How to Make Money in YouTube: 5 best ways

How much money can you make on YouTube has been an internet trending question in our society today, where everyone is seeking how he or she can be making money online without stress.

There is no doubt that YouTube site is one of the top 10 sites in the world today with more than 50 % of the world population, which is why making money on YouTube becomes easier for YouTube Channel account users.

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People always ask questions on how to make money on YouTube, whether it is possible or not, today I am coming up with how to make money on youtube simplified easily in 5 steps guide.

Well, after reading this detailed write-up you can be able to clear your doubt on;

1.  How to make money on YouTube

2.  How many subscribers  to make money on YouTube

3.  How many views to make money on YouTube

4.  How exactly do people make money on YouTube

Step one (1); setting up a YouTube Channel account

How do you push a start to the YouTube Channel business?

Well, you can read the starting steps below!!

Go to YouTube website  and sign up on their site using your Google account, on reaching their website, enter your Google email address and password.

Then click on the profile account in the top right corner to lead you to the setting icon table where you’re going to create your YouTube Channel account.

Also remember to select the account type, if it is for a personal or business account, that is just it, you have successfully created your YouTube Channel.  Now let’s move on to the step 2 of our today’s topic.

2.  Step two (2);  Creating your Channel videos

Now that you’ve gotten your YouTube Channel, I think the next step would be loading your channel with good-quality Videos,

But wait a minute, please!!

Before uploading your first video it is very necessary to at least see the basic YouTube Channel requirement for video uploading before kicking a start to your first upload.

YouTube beginner’s requirements.

  • Sharp camera; could use a good phone like iPhone or a webcam.
  • Microphone; You can get a good microphone from most online selling stores like Amazon, eBay, Ali Express, etc.
  • Video editing software; good video editing software is also needed to commence the YouTube Channel business.

Then after you must have bought the YouTube beginner’s requirements, let’s get you perfect on the business by letting you know the secret behind making good YouTube videos below.

A YouTube logo for making money on YouTube


Secret to being successful in making money with YouTube Videos 

  1. Be smart in picking a niche that you know very well.
  2. Always be consistent in uploading videos to your Channel
  3. Always be smart in picking a video title because the title or headline of your videos plays a good role in attracting viewers to your Channel.

Now that you’ve created your YouTube Channel, you’ve also added good videos to your Channel,

The next important action to consider now is ” how should I bring viewers and subscribers to my channel, what are the marketing strategies that you’re going to implement for you to get viewers and customers to your Channel?

Don’t panic yet!!

I think I have a solution to that, let’s be moving ahead because it’s going to lead us to our 3rd step which is how to get more viewers and subscribers.

3. Focus on getting more viewers and subscribers.

What’s the need for YouTube without subscribers and viewers, the number of viewers that you have combined with the number of subscribers you have will determine how much money you’re going to make from YouTube.1

In the same way, getting and retaining a viewer is never an easy task considering the ceaseless competition emanating from YouTube users.

But then do not be discouraged because I have working tips that will help you to bypass all of these protocols and difficulties emanating from getting viewers and subscribers to your video channel.


 Learn the tips to get more viewers and subscribers to your Channel 

  • Use a charming title that is also search engine optimized.
  • Add a subscription button and be encouraging viewers on the need to subscribe
  • Always  create unique and interesting videos
  • Share your videos on busy sites like Reddit, Quora, etc
  • Share your video link on social media like Facebook, what app, Twitter ECT.
  • Always create a playlist to increase your view
  • Never should you neglect to respond to your viewer’s comment, it’s annoying to your viewers.
  • Focus on one Niche, let your viewers know you for a particular thing that you’re doing.
  • Be consistent in posting new videos to your Channel
  • It is also very important to be creating short but enticing  videos

Now that you have done every needful action, I believe that the next question you should ask yourself is this; ” how should I monetize my youtube channel?  Alright, see the answer to your questions below.

How to Make Money on YouTube?

A Palm tree of dollars indicating the kind of money to make on YouT


You can make huge money from the YouTube Channel business having followed our step-by-step guidelines.

There are many ways to generate income from YouTube but we’re going to explain the 5 easiest and most common ways of making money on YouTube, you can see our YouTube money-making guidelines below.

1. Advertise to make money on YouTube 

There are many ways to use advertising in making money on YouTube, but the most effective working and high-paying advertising company to commence with is Google Adsense, 

Applying for Google AdSense is as simple as filling and submitting a form you can go Here to sign up immediately with AdSense but you can also check on their requirements before applying for YouTube Google AdSense approval.

You may also want to read our post on How to get Google AdSense approval

You should try and make sure that your Channel adheres to AdSense terms and conditions before applying for AdSense approval. Then apply and make money on YouTube through advertising using Google AdSense.

2. Become a YouTube partner to make money on YouTube 

Becoming a YouTube partner to make money on your videos is one of the best ways of making money on YouTube but wait a minute there is a problem with becoming a YouTube partner, there is a condition attached to becoming a YouTube partner. See their acceptance condition below.

  • You must have at least 1000 subscribers
  • You must have at least 4000 watch hours on your videos.

Do not be bothered about the conditions listed above, in as much as you follow our guidelines from the beginning till here, getting 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours would be very easy for you.

Monetize your YouTube Channel by becoming a partner as soon as you reached their requirements to do so and enjoy.

An image showing the impact of good camera in making money on YouTube

3. Affiliate promotion

Affiliate promotion involves partnering with some companies to promote their products to gain some percentage of money from the sales made.

Affiliate promotion has been another great money-making opportunity for YouTube Channel users.

Simply get an affiliate link from the company that you want to Promote their products and start directing viewers to your affiliate link, earn a reasonable commission once any viewers purchase the affiliate products through your link.

Domain names for just 88 cents!

You can start it on your Channel to boost your chances of making money on YouTube in a way that you can never imagine.

4. Channel membership 

This involves making money from your Channel members.

Channel membership is where you as a member of the channel make some monthly payment to the owner of the channel for the special post and offers they provide to their members.

This is one of the money-boosting factors for YouTubers but you should also know the channel membership conditions, to gain access to this great offer from YouTube,

  • Your Channel must have been in the YouTube partnership program.
  • You must have up to 30,000 subscribers.

5. Make Money on YouTube by joining YouTube Red

YouTube Red is another sure way to make money on YouTube,  but there is a condition that is also attached to the system before joining them,

You must have up to 1000 subscribers before joining the platform, after joining them, they will set up a feature whereby your viewers would be charged to make some payment to you before they would be allowed to view your videos.

YouTube Red is a good source of income for YouTubers, you can Join them to maximize your YouTube income.

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