How to add Favicon in WordPress

Maybe you’re a WordPress platform user looking for how to add favicon in WordPress, look no further and get to read this article very well so that you can be able to add your own favicon in WordPress.

What is a favicon?

A favicon is a Website unique design displayed in a browser that represents a particular Website or Blog.


What are the Qualities of a good favicon?

●A good favicon should represent a Website, it shouldn’t represent many Websites instead it is going to be created to be unique and Special to a specific Website.

●A good favicon should either be created from your Website name in a shortened form or from your Website niche.


Let’s assume we’re creating a favicon for themakemoneycenter Website, we can either shorten the domain name,by shortening it we will use something like T or TMMC

Or maybe we wanna get the favicon from the blog Niche, then we’ll use our niche logo but in a special way.

Assuming we’re creating a favicon for themakemoneycenter of which money is the keyword in the niche, we can choose or carve a special money image that would represent our blog or website.


Why is a favicon needed in a Website?

A favicon is essential in a Website to make it look more professional and also to distinguish it from other Website in such a way that it will have that unique presentation.


How to Create a favicon

There’re many ways to create a favicon using many online favicon generating tools, and there’re many online favicon creating tools, you can check them out below.


1.  http://Favicon.ic

This is the number one must try and recommended favicon generating tools available online, you can use it to create your own favicon for Free using Text, Images or Emoji.

One good thing about using this website to create your favicon is because of it’s ability to regenerate a fitting favicon irrespective of the browser you’ re using.

It will also give you the option of changing fonts and background of the favicon when using text to make favicon.



This is another good favicon generating website, you can use it to create your own favicon by uploading your preferred favicon image.

You can also use it to check the already existing favicon of any website, their performance and recommended improvements strategies.

One other good thing about realfavicongenerator is it’s ability to create and also add the already created favicon to your Website or blog.

Now, how can you add favicon to your WordPress Website?


How to add Favicon in WordPress

There’re many ways to add favicon in WordPress, you can achieve it by using a WordPress Plugin, you can also add favicon in WordPress manually in your WordPress dashboard.

Now let’s add favicon using a Plugin below!


1.  Add Favicon by using a WordPress Plugin 

The Plugin we’re going to use is Favicon by Realfavicongenerator Plugin,

▪Go to your WordPress account dashboard and install the Plugin by going to the Plugin installation page.

▪Now install and activate the Plugin.

▪Locate the installed Plugin by going to the appearance settings in your dashboard, now choose your preferred favicon image to create your favicon with the Plugin.

And one good thing about using Realfavicongenerator Plugin is that it will create and add favicon in your Website automatically, no coding required.


2. Add Favicon in WordPress Manually.

To add favicon manually in your WordPress blog, the first step to start should be login to your WordPress account dashboard,

Locate the appearance settings,

Click on the Customize button,

Image that shows step by step-by-step guide on how to add favicon in WordPress

Now, depending on the theme that you’re using, you may see a picture like the one below, if in case you couldn’t see it to be exactly the same I have here,

Then kindly locate on the site title and tagline option and click on it,



Now that you’ve learnt how to add favicon in WordPress with or Without a WordPress Plugin, You can start to add a favicon in your blog without delay.

You can as well go through the final steps here to change your current favicon to new favicon.

Thanks for reading my blog today!

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