How to Make Money on instagram:5 best ways

Have you ever thought of how to make money on instagram but didn’t know how to kick a start to instagram making money tactics and strategies?

Anyway, you have finally reached the simple detailed topic on making money on Instagram.

VAlso remember that making money on Instagram has always been a game of wisdom and intelligent,

Let’s get going without protocols,  first of all

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a Facebook owned free photo sharing platform which allows users to upload and share photos or videos using their mobile app.

How to get started on Instagram?

Any interested person can get started on Instagram by creating an Instagram account using either their mobile app or by signing up with them online using their Website link here

I have finished signing up for Instagram account, what next?

The best recommended steps after acquiring an Instagram account is to focused first on building  followers before planning on how to make money on Instagram.

Didn’t know the strategies on how to get Instagram followers?

Don’t worry yet, we’re going to explain it now

How to get Instagram followers?

The very first trick to start with when trying to build Instagram followers  is to start optimizing your account. 

Right here, we’re going to explain the two major types of optimisation that is necessary to introduce in your account to boost your chances of getting more Instagram followers.

They are; profile optimisation and contents optimisation 

Picture of a lady teaching people on how to make money on Instagram

Profile Optimisation 

In profile optimization you are required to

1 –   Upload a quality profile picture;

Every one knows that as long as Instagram is concerned, quality of your pictures and videos also matters a lot especially when you’re planning to make money on Instagram.

Do not believe that you can snap with Nokia 3310 and upload on your Instagram account, instead get yourself a good  iPhone with quality camera.

I may not implement all of this protocols, simply because I’m into Instagram to promote my website and not mostly for making money.

Must you plan on making money on Instagram?  Then you must also follow all the guideline here for you to succeed.

2 –   Always choose an easy to remember username

It’s always good to go with an easy to remember username when dealing with online social networks especially those networks that valued followers or the networks that is bound to generate income to you someday.

This is so because when you make your account username to be easy both in pronouncing and writing so to make it easier for your followers to recommend your account to their friends.

3 –  Go with a descriptive username 

The reason is this, a person searching to see some accounts on how to make money online is more likely to include this two keywords;  make & money. 

So whenever you plan on joining any  Instagram niche, choosing a descriptive username that is related to your niche account is also an added advantage.

For instance, you may choose something like ” makemoneyhub, makemoneygirl, themakemoneyblog and many others.

4 –  Make sure to include your Website link in your bio

This is a wise idea especially for those that owns or have a Website to promote through Instagram.

Unfortunately  Instagram refused to let users share links on their accounts but yet people can take the advantage of the Website link permitted in the account bio to indirectly drop a link through Instagram.

I believed that i came to know my current favourite Website for reading about children & parenting through Instagram bio link. You can as well grab that promotion opportunity by including your link in your bio.

5 –  Activate your followers way

You can achieve that by starting to follow some people especially those already existing popular accounts in your niche.

The simple trick is this;  Follow them so that their followers would have the opportunity of seeing your account through them and may decide to follow you also.

Wise Tips

Do you have a booming social media account? either from Facebook, Twitter,Pinterest and other recognized social media website?


Then be wise enough to also pick the username that you used in your other social networks account as your Instagram username, this will help you to also get your old followers to start following you again on Instagram.

Content Optimization

Contents optimisation also helps a lot in getting more Instagram followers, didn’t you know how to optimise your contents.

Don’t worry

There are many things to check when optimizing account contents in Instagram, and most of the things you will look into are;

1 –  Post consistently

Posting consistently would help you to always establish a steady online presence which will not only gain more followers for you but also boost your Instagram  account.

Another good reason why you should be posting consistently is this;  ” if in case your today’s post didn’t motivate me to follow you, then your tomorrow post might do the job well. That’s just it.

2 –  Always add related hashtag when posting

Never should you neglect the boosting power of hashtags in Instagram, if you ever created an Instagram account with the purpose of making money in the future.

Then start today to learn about hashtags and how to use hashtags to optimise your Instagram account.


3 –  Create a relationship with other Instagram users in your niche

Creating a relationship with other Instagram users in your niche would expose you into tapping followers from their followers.

Remember my 5th recommendation in Profile Optimization on activating your followers way by following some accounts, this is not just any account that you saw but mostly some popular accounts from your niche account 

Wait a minute please!!

Some people may be pondering with the word niche, 

Anyway to explain a niche in a nutshell,

A Niche is a word that is used to connect different people that are in the same work or job specialization, for instance I am into making money niche and so anyone in the making money line is my niche member.

I think you have learnt about how to optimise your profile and contents on Instagram in order to gain more followers and connections.

Now let’s move with passion on ” how to make money on Instagram ”

How to Make Money on Instagram 


An image of tree carrying money made from Instagram

1 –   Through Affiliate Marketing;  

For some years now, affiliate marketing program has been the top leading way of making money online especially through Social Media, Website or Blogs.

Let’s just explain the concise meaning of affiliate marketing, Affiliate Marketing  is the process of promoting goods or products for people’s, Companies or Organisations for the sole purpose of making your own profits.

The process here is as simple as;

1- register an Instagram account,  2-   Promote your account,  3-  Maximize the number of your followers,  4-  Engage and partner with your followers and  5-  Finally register with a company that offers affiliate marketing program

After a successful registration, the company will provide you with a personal link that you should promote, now promote and share your link with your followers, once anyone purchase a product through your link, you get paid for every single purchase made through your link.

This is just it, but wait a minute please!!

 Tips;   Always promote products  related to your niche account in order not to start seeing  some of your followers dropping you as someone who is not focused,

Remember they followed you because of your specified niche account , always provide them with the products link that is related to your niche account .

You can see some of the affiliate marketing companies or websites below


2 –   Promote & sale your own Products; 

 Do you own a Website or blog ? You maybe looking for a way to promote your Blog, get many readers and make money.

You may also have an Ebook or Course for sale or any other Website products, Promote the products on Instagram and see huge sales conversions, especially when you have substantial number of followers, not just followers  but engaged people  following your account.

Why not use Instagram and make it another source of your blog promotion most especially by taking the advantage of the Website link option in every users account bio.


3 –  Make Money on Instagram by Selling your Photos;

This is one of the sweetest way of making money on Instagram, this is because it doesn’t mandate you to have huge followers to start making money by selling  your Photos in as much as your account is fully optimized for viewers and and your sampled photos did the job well.

It can create making money opportunity for talented photographers that wants to earn a living through their handiwork.

You can only start making money on Instagram by getting a functioning account and optimising your account and finally by uploading your outstanding photos for sale.

You can see some of the Website that makes selling Instagram photos easier below;



4 –   Become an influencer

This works well for people with huge engaged followers, anyway I think there is no need breaking this chapter without first of all explaining what it means to become an influencer.

Influencer is a someone that has the ability to influence and convince potential buyers of a products by promoting and recommending the products on social media.

You have seen what it means to become an influencer, now you can believe with me that the key things that would make you to progress as an influencer is when you have a huge number of engaged and trusted followers. Now go ahead and become an influencer.

Then let’s break the meaning of influencer marketing!   Influencer Marketing is a marketing strategies used by advertisers and marketers with the aim of making their products or goods to reaching out to their buyers.

Another disturbing querry that could be in the mind of anyone reading this tutorial would be ” how can I quickly join influencer market?”

Anyway, you can see below the top 4 influencer markets Website to join and start making money with your Instagram followers without much Protocols.

1.  Blogmint;

Blogmint is one of the top influencer marketing platform that is bound to link influencers and brands.

You can partner with blogmint by registering and creating the awarness of a brand that you would want to promote, create the campaign  and see yourself enjoying making money as an influencer.

2.  Tribe;

You can Join and start using Tribe influencer marketing by downloading their mobile apps, after which you can decide on a product or brand to tag and get paid as an influencer.

3.  Indahash;

Making money as an influencer with indahash is as simple as downloading their apps after you must have gotten an account with them, now host any campaign of your choice that you would want to promote, start by posting the brands photos and get paid as an influencer.

4.  Influicity;

This is another influencer marketing platform you can Join when finally you have gotten huge Instagram followers, not just Instagram followers but also in other social media.

You can fill the form to join them, drop your personal and niche products details in the registration form, choose a campaign and start promoting a brand to get paid.


5 –  Make Money on Instagram by Selling your Instagram  account;

This sound funny right?

Domain names for just 88 cents!

But it’s real

What if for some reasons you no longer needs your Instagram account?

It shouldn’t be a waste of time and energy at all, you can sell your Instagram account to make money.

This is not applicable to any Instagram account, but only account with huge followers that would attract buyers, because they believed that with such followers they can as well make money on  the account after purchase.

Wait a minute Please!!

Didn’t you know how and where to sell your booming Instagram account? You can get started on that by checking on this website below!

Wrapping up;  You can find it that making money on Instagram is as simple as knowing what it means and what it takes to make money on Instagram.


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