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Are you wondering how to promote your blog for traffic but didn’t know how to get started on your plans?

Then keep reading!

Blogging is always sweet and many people always desire to become a Blogger right?

Are you one of them? Keep reading if you’re wondering how to promote your blog for free.

You have come to the right tutorial on how to Promote your Blog without spending money on it.

I guess that you have gotten a domain and also have paid for your domain hosting.

You have finished going through the customization process & have prepared yourself fully for your Blogging journey.

Is good to also read our tutorial on the best must-have Plugins you can start with.

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I’m going to show you 9 different ways to promote your blog in this article.

If maybe you haven’t gotten your blog but have developed an interest in blogging.

You can take a short incite to learn how to start a blog and not just a blog but a successful blog.

How To Start A Blog: Step-by-Step Guide

You should note that as a New Blogger, you didn’t need money to promote your blog when there are many ways you can promote your blog for free.

The basic things that your blog  needs now for its promotion should be three in number;

  • Good writing  skills
  • Good communicating skills
  • Enough Marketing strategies to move ahead
  • Good SEO practice.

Let’s quickly enter the details on how to promote your blog for free.

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How to promote your blog ( 9 best ways )

1.  Search engine awareness  Optimization ( SEO )

It is strongly required that the first promotion needed for promoting a blog should be creating search engine awareness.

Because you’re not writing for yourself instead you’re writing to reach out to the outside world.

It’s easy to optimize your site for search engine rank.

You can always initiate the whole process on your Website by downloading and activating a plugin in your WordPress dashboard.

In this place now we’re using WordPress to create and optimize a blog for search engine recognition.

You can achieve it by the use of SEO Plugins available in the WordPress Plugins sections. 

Always remember that the number one recommended Plugin is Yoast SEO Plugin.

What You Have To Do!

  • Install  the Yoast SEO Plugins on your site
  • Activate the Plugin
  • Generate your sitemap with the plugin and
  • Submit the generated sitemap to Google Search Engine

You may want to read my article on the best SEO Plugin for WordPress. Here is the article that says it all.

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It’s also a good idea for you to also read about how you can submit the generated sitemap to the search engine.

Read it below, please!

How To Submit A Sitemap To Google Search Engine

2. Create awareness among people to promote your blog 

Creating your blog awareness is the second step to take after successfully optimizing your site for search engines.

You can create awareness of your Blog or Website to the world.

You seriously need to do that because you’re not writing for yourself but for your readers.

That is why it is necessary to give your targeted readers notice about your Blog,

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There are many ways to let the world know about your blog but the most powerful way to create awareness is through Social Media Sharing.

You can share your Post on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many other social media platforms for free.

Social media promotion is as simple as;

  • Write a Post and immediately share your Post with all your friends on your social media platforms, when they read they will like to share it with their friends, and their friends will also share it with their friends & the Cycle continues, you never know it will gradually get your blog on top.

Why Sharing Your Blog On Social Media is Good.

  • It will Popularize your blog
  • Increases the number of your Subscribers
  • Generate massive traffic to you which means money.

3. Link to other bloggers to Promote your blog 

Another great way of blog promotion is through joining bloggers’ forums.

It is one of the recommended ways because it will help you to communicate and share your opinions with other members of the forums.

You may even decide to share one of your links in the forum just to explain your opinion in a particular discussion.

But please try not to be too self-centered because they will start to devalue your contributions.

Always write a good answer when answering questions and only link to your site for more preference when necessary. only drop your link when necessary.

Doing so will make your forum members have more trust and confidence in your answers and they would like to follow your links for more details.

That’s just how you indirectly get more traffic to your blog for free via Blog forums.

Some of the recommended blogger’s forums to join are;

  • Quora
  • Reddit,
  • Hubski
  • News360
  • Yahoo Answers
  • StackExchange

And many others blogger forums.

Do follow my steps and I bet you that you’re going to generate more traffic to your blog by joining forums.


Or didn’t you like joining a forum to promote your Blog?

You can also partner directly with some Popular Bloggers by writing a guest post on their site.

Bloggers like Harsh Agrawal on

They will help you reach out to their worldwide subscribers via guest Blogging.

Shoutmeloud blog can proudly boast 40,000 page views every day, so why not join them and submit a guest post to them and increase your blog traffic?

4. Promote your Blog Via YouTube 

YouTube is included in the top 4 Ways on how to Promote your  Blog to gain more readers.

In our today’s century, about 90 percent of the world’s population is using YouTube Channel Videos.

So you can create a YouTube Channel which is as easy as going to the YouTube site and signup with them, no money required.


Or if you already have a YouTube Channel, why not grab the opportunity and also make your Post video, and advertise your blog on your YouTube Channel for more Blog promotions.

I bet you, it will gradually increase your Blog traffic in no distant time.

Is not only done with YouTube videos alone, but you can also do that on Instagram videos that’s if you’re using Instagram, or you can also make a Snapchat video of your Post and upload it with a link to your Post. That’s it.

5.  Promote your blog through Email marketing 

Image illustration on how to Promote your Blog through email marketing

Email Marketing is one of the 5 Powerful Ways to Promote a Blog.

Promoting a blog through Email Marketing is simple, but before giving out my explanations on that, I would like to, first of all, give the simple definition of Email Marketing.

Email Marketing can be defined as the process of collecting and storing people’s Email addresses to promote and monetize a blog.

It is done in such a way that whenever a new Post is published on your Website, you go straight to all your collected email subscribers and easily push notifications awareness of your new post to them.

Do not get me misquoted when I mentioned new Posts, it’s never limited to new posts alone, you can also choose to revive and warm up your old post using your Subscribers Email address.

There are a lot of Plugins that will help you achieve good Email Marketing strategies and some of them have free and paid plans.

As a beginner, I will advise you to start with some free plugins out there and later upgrade your account.

Some of these Plugins for Email Marketing are;

  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact 
  • MailChimp
  • MailPoet
  • SendinBlue
  • SendPress etc

6. Promote your blog by frequently updating your old post.

It is not just true that a frequently updated blog post gets more ranking than an old forsaken post.

No matter how good and quality the post may appear initially,

It gradually starts dropping from its ranked page as time goes down.

Since Google always like to display more recent and updated post on its first page.

So neglecting and not updating your old post means more harm to its ranking.

It is strongly recommended to not neglect the power of organic ranking in blog promotion.

To still maintain your site ranking for a long, you try to update all your old content.

The whole game works in 5 steps

  1. Write a quality original post
  2. Include enough keywords and links
  3. Optimize your Post for better organic ranking,
  4. Be prepared to see your Post on Google’s ranking page.
  5. Keep updating frequently  with more recent and new ideas for you to keep ranking
  6. Get more website promotion organically through search engines.

7.  Add a different social share button to all your blog posts

You never can believe the working power of the social share button on a Website until when you start implementing it on your blog post.

I could remember my first period of researching in the blogging world when I was surfing the net like there is no tomorrow.

When I was studying the best way to promote a blog but couldn’t get the all-in-one covered a topic on blog promotion.

Surprisingly, when I was scrolling through my Facebook news feeds, I saw a post shared by one of my Facebook friends on the exact topic I have been searching for,

The Post contents got me fully satisfied, it was concise, detailed, and easy to understand in a simplified way.

I am very happy to announce the one-in-a-million author of that incomparable post to be COSCHEDULE

You couldn’t believe my next line of action,

Anyway, I quickly bookmarked the page, not only that I bookmarked the page, but I also shared it on my Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp immediately.

I am very sure that at least 15 of my friends re-shared that post.

Making the blog content to be going viral, that is how I got to know about the website, and whenever I have research to read, I would, first of all, check that topic on their website before doing a Google search on the topic.

The viral sharing and awareness of the website happened only because the owner of the Website added a sharing button to his post making it easier for visitors to read and share.

It’s simple, include social sharing in your blog to get more shares and more readers.

8.  Create easy navigation to posts on your blog.

Whenever I am writing my post, I am writing out of my experience, also during my research days, I find it difficult to like a Website that is difficult to navigate no matter how good the website contents may appear.

I may read their well-written content but will never plan of coming back tomorrow, this is just because  I didn’t find the website navigation too friendly for me.

To avoid this mistake from happening to your site, please kindly create an easy-to-navigate environment for your readers.

I believed during those research days,

I saw the best easy-to-navigate blog on this website  owned by a popular blogger by the name of Sir Adam Connell.

9. Include sharing via Emails to Promote your blog 

Some people might find sharing via email option as one of the non-converting ways of blog promotion but I must tell you that it converts more than you could think.

Depending on people’s personality and likes, despite social media sharing options, some readers based on their personal choice still prefers sharing the articles they loved privately with a special person.

And unfortunately for such readers, the option of sharing with a specific person couldn’t be easily achieved when sharing through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc,

That is why you must not forget to include sharing via email in your articles.

I prefer sharing via email depending on some factors which include the nature of the article in question.

Some of the Plugins that work perfectly

  1. Wp- Email
  2. Email This Page
  3. E-MAILiT

I hope my post on how to Promote your  Blog will help you solve your blog promotion problems, and induce more traffic to your blog, finally before closing the chapter.

Always learn to hand over to God whatever you choose to do, even also hand over your Website to God”  Because he has the key to Promote even without Promotion. I am a living witness to that.

Have any queries or suggestions on how to promote your blog? Then drop it in the comment table, I always reply without delay.

Never fail to comment & share,

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