How to Optimize your Permalinks for ranking


Maybe  you’ve been looking for a way to improve your website ranking? Then kindly start to learn how to optimize your permalinks.

Or didn’t you know how to optimize your permalinks for ranking?

Then it’s good to read this article very well to know how you can kick a start to permalinks optimizations.

Permalinks optimization has been a great tips to rank your website contents to help them appear in search engine results.

Now let’s proceed without protocols please!


How To Optimize Your Permalink for Ranking 


1. Change your Permalinks Structure.

This number one tips is mostly for those people using WordPress blogging platform, they should change their permalink structure from plain structure to the post name structure.

If in case you didn’t know how to change your permalink structure, then you may want to read our article on things to do after installing WordPress in your Website here  Top 14 Things To Do After Installing WordPress

This is due to the facts that the WordPress Pre-installed permalink structure is not search engine friendly, so it is more better to change this structure from plain to post-name structure to make it more search engine friendly.

To do it is not a difficult task, you can achieve it in your settings dashboard in WordPress and enjoy the benefit in your website.

2. Shorten your Permalinks.

One other great way of optimizing your permalink is to make it short, if for instance you want to write articles on the topic “5 effective and working strategies to make money on Instagram”

Using the whole topic contents in that topic heading is not a good practice and so it is not recommended.

Instead shorten it to the best must include permalink keyword which is “

That is the best way of optimizing your permalink via shortening your permalink.

Pro Advice:  Always try to shorten your permalink and still add meaning to it to avoid ending up regretting why you even shortened it in the first place.


3. Remove stop Words from Permalinks.

Removing stop words from your permalink is another pro tips to permalinks optimizations.

But then, what is stop words in permalinks?

Stop words are short words like on, in, to and many others, if maybe you’re writing a post  on how to make money on Instagram, you remove to and on from the permalink and use something like;

“how make money Instagram” or you can even use “make money Instagram” as your permalink.

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