21 Golden rules of blogging in 2022

Are you into blogging or planning to start a blog? Then here comes a must-read blog post for you, ” the 21 Golden rules of blogging” that guarantees a successful blog.

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That’s why I decided to write on our today’s topic on the 21 Golden rules of blogging and blogging did and don’t.

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Let’s proceed straight to today’s blog post on the top 21 golden rules of blogging for success that no one ever told you.

21 Golden rules of Blogging in 2022


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1. Choose a niche you love.

This is the first in the 21 golden rules of blogging to initiate as a blogger for successful blogging.

Blogging on a niche that you love writing about will give you a 100 percent morale boost in blogging that would lead you to successful blogging.

Imagine what happens when an examination is coming on your best subject? Of course, you will always expect that day like no other day and that’s exactly what happens when you choose a niche that you love.

2. Initiate proper blog setup.

The second blogging rule for a successful blog is to implement a good blog setup from day one, just like Neil Patel says that you won’t do well in your blog if you don’t set up your blog well!

To be successful as a blogger is not only about writing and publishing blog post, instead, it also involves how you set up your blog and the steps you introduce in your blog as a beginner.

3. Keyword research your topics.

Keyword research is essential for you as a blogger to always publish on the best long-tail keywords for organic traffic.

Always keep in mind that the first major motive of a blogger is to get traffic which will further generate income for you as a blogger, and the best way to achieve this goal is through keyword research for search ranking.

4. Be consistent.

Consistency is another great blogging weapon for a successful blog whether you are starting a new blog or you are an old blogger.

Being consistent will not only improve your blogging experience but will also help you boost your SEO & ranking and even make your blog become a recognized reliable source of information on your niche.

5. Make it professional, it matters.

Though it’s not always easy for you to continue spending on your new blog after buying and hosting your new blog.

Many people would prefer to continue spending on their blog after earning a reasonable amount of money from it.

But the best way that proves more success when blogging is to keep investing in your blog to make it professional without considering what you have earned from it.

6. Install helpful plugins.

There are many blogging plugins necessary to achieve a successful blog, some of them include; SEO plugins, security plugins, backup plugins, cache plugins, analytics plugins, and many other essential plugins.

To know more about most of the must-have blogger plugins and the best that had proved to be reliable you may want to read our blog post on the top 15 must-have WordPress plugins below.

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7. Use a fast theme.

If there are some blogging rules that you must not neglect for you to make a successful blog, then the quality & features of your theme matter a lot.

Did you know that study reveals that 90 percent of website visitors will leave your blog when its loading time exceeds just 3 seconds?

Yes, it’s true and that is why you must look into the type of theme you are using on your site, and I will also advise you to forget about free themes and go for the paid ones.

8. Avoid being anonymous.

Anonymous blogging can be capable of destroying trust and reliability which would limit your blog’s success indirectly

To avoid such a situation from happening to you, it’s good to always stay open to your visitors by including your about me page in your blog with pictures of yourself to create more trust and credibility.

9. Link internally.

Internal linking is one of the indirect ways of boosting your click-through rate which increases your blog traffic for free.

And so neglecting internal linking means denying yourself some would have been traffic to your blog, so always try as much as you can to link your content together.

10. Make your content shareable.

Another smart golden rule of blogging is making your blog content easy to be shared with anyone who visits your website.

By doing so you indirectly create more fantastic opportunities to make your content more exposed to many readers.

11. Go social.

Organic traffic is truly the best traffic but doesn’t depend on it alone and also go social for more promotions.

Going social won’t cost you anything and so must not be neglected, social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all important for your blog success.

12. Get connected to other bloggers.

Getting connected to other bloggers is another golden rule of blogging that would help in your blog promotions and even create more chances of getting backlinks and many more.

There are many ways that you can get yourself linked with other bloggers both directly and indirectly.

You can use Quora as a connection weapon, you can also join Reddit for more exposure, and you may also decide to join some blogger forums.

13. Be concise & on point.

Sometimes it’s good to write a long blog post for search engines but sometimes understanding the fact that more than 70 percent of readers prefer to read concise and straightforward blog posts to longer ones.

Writing longer posts is good but learn to limit them to certain topics & seriously look into the word count of your other post by limiting it to something between 300 to 1000 word count for easy reading.

14. Use killer headlines.

Of course, everyone knows that killer headlines will always attract and improve the click-through rate of a blog and increase traffic.

I experimented with the power of using killer headlines vs ordinary headlines in my two different blogs on how to start a blog.

The headline for blog A is ” how to create a blog step by step” & blog B is ” how I started a blog that generates $1000 within the first month of blog creation.

The next thing I did was to share the two different posts on the same Facebook account, after which I discovered that blog B got 90% clicks & reads leaving the remaining 10% clicks on blog A.

15. Make it entertaining.

Don’t just forget about entertainment when it comes to blog post writing, it’s also one of the golden rules of blogging for a successful blog.

You may be confused about using the word entertainment in a blog whereas blogging is not a face-to-face activity.

Well, there are many ways to entertain your readers in your blog, you can entertain by including pictures, by using stories that trigger curiosity to know, and many other smart ways.

16. Make it look beautiful.

How are you going to make your blog post look beautiful? There are many ways to achieve it.

Make it beautiful by using the best blog format, make it navigational, use clear and neat typography, and also use headings and subheadings to perfect every of your blog writing work.

17. Make sure to create important pages.

There are some must-have pages required of you to create on your blog, some of the pages are about me pages, contact me pages, privacy policy pages, and disclaimer & disclosure pages.

Although the pages mentioned here are not compulsory, they are so important that it’s impossible to be absent from any successful blog, so make sure to write the pages in your blog for more credibility.

18. Enable comments & reply to comments.

In some cases having a blog and writing blog posts for others to read doesn’t mean that you are more knowledgeable than your readers.

That’s one of the great reasons why it’s of benefit to you when you enable blog commenting.

Replying to your received comments will always encourage your commenters to keep coming to your blog, keep reading, and continue to comment which is also part of blog engagement.

19. Update & keep updating.

Writing and publishing a blog post without updating them is like trying to cook food without knowing what to cook and how to cook it.

By following blog definitions and every possible thing related to blogging you can understand the importance of updating your old blog posts and it also has a positive impact on your overall SEO.

20. Make your blog unique.

No matter how good a blog or blogger could appear, please don’t try to imitate them.

Imitating someone will create a bad notion of you and would make people always choose the other original person over you, so avoid it at all costs.

21. Be patient.

I have consistently said that impatience is the number one killer in blogging. If someone you know quits blogging for another thing else, that is because he isn’t patient enough.

That’s just the pure truth behind his quitting, some people may conclude that the person dropped to blog because he or she didn’t know anything about blogging.

Remember, you can always learn what you don’t know today and become an expert on it tomorrow.

I believe we’ve just come to the end of this topic on the 21 Golden rules of blogging in 2022 and beyond.

What are your own golden rules of blogging? You can let’s know via the comment section let’s run mind together.

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