How to start a history blog

If maybe you are planning on how to start a history blog that will later become a source of income to you, this write up is for you!

The first thing that comes to my mind after the thought about starting a history blog is the believe that history blog is the easiest blog to write about especially when you talks about the history blog about yourself or your family.

History blog varies from each other in the sense that you can start a history blog about your personal life, about your family or even about a particular lineage or traditions, etc.

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In our blog post today, you will learn everything about starting a history blog and how to write a history blog that’s captivating.

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How to start a history blog.

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1. Buy domain & host to start a history blog.

This is number one unique way on how to start a history blog or any other type of blog.

Getting a domain name is as simple as thinking about it and checking for the domain availability online.

But you must pay attention to your domain hosting, don’t just host your blog with any hosting provider instead do a thorough research to host with the best reliable and trusted hosting companies.

You can get started here with our top 2 recommended hosting provider, either start with Bluehost or Hostinger by clicking on their image banners on this blog post.

2. Make your blog entertaining.

The true secret behind blog engagement is all about entertainment and favourable environment.

Customize your blog to be eye catching and beautiful, you can achieve that by considering your theme type and features, your typography, your formatting, by limiting your blog ads, and clicking out many other ways of blog customization.

By so doing you will not only attract search engines ranking but will also maintain,engage and multiply your readers.

3. Get helpful plugins.

Though too many plugins can slow down your blog and reduce your blog performance and ranking.

But there are some must have helpful plugins that is required for starting a history blog in order to produce a quality blog, some of them includes Yoast SEO for post optimization and post analysis, imagify for image optimization, Jetpack for site tracking and some other helpful plugins.

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4.Write & Publish (4th tips to start a history blog)

Blogging is all about writing and publishing, so at this point now you’re required to start writing and publishing blog post on your niche which is history blog.

Your write up is going to be dependable on a number of factors, you may choose to become a personal history blogger, family history blogger and so on.

But whichever one you picked, you should start writing articles on it, don’t worry and the history blog ideas and how to write a history blog because I’m going to write about them here, so keep reading till the end.

5. Promote and Monetize.

If there’s something that you wouldn’t neglect as a blogger, then I think it’s promotion and monetization as part of your motive on reading this topic about how to start a history blog.

You promote a blog to get more views, readers, traffic, clicks, rank and even promote to make more money.

Blog promotions can be easily be achieve by the help of social media platforms like

You can also promote your blog via email marketing and paid ads network like Adsence

There are many ways to monetize your blog, you either monetize with ads network or earn money via affiliate program or better still make money from your blog by selling products, that’s all on how to start a history blog that makes money. Let’s also check out on how to write a history blog posts.

How to Write a History blog


Sometimes history bloggers are being faced with some kind of problem, which includes topics to write about, but don’t worry because you’re fully covered on this post so keep reading till the end.

I have started a history blog, what should I write about and what exactly are the history blog ideas.

Let’s get started!

Finding the exact history blog topics to write about depends on many factors, it also depends on the type of history blog that you choose.

Weather it’s personal history blog about your personal life or the one about your family history, country, ancestral and other types unmentioned here.

Now if for instance you picked a family history blog, here are the writing topic tips and ideas below.

Then also think about every family activities like birthdays, Marriage ceremonies, Children’s graduation, admissions, travel history and even death histories should also be included.

So here is the tips using the keywords mentioned earlier.

You can start writing about your husband birthday, your children’s graduation, your travel experience, your parents silver jubilee and so on.

Just be ready to turn every of your family happenings and experiences into blog post writing.

That’s just it, as simple as it’s for you to start & fullfil your blogging journey in writing and publishing.

You just learned the easiest tips on how to start a history blog and also write a history blog posts. You can drop us your suggestions and comments below.

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