Hide My Ass Alternatives

When you talk about hide my ass alternatives, you’re indirectly talking about online privacy and security.

Why is your privacy too important that it shouldn’t be overlooked for any reason?

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Now, let’s start this topic without delay.

Do you want to hide your privacy online? Then you need a VPN like hide my ass VPN to accomplish your mission.

But then, what if you don’t like to use hide my ass?

That’s when you will start looking for hide my ass alternatives, that is simply today’s topic.

What are these hide-my-ass alternatives?

Hide My Ass Alternatives 

1. TunnelBear (Hide my Ass Alternatives)

Tunnelbear illustration image one of the hide my ass alternatives

TunnelBear is my number one hide my ass alternatives that you can try with peace of mind.

It will encrypt your web browsing activities in such a way that whatever you do online will be hidden from hackers.

TunnelBear offers 500mb to their users for free, you can upgrade if you’re not satisfied with the 500 MB monthly gift.

You can try them for free since they are trusted and reliable.

2. CyberGhost VPN

Cyberghost illustration image one of the Hide my ass alternatives

CyberGhost VPN is another great VPN service alternative to hide my ass.

It can hide your online activities and at the same time unblock a blocked site for free.

Unlike TunnelBear which offers free monthly 500mb, CyberGhost only offers 7 days free on a subscription.

CyberGhost also promises 24-hour customer support and good uptime with its different servers located all over the world.

3. NordVPN ( Hide my Ass Alternatives)

Nordvpn illustration image one of the Hide my ass alternatives

NordVPN is also among the number one trusted VPN brands recommended by CNET.

You can use it to also hide your privacy online and bypass a non-supported site without being recognized.

NordVPN will also grant a 7-day free trial on a subscription, so you can try them for free on a 7 days agreement.

4. SuperVPN

SuperVPN is free to use VPN service in our list of hide-my-ass alternatives.

It’s free in such a way that it keeps giving you 60 minutes every day to use it for free with no speed limitations.

Even they will offer you whooping 20 days free trial on a subscription.

SuperVPN will protect and hide your online activities and unblock blocked websites for free.

5. Hotspot Shield 

Use Hotspot Shield to protect your privacy and unblock geo-restricted content online.

Hotspot Shield offers all their basic features for free forever while their other features were made available for pro users alone.

So either you subscribe to enjoy all their features or use it on a free but limited basis.

I think we’ve come to the end of our today’s article on the hide-my-ass alternatives,

You’re always free to drop us a comment anytime.


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