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Today we’re going to discuss the guide on how to create a blog step by step and make money online via blogging but before getting started,

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Have you been thinking about how to start a blog of your own & be making money for free via your blog? 

Anyway, It’s so easy to start & Excel through blogging when you’re properly guided.

You can follow my complete step-by-step guide on how to start a blog that makes money.  

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I think there is one costly mistake that most beginners always make when trying to start their blog, and that is the mistake of walking alone and not doing proper research before starting blogging.

You shouldn’t walk alone in something that you’re just starting new, instead, look for older people in that field and seek starting advice and help from them.

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Let’s keep moving, please!

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What you will learn after reading this article:

The first thing you will learn in this tutorial would be how to create a blog step-by-step guide & not just start anyhow blog but how you can start a successful blog that will be generating money for you.

Also, read to know the working tips to become a successful blogger

You will also learn!

The best blogging platform to get started with.

How to choose a blog niche & how to Customize your blog 

How to Promote and monetize your blog.

Now let’s dive into my guide on how to create a blog step by step and make money online blogging in many different ways.

Disclosure:  Please this is a reminder to you that some of the links in my post are affiliate links but from trusted companies & products that I have used. So I always get compensated by the company whenever you use some of my links but at no cost to you, thank you.


How to Create a blog Step-by-step guide

Image illustration on how to create a blog step by step


1. Choose a domain name ( first step on how to create a blog step by step)

For you to start a blog and make money blogging you have to play wise when choosing a domain name. It’s good to choose a name that’s somehow related to the blog niche you choose to handle.

For instance; I blog about how you can make money online blogging, then I choose the domain

Though choosing a blog name that connects to your niche is not a success factor in Blogging but it helps.

What grows your site is centered mainly on your devotion to your blog and your consistency in blogging.

Also when choosing a domain tld, I will advise you to choose from the top-level domain tld like dot Com, dot Org, dot net, etc, for more success.

2. Choose a blog niche (2nd step on how to create a blog step by step)

Fancy and illustration image on how to create a blog step by step

Choosing a blog niche has been a major area to start your plans with when trying to know how to start a blog and make money blogging. Make sure to choose a niche that you know very well.

I mean a niche where you can perfectly lecture the topics to people without denying your audience a perfect understanding of the topic that you choose to deliver.


Never choose a blog niche because someone you know very well is into it, instead choose a niche because you know it and you enjoy talking about it.

Do you want to get more tips on choosing a perfect niche for your blog?

Get to know more on the 3 best tips on how to choose the best blogging niche for your new blog

3. Buy domain and hosting.

Decoration image on how to create a blog step by step

This is the third step on how to create a blog step by step, buying a domain and getting your blog to be hosted by one of the top hosting providers in the world.

Though I recommend Bluehost as the most popular and good hosting provider. 

But I mostly recommend Hostinger as the most economical, budgeted, and yet powerful Hosting provider. You can choose out of the two, and if you finally decide to go with Hostinger!

Please read to know and avoid these 10 common blogging mistakes that can ruin your blog success.

You can start their sign-up steps by clicking on their image banner below!


By clicking on my hostinger image sign-up link above to host your new blog, I will receive a little compensation from the hosting company but there won’t be any extra charge for you, instead, you will receive a free blog setup from me, and a free optimized and well-written blog post from me, all for free when you sign up via my link.

You should also note that I always recommend a product that I have used and found to be trustworthy and reliable.

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Now I assume you haven’t gotten a domain so you’re also going to purchase a domain from their site during the sign-up. 

Now follow my hostinger sign-up image link above to host your blog on hostinger, click on the three-dot menu to expand the menu components.

Also expand the domain options to search for your desired domain availability, continue your sign-up process if your chosen domain is available, or go with another domain name when your desired domain name is not available.

I guess you may also want to know some working tips to rank your new blog on Google search for more organic traffic

Hostinger sign up image illustration on how to create a blog step by step

Now,  search for your domain availability using hostinger domain checker tools you expanded earlier, and continue your registration when it’s available or change to a different domain name to continue with the domain checker search tools. 

Hostinger sign up image illustration on how to create a blog step by step

Now also click on the three dots menu again and expand the hosting options & select web hosting to view all the available hostinger plans.

Hostinger sign up image on how to create a blog step by step

At this point now, you’re required to pick a hosting plan best suitable for you from their three shared hosting plans after getting a domain.

Hostinger sign up image on how to create a blog step by step

Also, choose your desired hosting duration but make sure to pay attention to the duration price tag,  we’re going to choose one of 1.99 dollars per month in a  48 months agreement which is the cheapest plan.

At this point now you are required to provide the email address for your hosting account.

Hostinger sign up image illustration on how to create a blog step by step

Now,  also pick your payment method from the list of the provided payment options, for the sake of this tutorial we’re going to make payment with PayPal. 

Hostinger sign up image illustration on how to create a blog step by step

Finalize your blog hosting account by cross-checking your options and also make payment to the hostinger at checkout.

Hostinger sign up image on how to create a blog step by step

That’s great! You have successfully acquired a new self-hosted blog for only 95.52 dollars for 48 months ( 4 years ) hosting and a year domain at 9.99 dollars for a .com domain TLD unless you would prefer to go with another TLD.

What if you prefer hosting your new blog on Bluehost even though hostinger works best and is also cheaper than Bluehost?

That’s good too! 

Just click on the get started now button on my Bluehost banner image link provided below to get started on your blog hosting.

Now, as a beginner, I recommend selecting the basic plan at 2.95 dollars per month based on the 12-monthly payment agreement.

Bluehost sign up image illustration on how to create a blog step by step

Now, kindly search for your domain availability or enter your already owned domain if you got one, for the sake of our today’s topic we’re going to search for a new domain. 

Bluehost sign up image illustration on how to create a blog step by step

Continue your sign-up journey when the domain name that you want to use is available or choose another name. we tried to verify chimababy as my preferred domain name here. 

Now, go ahead and select your hosting plan duration, we’re going to pick a one-year hosting plan agreement for this tutorial.

Bluehost illustration sign up image on how to create a blog step by step

At this point now, you’re required to fill in your details, information like account information, package & extra package details and your payment method.

The final step is to make payment to the Bluehost host and start to set up your blog immediately, that’s it! 

Also, read about the best hosting for WordPress Convesio

Always remember that you can contact me for your free blog setup and one free SEO-optimized post, Contact Me for more details.

Now, what’s next after domain and hosting payment?

4. Install a platform.

Illustration image on how to create a blog step by step

Although there are many free-to-use blogging platforms which include;

You can use any of the free blogging platforms to start a blog for free! But You shouldn’t plan to make money with the free version of these blogging platforms

Make sure to opt-in for the paid and hosted Blog if your Blog motive is to make money Blogging.

Let’s get going, please!

Now that you’ve known about some blogging platforms, I believe that the next question in your mind could be ” how can I pick the best-paid blogging platform for more successful blogging?

Also, check out how you can start making money on Fiverr as a freelancer

Now, from research, it has been noted that going with WordPress is always the best choice.

But then you should know that the WordPress we talk about here is and not

WordPress.Org is a self-hosted version of WordPress where making money blogging is 100% guaranteed, You should also note that you are restricted from making money on

This is also applicable to all free blogging platforms out there! To make money blogging without limitations you must  opt-in for a paid blog  & at the same time host your Blog, except you want to try Google blogger where you can still make money as a free blogger using ads networks like Adsense

If you’ve decided on going with the WordPress platform, then the next required step is to install WordPress on your blog via your hosting panel.

Now to install WordPress on Bluehost or hostinger is just simply because you can do it on a one-click installation via your hosting provider.

Depending on the hosting provider that you finally decided to go with, You can also refer to my blog post that said it all.

Read to know how to install WordPress on hostinger

Being very easy to understand & setup is another important reason why I strongly recommend Hostinger for beginners,

Not only that, but it’s also the cheapest recognized hosting provider in the world today,  starting from $1.99 on four a years plan commitment. 

5. Blog Site customization 

Decoration image on how to create a blog step by step

One of the important things to do to establish your new website or blog for you to make money with blogging is to learn how to customize your new site.

The first step to put into consideration during blog customization is to;

  • Pick a fast-loading theme,
  • Delete default posts and pages
  • Set your Time Zone
  • Change your Permalink Structure 
  • Install some necessary plugins
  • You can also read this article to know exactly what you are required to do immediately after installing WordPress to your blog

It’s good to read the full article on the top 14 things to do after installing WordPress.

Top 14 Things To Do After Installing WordPress

There are also many must-have bloggers Plugins which includes; SEO Plugins, backup Plugins, cache plugin, etc that you’re required to install in your new Blog.

Read more on the best SEO plugins for WordPress blog

Go ahead and read more about essential Plugins together with how you can install a plug-in on your WordPress blog on the links below!

Learn How to install plugins in a WordPress blog for free!

Also, read about the 15 must-have WordPress plugins for a new blog

What about theme installation in your new Blog?

Yeah, theme installation is also a necessity in your new Blog, overlooking the WordPress pre-installed theme.

So make sure to research the theme you will pick for your blog because a bad theme is going to give you a nightmare and ruin your good effort.

See & Read blog posts related to WordPress blog customization & setup below!

Read to know about the best free WordPress themes in 2022 and beyond

How to clear Cache in WordPress

How to change the permalink in WordPress

How to add Favicon in WordPress

How to Create a Converting About us Page in WordPress

6. Start to Write and Publish.

To start writing and publishing, you have to log in to your WordPress account & locate the Post option in your  WordPress dashboard.

Now click on it to view all options associated with the Post link.

Then click on the add new Post which will automatically take you to the writing & Publishing area.

Now write & publish your first Blog Post to the world and keep writing because consistency has always been the key to successful blogging.

Are you tired of writing or you didn’t what to write about and how to get started on the writing project? Then kindly click on the image below to find expert writers on Fiverr, you can as well contact me to write for your blog by filling out the contact me form on my contact page.

Kindly click on the image below to get connected to an expert writer that will write for your blog. 

Click to read how you can start and run a successful blog without writing a word.

You should know that you’re not only going to publish your first post but the trick here is ” PUBLISH  and keep PUBLISHING to make success.

Always be sure to include keywords in your Blog Post before Publishing your blog posts.

I will also recommend using the Yoast SEO post analyzing Plugin in your blog, especially when writing a blog post to get the best result.

Check out the tips to become a successful blog or book writer

Have the Plugin Installed in your WordPress dashboard and activate the Plugin to always help you analyze and score your Blog Post before publishing,

By so doing you can be able to know what exactly you missed in your Blog Post so that you try to include and amend them before publishing your Post,

It will also help you to know where amendments are needed in your Post, guide you to write the best Meta description, and many other things to mention about the work of the Yoast SEO plugin, It’s a must-download for every blogger both new and old bloggers.

You may also want to check out the difference between a Blog post and an article

7. Introducing a Call to action helps.

This is one of the starting a successful blog steps or tips since we’re interested in writing the step-by-step guidance needed to start not just anyhow blog but a successful blog that makes money.

I also neglected the power of introducing a call to action in a blog during my beginner days in blogging.

Call to action like please subscribe, follow me, click tweet, or click to share are much more powerful than you may think.

You can always include them in your new blog to facilitate and improve your blog traffic and conversions.

Also, read the 7 powerful ways to make money on your Twitter account

Read to see How to Get more Followers on Twitter by optimizing your Twitter account

8. Promote your blog 

Illustration image on how to create a blog step by step

This is the most important step in today’s topic on how to create a blog step by step and make money.

There is never a way for you to achieve starting a blog and make money blogging without learning everything about effective blog promotions.

Read to know other blogging alternatives to diversify your income

There are many ways to promote your blog for free & one big way is through social media.

Some of these Social Media are;

Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Linked & Pinterest, Always make sure to share your blog post with your friends on your social accounts.

Another Sure way to promote your blog is through Email Marketing,

Never should you neglect the power of email marketing in a Website, you can do that with some Plugins like;

  • Constant Contact
  • Get response
  • Mailking
  • Aweeber

And many other email marketing Plugins out there, You can also refer to my complete post on how to promote a blog that works, check it out on the link provided below!

9 effective ways to promote a blog for more traffic and conversions.

9. Monetize your blog ( The final step on how to create a blog step by step)

Money & clock illustration image on how to create a blog step by step

Last but not least on how to create a blog step by step is blog monetization.

This is the sweetest and most enjoyable part of blogging for every blogger.

In fact, it is the main reason behind starting a blog for every blogger, and so it shouldn’t for any reason be joked with.

Do you want to know more about blog monetization tips that work for every blog?


Here comes my article on how you can start monetizing any type of blog right away, you can read it below.

The 4 effective and sure ways to make money from a blog

I hope my Write-Up on how to create a blog step-by-step guide will help many people in need of how to Start a blog of their own and make money Blogging.

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