How to Shorten the URL: 5 URL Shorteners


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Have you ever come across a boring URL link and wondered how to shorten the URL? Anyway here in this article we’re going to discuss on how you can shorten a long URL using some online tools.

But wait a minute please!

What is a URL?

A URL is a shortened form of Uniform Resource Locator which can be used to identify files or documents stored in the internet.

Examples Of a URL


Some good example of a URL link includes;

Now that you’ve known what url is and examples of a URL link, I believe that the next thing to do is to know how to shorten the URL.

By the way!


Why is the Topic on ” How to Shorten the URL Neccesary?

Take a look at this long URL link;

You will notice that;

Long URL link looks boring, suspicious and difficult to memorize, and some websites always limit the number of words in a URL.

So for you to use long URL link in such websites,it needed to be shortened.

That is also one of the reasons why shortening URL is important to you as a URL link owner.

Now let’s quickly get ourselves to how to shorten the URL below!

How Does URL Shorteners Works?

URL shorteners works by shortening your long URL links and redirecting the shortened URL to your long URL.

How to Shorten the URL


There are many ways to shorten URL using some online tools, both free and paid tools.

Some years ago URL shortening was done using Google URL shortener until when Google discontinued the tools in 2019.

But thanks to some websites that tried to keep the fire still burning even without the so called Google URL shorteners tools.

Now what are these tools that can be used to shorten the long URL?

Though there are many of these tools but in our article today we’re going to focus on the top 5 URL shortening websites.

Let’s quickly get to the 5 best URL shortening tools without protocols!

5 Best URL Shorteners To Shorten Long URL





TinyURL is number one tools when it comes to URL shortening,

The site offers a 100% free plan before but nowadays they started offering a paid plan to their customers.

Their Plans are;

  • Free Plan at 0.00$ monthly
  • Pro Plan at 9.99$ monthly
  • Bulk Plan at 99$ monthly


Their Features Includes;

  • Analytics
  • Customized links
  • Branded links
  • Campaign monitoring

BIT.LY image,one of the tools discussed on how to shorten the URL


BIT.LY  is another great and well known URL shortening sites in the world today.

They can also offer you a free and paid plan to their customers.

Their Plans are;

  • Free Plan at 0.00$ monthly
  • Basic Plan at 29$ monthly
  • Premium Plan at 199$ monthly
  • Enterprise Plan at Custom Price

Their Features Includes;

  • Link management
  • Branded and customized links
  • Mobile links
  • Campaign management
  • Analytics





TINY.CC is another URL shortening tools that you can also give a try.

It is 100% free to use but you will get all it’s Features when you register or sign up in their website.

Also very easy to use, you can give them a try by clicking on their link above.




Rebrandly website picture, one of the tools discussed on how to shorten the URL


Rebrandly is another great URL shortening tools, it does not have a free plan.

The Paid plan on Rebrandly will not only shorten your URL but will also give you peace of mind.

Their Paid Plans Includes;

  • Starter Plan at 29$ monthly
  • Pro Plan at 69$ monthly
  • Premium Plan at 499$ monthly

Their Features Includes;

  • Link Management
  • Domain name Management
  • Analytics
  • Traffic Routing


5.  BIT.DO website image, one of the tools discussed on how to shorten the URL

This is another wonderful URL shortening tools and the links that are shortened using never expires.

Their Features Includes;

  • Location Stats
  • Personalization of links
  • Analytics

I think we have come to the end of our today’s article on ” how to shorten the URL”

Do you have a question or suggestions on the topic ” how to shorten the URL”

Then, kindly let us know via the comment box for free!

Thanks for reading!



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