How to change the permalink in wordpress

Maybe you’ve been trying to know how to change the permalink in WordPress but find it difficult to resolve! 

In this our today’s article we’re going to cover every step you should take in your WordPress dashboard to successfully change your permalink structure to one of your choices. Wait a minute please, you may also want to visit Amagojessy shop to purchase my product.

Before proceeding to this article! 

Why is it necessary for you to change the permalink structure from the built-in plain structure to another structure? 

Anyway, the reason is just that the pre-installed permalink structure in WordPress is not too friendly to search engines and so to gain more search engine rankings you have to start by changing the pre-installed plain structure to  the Post Name structure for search ranking purposes, 

That’s just the simple reason behind altering the permalink structure in WordPress.

Okay, let’s just look into how you can change WordPress permalink structure in just 5 minutes by yourself below.

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard 
  2. Click on the Settings button
  3. Now select permalink and click on it to display the list of all the WordPress Permalink structures,
  4. Now select the Post Name structure and save your settings.

That’s just it, you’ve successfully changed your Permalink Structure to improve your website search ranking for more organic traffic.

If maybe you want to change your permalink in your posts or pages, then kindly go to the post or page that you want to edit its permalink,

You would see an image like this in the picture below!

An image on how to change the permalink in wordpress per post or page

Just click on the edit button to change your permalink per post or page on your blog.

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