Flowextra review: is it legit and paying

In today’s post we are going to talk about the flowextra review, how to login and if flowextra is legit or scam.

The quest to make money online without possibly going to work but staying at your home with just a smartphone and internet connection has been in higher demand.

That’s why we tried to write on the flowextra review!

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What is flowextra?

According to what they said in their official website, Flowextra Technology is an Online Business Platform, giving all individuals a Marvelous opportunity to Earn from the comfort of your home with just your smartphone or Laptop.

It was launched on the 10th day of March 2020. And according to what they said in their official website it was launched under the legal protection, registered and confirmed by the corporate affairs commission (CAC) with the BN: 3107446. A proficient online business.

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Flowextra Review (Ownership)

You may want to know about the ownership of this platform but unfortunately the flowextra online earning ownership is not known as they did not even include the about me official page in their website.

So if you’re the type that won’t participate in a platform because of hidden ownership, definitely flowextra is not for you.

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How to Register on Flowextra

The registration fee is 3,000 naira to become a full member of the flowextra online earning and start to make money on their platform.

The 3,000 naira payment is going to be a one time payment, that is to say that there’s nothing like registration renewal.

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To register when you have your 3,000 naira ready, go to the Flowextra website and get your registration coupon from one of the coupon vendors.

Finally complete your registration by filling out the sign up form with your details to start making money on flowextra.

How to make money on Flowextra

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There are many ways to make money in Flowextra platform, make money from your referrals and from Flowextra activity earnings FAE.

You can read below here the breakdown of the ways to make money on the Flowextra platform.

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1. Referral earnings; Make unlimited money when you refer someone on the platform by sharing your referral link to them, you will be rewarded with 1,500 for every successful referral sign up on your link.

2. Make Money on daily login; Another way to make money on Flowextra platform is by login on the website daily, by doing so you will be rewarded with a free 200 naira for a 24 hours time limit.

3. Sign up bonus; Receive an instant 1,500 bonus payment on your Flowextra account as a compensation for signing up on their platform.

4. Share Sponsored post; You will receive an instant 200 naira payment when you share Flowextra sponsored post on your Facebook timeline but make sure that the post you shared is visible to the general public.

5. Earn from other activities; You can also make money in Flowextra platform by participating in their other make money activities such as answering questions, spin and win activity, clicking and commenting on articles and so many other ways to earn.

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Flowextra review, is flowextra legit or scam?

For me to be sincere in my flowextra review “Flowextra online earning platform is just like any other making money online platform like Monibox  and Videomine

And one simple truth I will always tell you is to know that all of these platforms are definitely going to crash one day. So if you are trying to trade with them, please trade with caution!

And considering the fact that the flowextra platform has stayed for a long time, I can’t just tell the remaining time to their expiration date.

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To whether they are paying or not, there has been lots of payment proof from their members that proves the flowextra is really paying their members.

So I don’t just conclude on calling them scam or legit platform because at the end of the day, it might scam A and Favour B.

That’s why you are required to make the final decision concerning joining platforms like Flowextra.

This is all I have to say on the flowextra review online earning platform, you can drop us your comment and suggestions on the commenting box.

Thanks for reading my truthful reviews on the flowextra making money platform, do come again to read more like this.


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