How To Install WordPress In Hostinger

To install WordPress in Hostinger could seem big deal for a beginner but it’s one of the simplest thing to do in the Website world, you can successfully achieve that by following  my detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to install WordPress in Hostinger for beginners.


One of the first thing that should appear in your mind as you have finally decided to join  the Website world after having in mind of the area that you’re going  to center your Website is this ” What domain name to choose” & ” Which hosting provider to go with”

Now try to choose a good domain name that will somehow portray  what your Website is all about, for example, as you  can see that my Website is centered on how you can make money online blogging in your Website ” I picked the domain name ” THEMAKEMONEYCENTER”   So you should be wise in making the right choice while     choosing a domain name.

  •  What next after gotten a domain name is to choose a good hosting provider among all the hosting providers in the world today,  There are many factors to consider while choosing a hosting company


Consider Your Pocket;  I strongly advise  you to start with Hostinger if you happens to be the kind of person running a budgeted account, I myself started with them and they are performing very- very well, and they also have one of the best customer service. You can Join Hostinger hosting provider  here, You will be displayed with a picture like in the image below,



Now click on the Get Started button to choose from your desired plan, I strongly recommend their basic for beginners until when their  is need for upgrade,

Their basic plan for single shared hosting is $0.80 when you choose to pay for four years plan.

  • Middle Budgeted Pocket; I think middle budgeted pockets should go with Bluehost, being one of the most popular hosting provider in the world,  Understand me please,  I didn’t say that middle budgeted pockets should not go with Hostinger, it all depends on your  Pocket   & your  Choice. You can Join the Bluehost hosting company here, you can follow their link here to complete your registration with them. I think their basic Plan pricing should be $2.95 billed annually.


  • High Running Pocket;  Yes, i think i highly recommend  Kinsta for this categories of people,  The kinsta hosting provider are the most popular known hosting company and I think from the experience of  my very good friend that signed-up with them, she has never finished talking about them & their service. You can Join Kinsta hosting company here, and complete your registration with them.   I think their pricing for the basic Plan should be $30 billed annually.

Please two general point to note here is this;

There are many hosting provider in the world today, and I promise to write a post on top 10 hosting provider in the world in my next post, still on the process of reviewing their site and picking up some of the important things about each one of them. I just picked up the three hosting company just to be concise with my post.

  • One good thing about the three hosting company listed is that all of them still provide one click WordPress installation, so that’s good thing about them.

 NOW HERE IS HOW TO INSTALL WORDPRESS IN                                                   HOSTINGER 


Are you ready now to install WordPress in  your Hostinger C-panel ?? Now Login to your Hosting account go to your dashboard and click on the hosting option,


It should be the second option after the home option, now click on the hosting button which will automatically take you to the search field area, now type WordPress in the search box, to choose WordPress  among all the displayed search results, it should appear as the first option,  Now choose to install WordPress and fill all your Website details.


Wait for some minutes, but be sure to receive a success installation message, now click on the WordPress you installed to Login to your WordPress dashboard, now that you have successfully installed WordPress in your Hostinger C-Panel, now think of the top necessary things to do after WordPress  installation on your Website, which you are going to see in one of my post here, TOP 14 THINGS TO DO AFTER INSTALLING WORDPRESS

Good-Luck & Happy reading, be sure  to  leave a Comment to be receiving  constant  update and regular posting  on how you can be making money blogging in your Website

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