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How to Start a Blog Without Writing

You wanted to start a blog without writing anything and you thought there’s no way out and so you quit starting a blog.

Don’t worry, you should start your blog for sure immediately after reading this article.

But by the way, why do people blog?There are many reasons why people enter into blogging.

Some blog to be popular, Some blog to share their experience but more than 70 percent of bloggers blog to Make Money.

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Do you want to get more incite on the reasons behind Blogging?

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How To Create A Blog step by step

Okay, let’s continue please! Now is the best time for you to know how to start a blog without writing.

How to Start a Blog Without Writing

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1.Choose a blog name

The first step on how to start a blog without writing is to pick a blog name, This is so important because your blog name or domain name bears the unique address of your blog.

One more good idea to note when choosing a blog name is to choose a name that is related to your niche.

For instance, you are starting a blog on makeup, choose something like themakeupmum.

2.Pick a Niche 

Please when making a decision on the niche to select be smart to pick a niche that you can be able to defend.

Though you’re not going to work as a writer to your blog but something may come up one day for you to address your audience.

In conclusion, pick a niche that you know very well and can write about it to some extent, You can read more on choosing a blog niche in one of my article below.

How to Choose a blog Niche: 3 easy tips

3.Pay for your Blog name ( domain)

You have picked a domain name initially right? Then, check the availability of the name you choosed and purchase it via hosting companies

There are many hosting company in the world today but I advice you to go with Hostinger company.

Hostinger hosting

4.Host your Blog

Hosting a blog is going together with paying for Domain name.

So purchasing a blog name will be useless without hosting it

Hosting is just like getting a space on the internet where all your blog data would be stored.

5.Pick a Blogging Platform

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Choose from the variety of blogging platform in the world, but I mostly recommend people to always choose WordPress.

This is because there are a lot of customization in the WordPress platform, it’s also the best platform with easy setup and easy to maintain.

Please note that when I talk about WordPress, I’m only referring to WordPress.org and not WordPress.com.

6.Customize Your Blog

Blog customization is neccesary to attract readers to your blog,When you customize Your Blog in the right way,it will make it to be outstanding and professional

Blog customization includes, writing your About Page, Contact Page, Privacy Policy Page, Changing some default settings.

Installing and activating a good theme and plugins, and many other required customization. Read below!

Top 14 Things To Do After Installing WordPress

7.Pick a blog topic.

Do not just pick a topic to write, instead do a proper keyword research to find a less competitive keyword.

If in case you didn’t know how to research to find Long-Tail keywords, please refer to my article below.

How To Find Low competition Keywords

8.Hire a Writer.

Yeah, since you planned on how to start a blog without writing a writing plan.

Go to a Freelance sites and look for Freelancers that would do the Writing for you and pay them to write for you.

There are so many Freelancing sites but I strongly recommend Fiver Site.

They are the most trusted and reliable Freelancing sites in the world today, You can work on Fiver either as a Client or as a Freelancer.

You can Get Started on Fiver Site Here

9.Promote your blog.

Blog promotion is usually the most important aspect of Blogging, It seems useless and pointless without proper Blog promotion

We have many ways to promote your blog for free, you can promote on social like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc

You can also join online bloggers forums to Promote your blog.

Read More on Blog Promotion Here

10.Monetize your blog.

The final step on how to start a blog without writing is Blog monetization.

Many ways of blog monetization available for bloggers to utilize.

You can join advertising network company to  monetize your blog, You can also join affiliate program to also make money from your blog.

Read More on How to Monetize your Blog Here

I think we have come to the end of this today topic on how to start a blog without writing.

Have a question or suggestions? Then use the comment section to let us know, we appreciate you reading our article.


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