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How to Monetize your Blog:4 Powerful ways

Maybe you’ve gotten your blog to be fully functioning but didn’t know how to  Monetize your blog?

This is the perfect tutorial that will guide you on how you can monetize your blog in 4 Powerful ways.

Are you interested in starting a blog after reading so many blogging articles from different bloggers but yet didn’t know how to start your own blog?


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Go ahead and study this blog post on how to start your own blog and finally make money from your Blog.

How To Start A Blog: Step by Step Guide

Now, I assumed you have gotten your Blog, customized your Blog, filled your Blog with enough quality posts and also have gotten substantial number of Subscribers.


I didn’t mean you should wait until you get thousands of subscribers before you start learning how to monetizing your blog.

No, just get some considerable number of your daily visitors, and you’re good to go.

See below here how to monetize your blog in 4 effective ways.


How to Monetize Your Blog

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1.   How  to  monetize your blog through  Advertising 

The number one way to monetize a blog is through advertising.

There are many advertising companies looking for blogs to paste their adverts, but the most recognised and popular ads company still remains the Google Adsence.

this is exactly the one we’re going to explain in details here.

You can click the link below to get started with Adsence.

Click to join google adsence here

Register with your personal and Website details to start using GOOGLE adsence in your blog.

You should also note that you can apply and by the end of the day be rejected by Adsence.

Don’t worry, it’s normal!

90 percent of our today’s successful bloggers also passed through the same experience with Adsence.

Remember my successful bloggers key ” bloggers are never quitters”

Even  Harsh Agrawal an  Indian popular blogger and the fountain head of  SHOUTMELOUD Website also said that he was rejected 2 times before he finally got adsence approval after making some amendments on his mistakes.

Today he is one of the most recognised World-wide Blogger.

Today his blog can boast on having at about 40,000 page views everyday.

I’m dropping some hints on how to apply and win Adsence approval.


Necessary things to do before applying  to get Adsence approval

  • Make sure to write your About Page, Contact Page and Privacy Policy Page before applying for Adsence
  • Make sure that copy and paste contents are not included in your Website Post
  • Always apply for Adsence with dot com domain
  • Use simple and easy to navigate theme, you can go for a premium  theme or search for some free but powerful Theme to use in your Website before applying for Adsence
  • Be sure you are not already running other ad in your Website, good luck as you apply.

2. Affiliate Marketing 

You can never finish talking on the 4 effective  ways to monetize a blog without including Affiliate Marketing.

I would start by defining Affiliate Marketing in a very simple but detailed way here.

Affiliate Marketing can be defined in a concise form as the process of promoting and selling other peoples or companies Products with the purpose of earning some percentage income from any sales made through your affiliate link.

AffiliateMarketing can be done right in your blog or through  your social media account.

One good thing about Affiliate Marketing is that it doesn’t require any amount to start the affiliate marketing business.

It doesn’t require you to pay for a store, you can perfectly do it right in your blog.

Some of the companies offering Affiliate Marketing Program are Clickbank Company and you can Join them Here

You can also choose to join the popular Amazon Affiliate Program to start earning from affiliate program immediately.

3. Sale Digital Products

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There are many digital products that you can sale in your Blog and be making money, things like Software,Ebooks, Courses and many other ones.

But we’re going to handle the most effective and the most popular  digital products called Ebooks.

Ebook business is another trending way to monetize a blog, it has been a perfect way of generating income to a Blogger.

Since a good Blogger is also a good writer, why not Plan yourself very well and write one or more Ebooks based on your niche and put them out for sale in your blog.

Remember  no store payment  needed, just sale directly in your Blog and earn some income.

Some people would ask a question like;  how can I meet a good book publisher that will help me publish my Ebooks?

Anyway I want to let you know that you can do that from  your WordPress dashboard with the help of some WordPress Plugins, but the one I’m recommending BookPress Plugin.

After doing the publishing, you can sale your Ebooks easily from your blog with the help of some WordPress Plugins.

Some of these Plugins that will help you sale your products in your blog are;

  • Easy Digital Download  Plugin
  • EasyPayPal Digital Download Plugin
  • WooCommerceCheckout For Digital Goods
  • WordPressSimple PayPal Shopping Cart and many others out there.


Publishing and selling Ebooks directly from your Website is always believe to be the best method of Ebook  publishing in the sense that you don’t share your money with anyone.

If for some reason you decided to publish using Amazon Kindle direct publishing.

Then here is a Post on how to self publish a book on Amazon.

Steps to start amazon direct publishing

4.  How to monetize your blog by  Selling  online courses. 

You cannot remove Online Course business from the top ways on how you can monetize a blog.

In our century today, making money with a blog has been easy and working for many bloggers.

Both old and new publishers provided they took the correct steps in blogging.

Namecheap signup image link where you can signup and start your blog which after you will monetize your blog

You can do some kind of Market research to find out what exactly your Blog Visitors want.

And then create an Online Course on the most popular topic or Post in your Blog,

There are many ways to discover your most popular post, but the number one recommended method is to search your most popular post using Google Analytics.

So what are you waiting for? start monetizing your Blog by doing Online Course business.

You should be surprise that 95 percent of successful bloggers are also  monetizing through Online Course business.

Starting it as your business is as easy as writing a Post from your WordPress dashboard. So Start today and smile tomorrow.


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You can drop your comment and questions below here, I am always willing to reply within few hours of getting your update.

You can also comment on another method of  monetizing a blog that you know,

Thanks for passing by but before going away, try and remember my blog hints;  start today and smile tomorrow. also  remember ” bloggers are never quitters ”

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