How to Start a Fashion Blog on a Budget


Have you ever wondered how to start a fashion blog on a Budget?

Then, read this Blog post very well to know the best ways to get yourself a  functioning fashion blog.

Or you may want to learn some reasons to start a blog with us.

Reasons why people blog (5 smart reasons )

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Here comes the best tips to start and set up a successful blog.

Who is a fashion blogger?

A fashion blogger is a person who blogs about fashion and makeup.

Whereas establishing a blog on fashion can be called fashion Blogging.

What does it cost to Start a Fashion Blog?

Back then, I was thinking that you must have a lot of money for you to start a successful fashion blog.

But later discovered the possibility of starting a fashion blog on a budget and yet making money from the blog.

So to budget your fashion blog cost you have to source the money for your blog name and Hosting.

Raise a little money for the starting products and maximize your fashion products via sponsored content.

So it’s possible to start and run a successful fashion blog with $500.

Basic requirements to get started on a fashion blog.

1. Little money to start on a budget.

Money image presented on how to start a fashion blog on a budget

Yes, the first basic thing needed to start a fashion blog is money. Raise some money for hosting your blog and one to arrange for your goods.

2. Your time and commitment.

Money illustration image on how to start a fashion blog on a budget

To start and grow a successful fashion blog, you must bring out time and be committed to your blog.

3. Good Camera or Smartphone.

Camera image needed on how to start a fashion blog on a budget

Seriously, a good camera is needed for this business. You can start with your Smartphone if you don’t have a camera. But it should be a Smartphone with a good camera. Of course, you knew that dull pictures will always bring dull sales.

Okay, let’s quickly read the details on getting started;

How to Start a Fashion Blog on a Budget.

1. Choose a fashion blog name.

Decoration image on how to start a fashion blog on a budget

The first step to starting any type of Blog is to choose a blog name.

And when making a Blog name choice, it’s also good to look into some tips on finding a good Blog name.

Things like making it easy to remember and also making it special.

Okay, to get started on starting your fashion blog is to choose your blog name by considering both being simple and making it to be unique.

2. Be Serious about Your Niche.

That reminds me of when I was hired to write about how to start a fashion blog for the first time.

After careful write-up and submission, the client contacted me back to thank me for the blog content and also to remind me of what I omitted.

I went through the contents and couldn’t find anything.

It was then that he told me about choosing a blog niche.

So I want to let you know that once you choose to start a fashion blog, you’ve already chosen a blog Niche.

So let’s keep going, please!

3. Register your blog name and host your blog.

Decoration image on how to start a fashion blog on a budget

The third step to starting a fashion blog is to register and host your blog.

Domain registration and domain Hosting is such an easy and quick process with the help of different hosting companies out there.

There are a lot of Hosting providers available in the world today, but as we’re under budgeting, I will recommend hosting your new blog with Hostinger.

Why Hostinger? 

They are the cheapest with the best performance, trusted uptime, and great customer support.

I strongly recommend you to start with Hostinger to make your budget estimate more effective.

Start with Hostinger to Register and Host your Blog here

4. Get Your Blog ready to start a fashion blog on a budget.

Get your blog ready for the business by customizing it.

There are many ways for you to customize your blog.

Get it ready by installing and activating a good theme mostly meant for fashion blogs.

If you’re using WordPress which I mostly recommend for bloggers, you can install fashion themes like ” fashion blog, Gallery pro, Fashion magazine, and many other thousands of fashion themes you can go with.

Get your blog ready by installing some necessary plugins.

Hostinger sign up image on how to start a history blog

Get your blog ready by submitting it to different search engines.

Get it ready for the business by initiating SEO Practice on your blog. And the first step to achieve this is by installing good SEO plugins like Yoast SEO.

To know more, please read the article below.

Top 14 Things To Do After Installing WordPress

5. Start writing and Posting your fashion updates.

A hand writing image on how to start a fashion blog on a budget

This is the most important aspect when you plan how to start a fashion blog on a budget.

It is very important to make sure you always avoid posting dull pictures.

That’s why you should struggle to get a good camera or smartphone.

Understand the facts that buyers can even buy low-grade fashion wear when you have attractive pictures and nice presentations.

6. Partner with Sponsored companies to start a fashion blog on a budget

This is very important, especially for you that Started on a low budget.

Getting sponsored content will not only increase your products but will also make your blog richer, more appealing, and more reliable.

When people visit your blog for the first time and find the exact fashion wear they want, they will come back to your blog another time.

7. Make more Sales by Promoting your blog.

Social Media image illustration on how to start a fashion blog on a budget

Yes, don’t even joke with promotion if you planned on making money as a fashion blogger.

Get your products promoted to get more buyers and customers.

There are many ways to promote a blog but social promotions are seriously needed to give your products more exposure to different people.

Social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many others social media but pay more attention to Instagram.

After starting a fashion blog on your website, it’s also advisable to also start it on Instagram as a branch blog extension.

Instagram alone could make massive sales for you when utilized and optimized in a good way.

A good optimized Instagram account will get more followers, and more followers are what you need to make more sales.

Find more Blog promotions strategies by reading our blog post on;

How to Promote your Blog: 9 Best Ways

I think we have concluded this post on how to start a fashion blog on a budget.

Always use the comment section for questions and suggestions.


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