How to optimize your Website for SEO

Maybe you’ve been looking for a way to bypass your competitors and gain more blog readers organically. Then is better to read this article that talks about how to optimize your website for search engine ranking.

But before proceeding to this topic, let’s look into this question below!

Why should you optimize your website? Is there any benefit to your blog?

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Whereas there are many reasons why you should optimize your website but I’m going to break down the reason for website optimizations in 3 simple ways.

A website without optimization is like cooking in the kitchen without salt and so it shouldn’t be neglected at all in your website to work towards excellence.

3. Reasons Why You Need to Optimize your Website.

1. To Perfect Your Website User Experience.

As far as blogging and website is the concerned user experience of your visitors matters a lot, it is one of the top factors that determine your Website’s success.

The survival rate of a website with 70% user experience should be above 90 percent whereas a website with a user experience that falls below 40% is sure to end up in failure.

Failure to achieve success! This is because user experience not only affects your readers but also affects your SEO.

2. To Improve your Organic ranking.

Maybe you’ve been searching everywhere online to know the top secret of ranking your website.

Then I must tell you to stop searching again, just bend down and start Optimizing every part of your Website to get yourself on top of your competitors.

I bet you to start practicing it today to see success tomorrow, like seriously!


3. To increase your Traffic.

The whole process works in this way; by improving your website user experience you get the opportunity to rank organically.

And by ranking your website organically you gain more readers which mean traffic, whereas traffic itself signifies money.

There’s no doubt about these 3 explanations on the reasons behind optimizing your website.


Now the next question should be, how then can you optimize your website to get the best in your blog without many protocols?

You can see the top ways to optimize your website to gain search engine ranking and also to get more readers below!


How to Optimize your Website.


Website SEO optimization steps

1. Optimize your Permalink.

The first step to website optimization is to start by Optimizing your permalink, and how can you optimize your permalink?

You can optimize your permalink by changing your Website permalink structure and also by shortening your permalink.

You can also optimize it by removing stop words from your permalink thereby making it to be more search engine friendly.

2.  By improving your site Speed.

Site speed is another factor that tends to affect your Website performance, so working on your Website speed in a way that will improve its speed is equally a factor in website optimization.

But before proceeding to this topic, wanna ask a question like”

how can you improve your site speed?

By  installing and activating  a light and faster theme in your blog

By implementing the use of a cache Plugin on your Website

By removing every unused theme and plugin, and many other ways unmentioned.


3. Start On-Page SEO Practice.

On-page SEO shouldn’t be neglected when trying to speed up your Website, even though it is supposed to be the first tip to optimizing your website.

Now, what is the step to starting On-Page SEO on your website?

You start by installing and activating a good SEO Plugin on your Website,

Whereas there’re many SEO Plugins to use but I recommend Yoast SEO Plugin because of the powerful post-analyzing features find in the Plugin, you can check them here by clicking on the link below here

You can install it as a free Plugin and later upgrade depending on your choice features, the Plugin is sure to be of good help in your website optimizations.


4. By doing Keywords Research.

Working on your keywords before writing and publishing articles on your website is another great tip for optimizing your website.

How are you going to achieve it?

By using some keyword tools like ubersuggest, keyword planner, semrush, and many other keyword research tools,

The trick is to use these tools and find long tail Keywords that you should write articles on them for easy search engine ranking.


5. Make it to be Mobile Friendly.

Is not new news to know about good special ranking considerations for blogs with mobile-friendly content,

This consideration is because the number of people using mobile to search the web far more outrank the number of users on desktop and tablets.

So making your website to be mobile-friendly is also another tip for optimizing your website.


6.  Write quality and Optimized Content.

I guessed you’re hoping to optimize your website.

Then, do not forget about the boosting power of the website’s quality content. Never should you work on quantity and neglect quality.

That’s why it is necessary to belong to a Niche that you know very well for you to be able to write a quality post on it and perfect it to success.

If in case you’re reading this post to start your blogging journey tomorrow, I know you may want to read this blog post on how to choose the best blogging Niche for yourself here

How to Choose a Blog Niche: 3 easy tips

7. Create a favorable environment. 

Creating a favorable environment on your website not only helps your SEO and search engines but will also help your readers to stay for a long and also make them keep coming to your Website.

And creating such an environment won’t even take you anything.

You can achieve it in several ways;

By removing or minimizing ads on your website, by making your content to be readable and comprehensive. And many other ways unmentioned.


8. Consider Building Links.

Though there’re many ways to survive in your without building links then building links is also a considerable factor in your Website optimization.

After all link building is not going to affect your Website in any way so it’s still wise and good practice to build links.

But one piece of advice I want to deliver on link building is for you not to buy links of any sort on your website, it’s even better to stay without link building and practice alternate ways to link building than to stand on low-quality links that you purchased from link sellers.

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