How to Add Banners in WordPress

Today, I am coming up with a tutorial on how to add banners in WordPress even without installing and using a plugin.

I surmise that your being in this page indicate that you’re a publisher most probably a WordPress platform user,

Or maybe that you’re not yet a Blogger but wishing to join the bloggers world soon, this post is also for you, at least it is going to open your eyes to tackle your future banners issues,

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Many times most beginners WordPress users is being faced with a frustrating difficulties in adding banners ads which they received from some ads network or from their affiliate partners into their WordPress site.

Have you been desperately searching for a topic on how to add banners in WordPress post or pages even  without a plugin?

Anyway I want to let you know that you have successfully arrived at the right tutorial that is going to bring an end to your predicaments.

Let’s keep moving to the tutorial  without delay.

Steps Guide on How to Add Banners in WordPress 

1st Step to add banners in WordPress 

The first step to commence with is going to your ads network website or to your affiliate partner website to obtain the banners or ads code that you want to add into your  Website Post or Pages,

Please note that you are required to copy the obtained code to your clipboard & do not fail to copy out the code.

2nd Step

● Head over to your browser

●Trigger and initiate WordPress Login table by typing your

An image displaying identity log in to WordPress in order to add banners in WordPress


● Now login to your WordPress account dashboard and click on the post option in the              dashboard table

● Select to edit the post that you would want to add the banners ads to, on reaching on               the  post editing screen

● Click on the text button

Picture image showing the suppose place to add banner in WordPress

Now finally scroll down to the post location where you prefers to add the banners code and quickly paste the code you earlier copied on your clipboard,

At this point, do not forget to click on the update button to implement your new code and get it working  in your Website.

Finally return to your Website and view the banners in action.


You have successfully added a banner ads to your Website, if maybe you wanted to add the banners ads to your WordPress pages, then you can as well follow the steps accordingly to add banners to your pages.


Steps to add banners ads to pages in WordPress 

●Login to your WordPress dashboard

●Click on the pages tab

●Choose to edit the page that you would want to add the banners code

●Click on the text option

Now scroll and paste the code to any location in your Website pages, update and return  to your site to view your banner in action.

That’s it, you have also succeeded in adding banners ads to your pages.

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I hope that the concise and detailed nature of this tutorial helped you to conquer your banners ads code problem?

Expecting your suggestions and comments below,

Thanks for reading!

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