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How to Get more Followers on Twitter: 20 tips

Do you wants to make money on twitter? Then starting now to build your Twitter followers could be the perfect answer to that querry.

That’s why i decided to come up with today’s topic on how to get more  followers on twitter.

Of course there is no way you can make money on twitter without building enough followers and getting them engaged.

Do you already have a twitter account? That’s great!

In case you didn’t have an account with them, why not register with them by going straight to their website here

Anyway by coming to this blog page I believed that you’re a twitter account user and precisely the type looking for how to make money on Twitter.

Well you can start by building your Twitter followers here.

For a lot of people that didn’t believe the possibility of making money on twitter should know that many brands and marketers totally depends on social networks like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for their business promotion.

So joining these networks and building followers on their site could be a great money making opportunity for you.

The question I expected you to ask now is how to get more twitter followers for free?

Anyway you can learn the best working powerful tips to grow your twitter followers by below!

Table of Contents

  1.  Add charming profile picture 
  2.  Optimize your bio
  3.  Optimize your name and username
  4.  Include your location 
  5.  Tweet at the right time
  6.  Tweet consistently
  7.  Retweet people’s tweet
  8.  Include your Website link in your bio
  9.  Always hashtag your tweets 
  10.  Pin your best tweet to the top
  11.  Add twitter follow link in your website
  12.  Tag people when necessary 
  13.  Promote your tweets to get more followers
  14.  Make replying to others tweet as part of you
  15.  Include a video tweet
  16.  Share great and meaningful tweets
  17.  Be engaged with people especially your followers 
  18.  Always be active on twitter.


 How to get more twitter follower

1.  Add simple profile picture 

The first step to twitter account optimization for followers is setting up your profile picture, do not just decide on leaving your profile empty or even snap with Nokia 3310 and upload it as your profile picture,

Instead start your twitter optimization from your profile, choose a gentle looking and charming personal picture for yourself.

Also do not fail to equally optimize your header with quality picture most preferable the picture of your brand or niche or what you have to offer,

Go ahead and take a look at this profile picture and header optimization strategies to gain more followers on twitter.

Picture sample on profile optimization to get more followers on twitter


2. Optimize your bio

The next step after profile optimization is to look into your bio optimization, in the bio optimization you’re required to provide in a short details the word to satisfy your personality and What you also have to offer.

You know that is common to every to make choice of things, yeah, so for someone to start following you, you’re going give him or her reasons to follow you.

You can see example of good bio optimization below!

Image illustration on bio optimization to get more followers on twitter

3. Optimize your name and username

This is another important aspect to focus on especially when you’re planning on how to qualify on making money on Instagram.

In this place now you’re required to optimize your name, for instance if you’re into makemoney group, using only your personal name is a bad practice and won’t boost your account for organic ranking in order to gain more followers.

Instead try to include your brand or niche name in your name and username field to gain more organic followers.

You can view this name and profile optimization below

Image that shows sample of name and username optimization to get more followers on twitter

4. Include your location

Adding a location to your account is another good twitter practice to gain more followers on twitter,

This is so because it will help you to gain more followers on twitter from people searching on location based contents or accounts.

So always include your location in your account and even in your twitter tweets.

5. Tweet at the right time

This is another great tips that works like magic, in this case now there’rea lot of controversy on the right time to share your tweet on twitter.

Some people said is from 10am to 12pm, whereas some say it’s from 4pm to 6pm and many other suggested time.

According to my own findings the whole thing depends on the account type or niche, I got that result after trying to find out the Exact time to post on twitter for a more positive result using 3 different twitter account.

So monitor, experiment and bring out your own best time for posting in your niche to improve more twitter followers.

6.Tweet Consistently

You know why tweeting consistently is also considered as one of the factors?

Anyway this just the reason, if A is fortunate enough to find and follow me today through my tweet what about B? I can be fortunate to grab B attention in my other tweets.

This Is just the reason for encouraging  twitter users to tweet consistently.

7. Retweet people’s tweet

To retweet people’s tweet will indirectly attract more followers to your twitter account, if not from the owner of the account then it could be from their friends.

One good tips to note when tweeting other people’s articles is to always retweet articles from the people that belong to the same niche with you.

8. Include your Website link in your bio

This option is mostly for bloggers and website owners, do you have a website? Then make sure to include your Website link when filling out you bio.

Look at how including your Website link in your twitter bio is going to help you,

Assuming a user visited your twitter profile and saw your web link, it is going to give him or her a positive notion about your being professional and may decide to follow you on twitter thereby boosting the chances of getting more twitter followers. You can see a good example below!



9. Always hashtag your tweets

If you’re the type looking for a way to make money on Twitter in future, then hashtags shouldn’t be neglected at all.

Twitter deliberately brought hashtags for everyone to use and increase their account from being seen organically through twitter search table.

This is how the whole thing happens, share a post on making money on twitter, now provide a common hashtag names that best suit the content  you shared.

In this situation where I am dropping instances on making money, use a hashtag like #makemoney #makemoneyonline #makemoneyfromhome and so many others. If people looking for such types the hashtags,  then you can easily be seen organically without them typing your name or username.

10. Pin your best tweet to the top of your page.

There is one of the twitter account setup which will  allow you as a twitter user the freedom to choose your most interesting tweet and got it pinned on the top of your account.

Reason why this practice is also one of the boosting factors to help you grow your twitter followers in an easy and organic way. Believing the fact that not everyone that visited your account will have the time to be scrolling on your newsfeed.

And so when the best tweet is pinned on the top page, it makes it easier to be viewed by almost everybody that visited your account profile.

11. Add Twitter follow link in Your Website

This is mostly recommended for website owners and bloggers,

They should include Twitter follow link in their website to also gain followers on twitter from their website visitors.

Adding twitter follow link in a website is easy, only install a Plugin and activate it in your blog and you’re good to start gaining followers from your Website.

12. Tag people when necessary

Tagging some people’s account is another good way to grow your twitter account, when you tag people, it will maximize your dances of gaining more Twitter followers.

The person you tag will get to know you more and may decide to follow you. So tag and tag people but do not over tag people please!

You should note that whatever twitter followers tactics that you’re going to implement for you to gain more followers on twitter should always be moderated.

13. Promote your tweets

This is Seriously needed to gain more followers on twitter in a smart way? Then learn to start promoting some of your twitter tweets.

Tweets promotion involves paying money to twitter only for them to help you maximize your chances of being seen by almost everyone on twitter.

It has been a strong boosting factors to gaining more followers on twitter. You can give it a try to confirm for yourself.

14. Make replying to others tweet as part of you

Are you planning on growing your twitter followers, then you must cooperate with other people, tag people, retweet their tweets, and also never fail to reply to their tweets most especially when they have left you a message.

So do not disregard people, keep on relating with people in such way you can double and strengthen your likes thereby generating more followers on twitter.

15. Include a video tweet

It is not a new thing to know that most people prefers watching to reading, so because of this you can believe with me that including videos tweets will also attract more followers to you from video lovers.

I personally also notice it in some of my Twitter accounts where I have included video tweets, you too can also give it a trial and see to yourself.

16. Share great and meaningful tweets

Yes, sharing quality tweets has the power of boosting your followers in a way that will surprise you.

Who doesn’t like good things?

Almost everyone is a fan of quality, so win this majority of people by giving out a quality tweets that is meaningful and useful to them.

17. Be engaged with people especially your followers

Engagement in twitter is the pure secret of growing a successful followers, of course growing your followers is important  but engaging with them is the most important attitude.

When they have followed you for some reasons and you didn’t meet up with their expectations, then your chances that you may lose them becomes maximize.

Always interact with your followers in a way you interact with your real life neighbours. It is a good practice that will win followers for you and make them to be forever yours.

18. Always be active on twitter.

This is good because when you’re active on twitter it will help you to know more about your followers, what they love most and the things that keeps them engaged.

Then start providing them with such tweets to keep them engaged, also by being active you will know when they tweets and also reply to their tweets

But the case is always different when you left behind an inactive account, yes it can even make them to think that you’re no longer alive & believe me some will even go as far as deleting you from their twitter page.

19.  Offer some Giveaway 

Giveaways had been one of the unfailing ways to gain entrance in a difficult situation, is a way of attracting people’s to your pages which could be in your website, blog and in social networking pages.

Of course you know everyone is always attracted to freebies that is why it is believed to be one of the sure solutions to get what you want and keep moving.

20.  Be Patient enough

I think I have talked about the importants of being patient in one of my article on this topic ” 8 tips for becoming a successful blogger.

You can read the article here

8 Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger

After reading the article you will find out the powerful impacts of patients, is a very nice content that is sure to keep you busy going all day, yes it’s.

Learn how to be patient in whatever things you’re doing in life, some people even quit some minutes before maturity and this is too painful.

Important  Note Please!

Never buy followers please,it will ruin your account!

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