How do People make Money Online

 How do People Make Money Online?  It has been an internet trending question all over the world today!! Well, find the answer here.

Have you been searching for many ways that you can make extra money online with or without investment? Have you asked yourself a question like this?

Do you wish to know the best answer to that question?

Alright, keep reading!!

Are you tired of answering too many unexpected questions from your boss without having any hope of getting independent on your own?

Are you Unemployed yet a graduate? I surmise that reading this treasured write-up will serve as a challenge for you to awaken and showcase your talent as a graduate instead of depending fully and waiting for your Government to do something about you getting a job.


Didn’t you know that Google has done everything to be easier in life, always paying billions and billions of sites for their hard work, please arise and showcase your talent. Be you a graduate or not, help yourself, your family & your society.

Never should you worry again because I’m dropping here the 7 ways to make genuine money online.


Have you ever imagined or dreamt of getting substantial cool money online and thereby creating independence for yourself?  Do you also wish to be your boss?  Here you finally came to the best and easiest tutorial on How do people make money online.


You can always pick up one, two, or three ways you can start making money online connecting to one of the English  adage which stated that the Jack of all trades always becomes master of none.

So my advice is for you to choose one, two, or three ways out of the seven provided genuine ways to make money online. I will also advise you to choose depending on the areas that you know you’re much talented in.


Now without wasting much of your time,  let’s go straight forward to the blog content of today, ” How do people make money online?


What’s Needed To Achieve The aim of asking this question 

  • Your brain
  • A smartphone or Laptop
  • Your time and Commitment
  • Some little dollar ( optional ) depending on the ways you have chosen to make it Online
  • Steady internet Connections
  • Good Marketing Strategies


Now Let’s proceed to the table of Contents 

  1.    People make money online by Blogging 
  2.    People make money  online by creating their own YouTube Channel 
  3.    PeoplPeople make money online  by joining Affiliate Marketing Programs 
  4.    People make money online by Writing and Selling Ebooks 
  5.    People make money online buying & reselling Domain Names
  6.    People make money online as a Freelancer
  7.   People make money online doing Website trading business.

Now how do people make

1.  Blogging

Out of many Confirmed ways that people make genuine money online, Among all the ways you can make money online, Blogging happens to be the confirmed leader of all of them, My point is that most of the ways to make money online partially or Completely depend on Blogging.


Do you already own a blog of your own?  Are you eager to create a blog of your own and be making money online through your Blogging?  Now take a short incite on this; How To Start A Blog: Step-by-Step Guide

By going through the above  link You can be able to Know;

  • What blogging is all about
  • How you can start a blog
  • How to choose the right domain name for your niche
  • Which hosting provider best suits your Blog
  • How to Customize your new blog or Website
  • How to Promote your Blog or Website
  • How to Monetize your Blog or Website

Now let’s assume that you have successfully acquired the full knowledge of what Blogging is all about & you are hundred percent ready to start a Blog of your own,  You can check out the Links below to join a hosting provider of your choice,

You should also note that there are many hosting providers in the world today but three mentioned here were mentioned in summarized details to save your time and also to be more concise, you also remember that being concise and detailed is one of the great remarkable features you will always find in  Website.


Now if you  have decided to start a blog and begin a forward ever Journey today; you can choose & join any of the sites below


You can click to join Hostinger here;   As the Cheapest and yet powerful hosting Provider, hostinger’s price ranges from 0.80  to  0.90 dollar per month when you choose to pay for their four years hosting plan



You can click to join Bluehost here As the most popular hosting provider in the world today with medium hosting pricing, I think the basic hosting price that you are supposed to start with as a beginner should be 2.95 dollars per month being paid for a minimum of one year. 



Then check out this Website if you needed to go for a monthly plan payment for some financial reasons  You can Join the Namecheap hosting company here they are perfectly accepting monthly payments from their customers.

2.   YouTube Channel


YouTube  is one of the biggest 7 confirmed ways of making genuine money online in our century today, one surprising thing about YouTube business is that you can start it without any single investment, just go straight to the YouTube site here and signup with them using your Google account details

After successful registration with them, go to their Settings zone and set up your profile icon and also set up your channel,


Some Precautions to take while Setting Up your YouTube Channel are;


  1.   Choose a good Channel name that matches your Niche
  2.   Focus on one Niche per YouTube Channel
  3.  Create videos that will entice the general public
  4.  Make sure to give your Video a charming heading or title
  5.  Always be consistent in posting different Videos to your Channel
  6.  Always upload videos that better explained your title or heading


Still confused about how to create a successful  YouTube Channel video and how you can monetize it, Why not Subscribed to this fast & quality growing Blog, I think I am coming up with a higher detailed step-by-step tutorial guide on how you can perfect yourself into YouTube Channel Videos.

3.   Affiliate marketing

Some newbies will question what affiliate marketing program is all about.  Anyway, Affiliate Marketing is Selling or Promoting other companies’ goods in other to gain some percentage of the sale made on the company through your link, you can do that on your Website or blog, you can also achieve that using your social media account.


Affiliate Marketing is one of the top proven ways you can make perfect genuine money online, are you interested in Joining the affiliate marketing program? Then I’m dropping below some websites that you can register to start the affiliate marketing business.


And many other unmentioned  Affiliate marketing programs. Didn’t ever want to start up with the four Affiliate marketing sites, then Subscribe with your email and I will get you updated on about fifty sites to join for an affiliate program with their detailed cons and prons attached to each of them.


4.   Writing & Selling Ebooks

Image of books that proves book publishing as one of the ways people make money online

This is one of the 7 ways you can make money online, Are you good and talented in Writing?  Well, this is where to showcase your talent and excel through your talent, in Ebook Publishing you can write as a Blogger and as well write as an author in any type of book,

One major good thing about the Ebook business is that you can create, write, format and upload by yourself online without going through the hassles of book publishers,


You can publish your Ebooks using;

  • Createspace Website link here, just signup with them at their Website and you’re perfectly ready to start publishing your Ebooks  with them, 
  • Canva Website link here,  just got yourself registered with them and move forward to your book publishing
  • Or you can as well publish directly from your WordPress blog with the help of some WordPress Plugins, one example of the well-known WordPress Ebook publishing Plugin is bookpress plugin.


Finally, you can also take advantage of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing KDP to successfully publish your Ebooks without much Protocols, you can do that by going to their site here;  and complete a signup with them, You can also take a short insight on the step-by-step guide on how to successfully publish your Ebooks at Amazon Publishing site here;  Steps On How To Make Money Self Publishing At Amazon      


5. People buy and resell domain names to make money online


Are you talented in thinking and marketing? Do you have substantial wisdom and marketing strategies to move ahead?  Then here comes the perfect place to reach accomplishment on your talent.


Here is the simple trick;  you can be smart enough to pick up a good domain name that could eventually turn around to be hotcake for an individual or Organisation, for instance,

Assuming you succeeded & bought a domain that bears and suddenly a company emerges with the name Amago company limited, being a new company they needed to acquire its Website, don’t you think that the perfect name for them to use as their Website would be website?


In that way, they searched and noticed has already been taken but is available for resell from the owner, what do you think would be the company’s next line of action? Well, they will go straight and contact the owner of the Website for serious negotiations.


That is how you as the domain owner make Huge Profits without stress. In fact, there are many ways to make money with domain trading business, the demand may come from banks, institutions, and companies and it can even be demanded by the Government, which is one of the extra income margin generators


Bear in mind that the cost of a domain for one year is normally 8.89 dollars and you’re going to sell it for thousands of dollars. You can choose to make it your line of business and you can list your domain for sale at Sedo Website here  after paying for the domain.


6.  People become Freelancer to make money online


If you are talented enough in Writing and designing, and you also have enough marketable skills & strategies that will help you grow as a  Freelancer;  then, freelancers is also one of the top ways people make money online.  Why not join millions of freelancers in the world today and be earning a sustainable income from people that needed your service and are very willing to pay you.


There are many freelance Sites in the world today, you can register and signup with any of the freelancer’s Websites and start your journey with them here;

Join them to make extra income and savings online as a Freelancer. Want to have more step-by-step knowledge of Freelancer business, Why not Subscribed with your Email address to be updated on that? It’s free to Subscribe!!!


7.   Website trading business


Are you perfect at creating, designing, and promoting a newly created blog or Website? If really yes answers this question,


Then I want to tell you that you can make huge money from buying and selling of Website, The whole trick is; to create a new website or blog, set it up, Customize it, write and publish it on the Website, promote the blog, get Subscribers to your blog, Monetize your blog and help it grow for a couple of months or even years, Then list it out for sale,


The common trick here is; some people prefers to buy an already made Site than creating and working on the Website by themself, it could be because they are a novice to the Website world or that they didn’t want some beginners to stress and suffering emanating from a new Site, it could be in terms of Setting up, coding and mostly promoting a Website.


You can negotiate & sell your ready-made Site to such people and make huge instant income from your sales. You can use the Website below to sell your already made Website online.

I think that’s all I have to offer on the question ” how do people make money online” with or without investments, Still confused about the topic.


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Are you a  beginner without any website handling Knowledge? You can still succeed online and be your boss in a couple of months, go ahead and Subscribe to this fast-growing website to always receive every update on how you can perfectly make money online, the achiever’s keys are;


  • make up your mind
  • Start up something
  • Keep pushing it harder
  • Never give up
  • Promote and Monetize
  • Enjoy

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