Best free wordpress themes in 2020

Sometimes, many new publishers is being faced with the option of Choosing a trusted theme for their website, be it free or paid, we got you covered here in the best free WordPress themes in 2020.

Sometimes also old publishers would like to change their current theme to a more performing theme.

in this article today, we would want to handle the best free wordpress themes, not just free but also trusted themes from genuine developers. as we all have the believe that anything free is associated with non-trusted & low quality. 

But don’t worry if you are the type  looking for a free theme, because we are coming up with the best free theme with premium qualities from trusted developers.

Are you a blogger in need of a free trusted theme to use in your blog?

Or maybe you’re not a publisher yet but wished to start from this very moment? Then do not hesistate to view our post on How To Start A Blog: Step by Step Guide

Have you been searching internet everyday to find a free theme for your blog site? then here you are, you can see our selected list below. but first of all, let’s see the top qualities you can see in a good free theme.

Top 5 Qualities to consider when choosing a free theme

  1. Mobile friendly
  2. SEO optimised
  3. Lightweight and speed
  4. Frequently updated theme
  5. Theme from trusted developers 

Best free WordPress Themes

1.  Astra Theme

An image displaying Astra theme as one of the best free WordPress theme in 2020

Astra theme is the best rated WordPress free theme,Although it has a pro version but you can still build a quality website with the free version of Astra theme, it also has a lot of customizable options in the free version.

Astra is a theme developed by Brainstorm Force.

You can never finish listing about the best free WordPress themes in 2020 without including Astra theme.

You may like to view Astra theme features below;

  1. Known for Speed and performance
  2. Built with SEO in mind
  3. Lightweight and Mobile friendly
  4. Lots of customizable options
  5. Frequently updated
  6. Copyright change options

2.  Hueman Theme

Picture showing Hueman theme as one of the best free WordPress theme in 2020

Hueman theme is one of the top rated free WordPress themes with lots of customization, it was developed by Nikeo.

Hueman theme can boast of powering over 70 thousand website world-wide, it is very easy to customize even from newbie bloggers. It also has many good options in the free versions.

You may want to see the Hueman theme features below

  1.   One of the top rated theme
  2.   Mobile friendly theme
  3.   SEO optimised
  4.   Footer Copyrights options
  5.   Frequently updated
  6.   Sidebar options

3.   Evolve Theme

Evolve theme is also one of the highly recognized free WordPress theme that you can use in your blog with rest of mind.

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The Evolve theme was developed by Theme4Press and equipped with many customizable options which includes unlimited color combinations.

You can view the Evolve theme features here.

  1.   SEO optimised
  2.   Copyright Options
  3.   Lots of theme options
  4.   Mobile friendly
  5.   Sidebar options
  6.   Sticky post

4.   GeneratePress Theme

The GeneratePress theme by Tom Usbourne is another high rated free WordPress lightweight theme, mostly build and focus on speed and performance.

It is also one of the theme that is very easy to customize and enjoy even without paying a dyme.

The GeneratePress theme major features can be seen below;

  1.   Known for speed and performance
  2.   Lightweight
  3.   Full Colour control options
  4.   Multipurpose theme
  5.   Sidebar options

5.   Ocean Wp theme

An image that displays ocean Wp theme as one of the best free WordPress theme in 2020

Ocean Wp is another  high rated WordPress free theme with lots of customization options even in the free Version.

The theme was built and developed by the popular WordPress theme developer named Ocean Wp, and they usually provide frequent update to the theme which is also a good option to consider when choosing a free theme for a blog or Website.

Their major features could be seen below;

  1. Lightweight and great performance
  2. Best SEO optimised theme
  3. Mobile friendly
  4. Multipurpose to use
  5. Many Customization options

6.   Hestia Theme

Hestia themes is another good quality WordPress theme for professionals, it is multipurpose and can be used for many different blog niche.

The hestia theme was developed by the Popular theme developer called Themeisle.

You may want to see the hestia theme major features below;

  1. SEO friendly
  2. Multipurpose for different blog
  3. Colors customizations is fully granted
  4. Easy to setup and Use
  5. Lightweight and fast

Incase if you desired to see their other popular themes, then you can visit them

7.   Customizr theme

An image that displays Customize theme as one of the best free WordPress theme in 2020

Customizr theme is also among the free trusted WordPress theme that is very simple and fast loading.

It powers more than 100 thousand WordPress Site World-wide and also comes with huge customization options as the name implies.

The customizr theme was developed by the developer named Nicolas, You may want to see their major features below;

  1. SEO optimised theme
  2. Huge customization options
  3. Very fast in loading
  4. Mobile friendly
  5. Sidebar options

8.   ColorMag Theme

ColorMag theme by Themegrill comes with tons of free customizable options in the theme customizer which makes it a great choice to choose,

One of the tons of customization packed with the ColorMag theme is color customization option as its name implies.

You may want to view the theme top features below here;

  1. Full color customization options
  2. SEO optimised
  3. Multipurpose to use
  4. Very easy to setup
  5. Frequently updated by the developers

You may also want to check their site to view their other popular themes? then chech them

9.   Zakra Theme

Image of Zara theme as one of the best free WordPress theme in 2020

Zakra theme is another powerful WordPress theme that is secured and trusted, The theme was developed by a WordPress theme developer Themegrill.

You can build a good website even with the free versions of Zakra theme, you may also want to voew the theme major features below.

  1. Very fast in performance
  2. Lightweight
  3. SEO optimised
  4. Multipurpose theme

10.  Bento Theme

The bento theme was built and developed by Satori Studio, the bento theme is not all that well known and rated in the WordPress site, but i suggest you give this theme a trial afterall it’s a free trial,

I strongly believe that some people would love the design and features of the bento WordPress theme.

You may also want to see some of the theme core features below to know why it was added here among the best WordPress themes of 2020.

Bento theme core features 

  1. Easy to use and customize
  2. Mobile friendly
  3. Color customization options
  4. Built for speed and SEO in mind
  5. Regulary updated.

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