How to Start Freelancing With no Experience

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Have you ever wondered how to start Freelancing With no experience?

Do you want to start working from the comfort of your home as a freelancer?

Then keep reading to know how!

There are a lot of making money opportunities in Freelancing and most of the jobs can be done perfectly by people without experience.

Ask me how?

Have you ever heard about copying and pasting work?

Well copying and pasting is one of the best Freelancing job to start with as a freelancer without experience.

It’s not only applicable to copying and pasting but also involved many other related services that you can kick a start with as a novice.

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But wait a minute please!

I surmise that it’s going to be incomplete furthering this tutorial without first of all explaining the meaning of Freelancing.

Okay, let’s quickly read it below!

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a way of using ones skills or talent to work for people online under contract and get paid for your service.

People who participate in the Freelancing work are called Freelancers.

And the website that connects Freelancers to their clients are called Freelancing Sites.

You may want to know some of this sites that connect freelancers to their clients right?

Keep reading to know!

Now that you’ve known what Freelancing is all about,

I believe that the next expecting query should be “how to start Freelancing with no experience”

Okay, we will get there soon, but before then let’s quickly look into some of the Freelancing services.

Top 10 Freelancing Services


Post illustration image on how to start Freelancing with no experience

1. Proofreading & Editing; This is one of the easiest services done by freelancers, it involves reading and editing already written articles.

2. Copying & Pasting; This is all about copying a written files or documents and pasting them to a new location.

3. Translation; You can translate a particular language you know to another language that your client demands and get paid for it.

4. Article writing; If you can write very well, some bloggers always want someone that will write for them,then write for them and get paid.

5. Products ReviewsReview peoples products in your blog and make money the product you reviewed.

6. Website Designing; Can you design a website? Then make it one of the Freelancing service you offer to make money.

7. Video Editing; Do you have pro tools for video Editing? Make it one of your freelance services and make cool money from your work.

8. Ebook Writing; If you’re a good writer, you can get bloggers that you would write for on freelance sites and increase your income.

9. Audio Transcription; Do you know that you can be transcribing audio to text format and be making money as a freelancer?

Also include it as your skills in your profile to also make some income from transcribing audio request.

10. Teaching; Teachers can be teaching people as part of their money making services on Freelance sites.

Now that you’ve known some of the services that you can choose as a freelancer to make money.

Let me also show you some Freelancing sites you can partner with to make money as a freelancer.

What are these Websites that link Freelancers to their clients?

Top 5 Freelancing Sites.

1. Fiver; 

You’ve been querying on how to start Freelancing with no experience right?

Then Fiver is your number one choice of Freelancing site.

They’re the best trusted and reliable site for Freelancers. You can also read

How to make money on fiverr

Or maybe you are a Client looking for a Freelancer to higher, you can also get your work done on Fiver by signing up with them.

Sign Up on Fiver Site Here

2. Upwork; 

Upwork is another great Freelancing sites in the world today.

They also have many Clients in their sites and so getting a work in their site becomes easier to their Freelancers.

Get Started on Upwork Here

3. People Per Hour;

People Per Hour is also one of the Freelancing site for Freelancers

You may want to check on their site?

Join People Per Hour Here

4. Toptal;

They’re also one of the site that will connect you as a freelancer to the people you will work for.

Partner with Toptal Here


For me gives me nearly similar experience like Fiver.

Though Fiver remains the best but you can also give them a trial, after all joining them doesn’t cost you money.

Join Freelancer.Com Here

That’s by the way!

Let’s handle our todays topic without protocols!

The basic point in our topic on how to start Freelancing with no experience can be seen below.

How to Start Freelancing With no Experience.

1. Create a Website(it’s the first Step on how to Start Freelancing with no Experience)

Actually creating a website is not mandatory when it comes to starting Freelancing with no experience.

But if maybe you are Freelancer writer that plans to make writing a skills and services you offer.

Then is good for you to have a website because it’s one of the proves that would help convince your clients that you’re worthy to write for them.

Mostly when your website or blog looks more professional and outstanding.

You may want to start a blog? Read our article on starting a blog below

How To Start A Blog: Step by Step Guide

2. Join a Freelancing Site.

The second step to start Freelancing with no experience is to choose a Freelance sites

Register on the site as a freelancer to become one of their member.

3. Customize Your Profile

That reminds me, when I started my first blog many years ago, I wanted to find someone to customize my website,

I went straight to my Fiver account to higher a freelance writer, considering the fact that I haven’t hired someone before.

I didn’t know who to work with until I started making a decision on who to choose based on Profile and reviews.

So it’s good to customize your profile, which includes and not limited to things like profile picture, profile description etc.

4. Write out Your Skills

I shouldn’t forget the fact that we’re dealing with a blog topic on how to start Freelancing with no experience.

So when writing your skills remember to pick easy to do skills.

5. Set Your Price 

One secret you should remember as a freelance starter when setting up your price is knowing the fact that low price attract more customers.

So it’s good to kick a start with the lowest price so as to get more people to work for.

6. Bid for work ( it’s the Final Step on how to Start Freelancing with no Experience)

After successful registration and profile optimization, the next thing to do is to search for work or project.

When you Successfully find work, then do the work and get paid.

You will see how possible it’s for you to start making money as a freelancer after reading our post on how to start Freelancing with no experience.

Okay, Great thanks for reading!

But do not forget to give us a comment.



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