How to get Google Adsence approval

Are you a publisher that desires to earn a living through Google adsence but didn’t know how to get Google adsence approval?

Have you started your own blog, added enough quality contents but yet you didn’t know how to monetize your blog?  This is the perfect tutorial for you. Or are you looking for how you can start a blog please check it out here,  How To Start A Blog: Step by Step Guide

There are many ways to monetize a blog nowadays nd in our post today we’re going to handle blog monetization through advertising.

There are many ways to monetize a blog through advertisements but the most effective means of advert is Google adsence, you can also refer to our post on How to Monetize your Blog:4 Powerful ways

Now let us move straight forward to our blog tutorial on how to apply and quickly get Google adsence approval.

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First of all let’s define Google adsence for Newbies,  Google Adsence  is an advertising program started by Google in the year 2003 for the purpose of helping publishers to earn some money from their hard work,

it involves pressing targeted ads in the Publishers site by Google, it can also be calculated in per- click or per- impression, the ads can either be set automatically by Google or be set manually by the publisher. You can apply for Google Adsence in the link below!


It is among one of the best bloggers prayer to gain adsence approval on his blog or Website, but in the same way to get Adsence approval in a Website is not all that easy, you can apply and apply and still be rejected by Adsence moderators.


You can in the same way apply and successfully get Adsence approval, you should note that it doesn’t matter weather you get Adsence approval in one trial or in many trials, what really matters and count is weather you finally get Adsence approval on your blog at last.

Many of our today successful bloggers got their approval in many trials, even me I got my adsence approval in two trials  before I finally get approved by Adsence in a 1 month and 3 weeks blog with 13 written blog post.

Some bloggers do recommend that people should  start applying  for Adsence whenever their blog is 6 months with at about 30 to 50 blog post.  But for me, a blogger should apply for Adsence with any age blog, with at least 10  quality blog post, meanwhile  I am dropping the top 7 keys to achieve  adsence approval.


5 tips on how to apply and get Google adsence approval


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1.   Apply with a root domain to get adsence approval 


There are many domain extensions today, they include dot com, dot net, dot store, dot tech, dot online, dot website and many others, but dot com domain still remains the best recognised domain, so it is a good idea to apply for Adsence account with dot com.


That doesn’t mean You won’t be able to get Adsence approval when you apply for Google Adsence, the only thing I want you to understand is this; ” applying for Adsence with dot com domain increases your chances of getting approved by Adsence.


2.    Write your About Page, Contact Page and Privacy Policy Page 


It is a must do to write about page, Contact Page and Privacy Policy Page  because not only Google adsence needed it in a Website, even your Website visitors needs it also,

I could remember those days when after visiting a Website the First thing that will come to my mind is to check the site Privacy Policy  Page,  after which i will go back to check the About and Contact Page,


If i happens not  to find the Pages, I will quickly leave and call them scammers, so never should you fail to write these Pages before applying for Adsence.


3.   Include related images on your Posts and Pages


Gone are the days when bloggers are sticked to writing and publishing  alone, in our today’s world images is also one of the ranking factors in a blog, not just images  but related images.

In today’s publishing system blog post without images is like cooking soup without salt. So it is good to include images in your Post,  not just images but related and demonstrating images.


4.    Make sure their is no copy and paste contents in your Post 


The worst thing that could happen to a Blogger is to believe that it is possible to succeed in blogging with copy and paste articles, please never should you try to do that even before and after applying for Google Adsence approval.


I think what causes bloggers to start copying and pasting in their blog can only be attributed to choose the wrong Niche, I mean choosing a blog Niche because someone they know is on that particular Niche.

Domain names for just 88 cents!

So fellow bloggers, my advice for you is to choose a niche that you knows very well, a Niche that you can write without having to involve someone’s help during writing.


Always remember that you can choose anything as your Niche, some good examples of blogging Niche are how to make money, finance, lifestyle,  fashion, and many others.


5.    Write at least 10 to 15 quality blog post to get adsence approval 


Quality matters a lot in getting Adsence approval and their moderators are always perfect in detecting a quality  Post from a quantity  post,  you should have at least 10 quality blog post.

You should also make it a quantity Post if you can, but make sure to have at least 5 Post with more than 2000 words count.

So this is how to apply and get adsence approval.


In my conclusion, writing a quality and original contents has the power to arrest Adsence moderators  to approve your Adsence account,  always merge quality, quantity and original contents to entice Adsence.


This is where we’re going to stop our tutorial on how to apply and quickly get Google adsence approval.

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