How to make Money on Facebook

Everyone knows about the social network called Facebook and how popular it’s in the world today, How to make money on Facebook has been a billion questions asked by billions of people using Facebook all over the world.

Well, since more than 70% of the world population are all Facebook users, then it’s a great chance and a favorable opportunity to be making neat money on Facebook when coded neatly and judiciously.

That’s why I am proudly coming up confidently today on the topic of how to make money on Facebook today without investing anything, absolutely nothing.

Yeah, you heard me right? But, wait a minute please, you may want to visit Amagojessy shop to purchase my product.

Bear in mind that Facebook never pays money to anyone as far as this tutorial is concerned,

Don’t worry yet!!

Because I have a trick, not just a trick but a 100% working idea that works like a charm. It will only work for determined and serious people.

Do you want to make money on Facebook?


Then, kindly ask yourself this question and also note that it is only your reply to the question that will determine whether this trick is gonna work for you.

The question is this;

Do you already own a Facebook fan page? If yes, then smile like a king!! If no is your answer, then start now by creating one instantly for yourself.


One of my Website fans emailed me some time ago, you can see the screenshot of her email below since she consented to my using the email for illustration in my post today. Here is the screenshot.

I think that the aim of the email was clearly understood by everyone, well to help explain Jenny’s aim in a nutshell, Jenny loves writing, she wanted to become a Blogger but didn’t have the little money needed for hosting,

Now her question is this;


Is there going to be a way out for her to still start a writing opportunity like blogging without spending money for it?

Well, I want to tell everyone reading this lecture that it was specifically written for Jenny and people like Jenny.


Let’s proceed now without protocols, but before we proceed to the topic look at what you’re required to know that will guide you through making money from Facebook two points to bear in mind;

  • Facebook is one of the top 5 happening sites in the world today.
  • More than 50% of the world’s population are all Facebook users.

Let’s get going, please!!


Wait a minute, but I think curiosity kills right? let’s get you pinned down to the tricks on how to make money on Facebook.

I think you have gotten a Facebook fan page as we earlier instructed.

Image of a quality flower bought with the money made from facebook



Study the 3 rules for creating a good Facebook page.

  •  Facebook profile;  Make sure to write a good and enticing profile that would gain people’s confidence and trust in your page.
  •   The 2nd rule should be on the aim or rather the niche of the Facebook page that you’re creating, choose the niche depending on the things you know you can handle very well when addressing your fans.
  • The third rule is to focus on the tactics that you’re going to implement that will aid you to win many people to join your Facebook page.

Now let’s keep moving!!

I believe by now that you have gotten your Facebook page now.


I also believe you have gotten a reasonable number of followers and you have also planned on the good and enticing things that you will offer to your Facebook fans that will always keep them busy on your page without having to quit and drop your page halfway.


Now you’re 90% close to making money on Facebook, but still, understand that Facebook is not going to pay you for this. Now, look at how you’re going to make money on Facebook and who is going to pay you when making money on Facebook.

How to make money on Facebook 

1. Through an Affiliate Program 

What Is affiliate program? An affiliate Program is just a way of promoting companies Product to gain a percentage reward from the sales made through your link,

Affiliate Programs can be achieved wherever there is a great number of daily population of people viewing a page, in this way you can reach out to many people using your link.


It could be done perfectly on a blog or website, it can also be done on a Facebook page with a high population of active members to get an impressive result.

Remember people trusted you for being the Page admin so getting them to buy a product from you wouldn’t be a hard nut to crack.

Simply, arrange and negotiate with companies that will pay you, promote and sell their products to make huge money from your Facebook fans.


2. Promote and sell your products.

Some might ask, what should we Create?  Anyway products like Ebook are the number one thing you should write and promote on your Facebook fan page to be making neat money from Facebook.

Didn’t you know how to start Ebook writing and publishing? You may want to read our post on Ebook publishing here Make money self-publishing books on Amazon

Maybe you still didn’t want to stress yourself in writing and publishing, anyway, there is still hope on what to do,

Meet and negotiate with two or more trusted bloggers to Promote and help them sell their Ebook, especially the books related to your Facebook niche topic, and help them promote their products on your page to make money.


3. Advertise to make money on Facebook 

Advertising here could be direct or indirect advertising, you can make money from your Facebook page when you use advertising on your Facebook page.

Study your fans as you would study a book for knowledge to know what triggers them and keeps them busy, then pick advertisers based on your generated results and start placing the adverts on your Facebook page.  To raise money through advertising.

Image of all the social network logos that can be used in making money including Facebook


4. Sale your homemade products.

It is just like a bonus tip but it’s capable of generating massive money for you, bringing in whatever that you have for sale on your page.

Domain names for just 88 cents!

You can as well sell your product in your Facebook group, that’s if you belong to any Facebook group, Here it doesn’t even matter whether you’re the Facebook group admin, what matters is the population in the Facebook group.

List anything out for sale and be making cool money.


5.  Sale your Facebook likes to make money on Facebook 

It might be a surprise for some people to hear this, but it’s real, you can sell your Facebook likes to make money.

Since you have gotten a booming Facebook page, you know that one of the qualities of Facebook pages is likes, so utilize the opportunity to sell these likes to people that needs them to make money.

Or didn’t you know where to sell your Facebook likes?

Don’t worry, I’m going to show you the best two places to do it below.

You can sell your Facebook likes on, Or you may also decide to check out another site for selling Facebook likes, then check it on the addmefast website.

Bonus tips when selling ads in the provided link.

  • Reduce the number of likes per sale
  • Minimize your like price so that people will buy immediately from you.

Please I have additional tips for Jenny and people like Jenny, now that you have achieved making money with Facebook through my provided tips,

You can now open a Website using free blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc, and get it functioning by filling it with good articles,

Preferably articles related to your Facebook fan page niche, so that you can be able to integrate the two to boost performance.

The trick is; to write posts on your free website and share the content link on your Facebook page, use your Website as your home and use your Facebook page as your market place and use your Facebook fans as your customers, that’s it.

But when using these tricks I will advise you to choose Blogger as your free blogging platform, instead of the other mentioned platforms.


Reason;  Blogger is owned by Google and there are some considerations I have witnessed in people using their free platforms that I haven’t witnessed in the other free platforms.

Another must-know tip;  please this is a very crucial tip, pay attention and give me an audience, ” when using the free blogging platforms do not choose a fancy name please,

I would advise you to choose your name with some slight modifications, I mean choose a name that will never attract people’s attention, remember once anyone decided to pay for the name and finally succeeded in the plan, it will affect you for sure.


Reason; You might decide one day to free yourself from to only for you to find out that the has already been taken. Is an awful sight that no one wants to see.

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I think this is where I am dropping my pen, have a question? You can ask me without delay. If the post helped you do not fail to drop your comment.

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