear as the first search result, click to install the plugin & wait a moment for the installation to finish, then click on the activate button to activate Yoast SEO.


  • The next step is to go to your WordPress dashboard and select SEO, from there select the first option “general” it will take you to the Yoast SEO dashboard, while in the dashboard select the FEATURES button, after your selection you will see many features with switch on and off button, now locate the XML sitemap and switch it on, you should see a question mark sign (?) Click on it to see the XML sitemap Url, copy it out and return to the Google search console,

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Login to your Google search console account and click on the sitemap button to add your sitemap, now paste the URL you copied earlier, that’s all.

You can as well submit your sitemap by login to  your google search console  account using their Website link

You have successfully submitted your sitemap to Google search Engine If my concise tutorial is helpful Comment and click the subscribe button for more crucial updates, Good luck.

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