How To Find Low competition Keywords

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Ever wondered on how to find low competition keywords for free but finds it to be a hard knot to crack?

Then reading this article would be of great help to you!

But then why is it necessary to find this low competition keywords?

And what if one decided to be picking up a topic at random?

Does it really make sense at all? Okay let’s read it below!

If maybe you’re a blog owner that keeps the habit of writing blog post on any topic that came to your mind, you’re really missing a lot.

There are many reasons to find these low competition keywords popularly called Long Tail keywords.

But then let’s first of all try to explain the meaning of “low competition keywords” also known as “Long- Tail keywords”

What is long tail keywords

A Long-Tail keywords are those keywords with high search volume but yet with low competition and also specific to the point.

What Makes a Keyword to be Long-Tail?

1. Specific to the point

A Long-tail keywords is supposed to go straight to the point of what you want to talk about without much turn around.

Assuming I am to operate on the keyphrase “Christmas Songs” we’re going to call it the head keyword being that it doesn’t have a focus target.

To find a Long tail keywords of the key phrase “Christmas Songs

We have to look for a keyword that would contain the key phrase but in such a way it would be more focus on the exact topic we wants to write about.

For instance!
*How to download a Christmas Songs
*Best Christmas songs in 2020
*Top ten Christmas songs for kids

2. High search volume

A long tail keywords is also supposed to have a high or reasonable search volume in such a manner that it would help you gain more organic traffic.

Keywords without search volume records are not qualified to be grouped among Long-tail keywords.

3. Low Competition

A keyword shouldn’t be termed Long tail without having a low competition.

No matter what the keyword could be, once the competition on it becomes too high, it is no longer a long tail keyword.

So it is possible to note that a Long-tail keyword you discovered in 2021 would cease to be the same in 2023 when it must have gotten a lot of competitors.

4. Easy to Rank on the keywords without much difficulty.

Considering the facts that Long-tail keywords have low competition you can easily rank on them without much protocols.
Protocols like!

  • Link building
  • Social sharing
  • Backlinks protocols

Reasons to Find low Competition Keywords

1. To gain more search engine ranking. 

The first reason behind getting to write on a topic with low competition keywords is to gain search engine ranking which is seriously required to build your organic traffic.

After all what is even the need of writing articles without finding readers of the article? I guessed it should be waste of ones time and resources.

The trick is just to find a keyword that many bloggers haven’t written on and write article on those topic and find your post in the first page of Google or even other search engine.

2. To get more traffic to your blog

What really happens when you finally find your post ranking in the first, second or third page of Google?

You gain more organic traffic to your blog! Which had been your primary aim of blogging.

That’s just it, you’ve gotten more traffic to your blog.

3. To make more money from your blog

The big deal in blogging is just to find these low competition keywords, write articles on them and rank on those topics.

Then gain more readers and make money without protocols.

Looking at the reasons behind finding the low competition keywords you can believe with me that it is very important to work on these keywords before publishing any post in your blog.

How To find Long-Tail Keywords.

There’re many tools for finding long tail keywords for free, which you can see some of them below!

  1. Ubersuggest
  2. Semrush
  3. Moz

Thanks for reading!! You can also drop your comments and suggestions in the comment section.

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