How Much can You make as a Blogger

Have you ever asked yourself a question like ” how much can you make as a blogger? It has been every blogger’s question, always asked by beginners or yet-to-be bloggers.

They would want to verify how much money they can earn from blogging before heading forward to the publishing world.


Well, there is never a direct answer to this question because there are many determining factors that tell how much you can make as a publisher. I think knowing the factors will help you to know the answers to your questions.


  • Newbies beginners bloggers earn nothing in their first months, this emphasizes the important need for patients in blogging.
  • Middle-class bloggers can earn 100s of dollars per month.
  • Top Middle-class bloggers can earn thousands of dollars per month.
  • High-class bloggers can earn thousands to millions of dollars per month. And a good example of such bloggers is to prove the authenticity that bloggers earning is never limited.

One of such high class worldly recognized and valued blogger is Neil Patel,

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Factors that determine how much you can make as a blogger


1. The time and passion given to your blog ;

The time factor given to your blog and how devoted you’re to your blog implies how you’re going to make it as a blogger.

Do you wish to earn impressive income from your blogging? Simply create 3-time factors, the time for learning,

Time for Writing and publishing and time for promotion, are the three must-create times for a Blogger.


2.  How you promote your Blog ;

Many failed bloggers lack the knowledge of promotion which generated their failure in the Publishing world.

Never should you think of starting a blog, writing, and publishing without thinking and planning how you can Promote your Blog.

What Is the need of publishing without having an audience to read your write-up?

Men, it’s bullshit and inexperienced to handle a blog without having to Promote your Blog. Learn many ways you can Promote your Blog by on the provided link.

How to Promote your Blog: 9 Best Ways


A notebook image for recording how much you made as a blogger

So in conclusion to you my dear readers how serious you are as a Blogger in promoting your Website will determine how much you can earn from your Website.


3.  The age of your blog;

This is really because making money in blogging is always a gradual process,

Blogging is never an instant money-making machine but once it starts generating money for you, it now becomes a money-making machine.

It goes like this;

The more the age of your blog, the more you as a publisher gather blogging knowledge, the more you write and publish better content, the more backlinks to your blog,


The closer you appear in Google search results, the more traffic you bring to your blog, the more subscribers, and the more money you make as a blogger.

It is a gradual process working with time, and you needed the patience to reach that level In blogging but never should you lose hope. Remember my wise quote ” Successful bloggers are never quitters”


4.  The number of traffic to your site;

Blog traffic has been a major factor for high-class earners, they have gotten to such monthly income because of the number of  traffic coming to their websites,

They also must have gotten to such a level because of the age of their Website.


You shouldn’t try to compare a month-old website with a two years website in terms of traffic,

The two years blog I’m talking about here is a two years well established and promoted blog not an abandoned 2 years blog.


5.  How you’re Monetizing your blog;

How a publisher chooses to monetize a blog will determine how much you can make as a blogger.

This is true because you cannot compare the income of a publisher that is monetizing only through advertising to a publisher that monetizes his blog through many versatile combinations.

Domain names for just 88 cents!

Is good to have a different method of income earnings for your blog to boost your chances of making huge money as a blogger.


Some Publishers believe that it is only through advertising especially Google AdSense advertising that bloggers make money

That is why most bloggers quit blogging after Google AdSense disabled their account, my dear you’re making a lot of mistakes by doing so.

Picture of huge money made by a blogger

A blogger friend of mine once told me that he chose not monetizing through advertisements just to create a no-distracting environment for her readers, and she started getting more readers and Subscribers by the time she stopped monetizing through advertisements.

Do not get me misquoted please, I am only trying to clear the air for some bloggers who thought that they are heading nowhere as a publisher without advertising.


You can combine most of the blog monetization ways without any problem, you can combine ads monetizing, selling of products, creating and selling online courses, publishing and selling Ebooks directly from your Website, and so many other ways.


Wants to learn more about how you can monetize your blog in many different ways, please check out our post How to Monetize your Blog:4 Powerful ways

I hope that I have indirectly given you a direct answer to the question ” how much can you make as a blogger? Unlimited indeed, depending on your commitments, efforts, and traffic.


So is left for you to decide by yourself how much you wanna make as a blogger, work seriously towards that, and finally reach the accomplishment level to enjoy yourself as a blogger

Remember that the publisher’s money is never limited to any amount. You can only choose how much to make through your devotion, consistency, passion, and determination.


If you enjoyed my post on how much can you make as a blogger, please do not hesitate to give us a good comment, if you have questions to clear your doubt, please let us tackle it also in the Commenting Sections.

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