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Direct publishing on amazon: Make money self publishing Books

By direct publishing  on amazon you can make money online without investiment just by using the kindle direct publishing (KDP).

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The online self publishing is even better than the normal publishing of a book of which you are going to wait for some months while undergoing through many protocols in the hands of some book publishers.

Do you know that you can start your own fashion blog on a very low budget and make money from your blog

That is why I decided to post on steps on how to make money self publishing on amazon, for those of you that may develop interest in book Publishing business.

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Advantages Of Publishing On Amazon Self Publishing.

It is totally free to use, One of the most important reason to start publishing your book on Amazon kindle direct publishing KDP is mainly centered on the free to use option available.

  •  You can make money self publishing a book on amazon with your brain and totally without investing a penny.
  •  Selling your book on amazon will never be a problem with your wisdom in marketing experience especially in making use of your social network to create awarness to your buyers and also considering the amazon subscribers population all over the world.

Important Things To Do Before Publishing Your Book.


1.   You have to put in consideration if there are similar books like yours on amazon list of books and consider their selling performance before publishing your own book.

2.   You also have to be enlightened in some major ways to follow for your book to be able to compete the similar books already existing  online before yours .

3.   Search on amazon and find your book categories to consider if there are enough buyers available to buy such book categories.

4.   Make sure to use a good title for your book.
5.   Design your book cover to look more attractive and beautiful.

6.   Not only your book cover needed to be designed so equally make the inside of your book to be attractive and  more easy to read and understand.

Make sure to give your book a good name and also find and give your book a good book description because it will also elevate some sales to your book. Then finally go ahead and  publish your book by creating an account at amazon   kindle direct publishing KDP.

  Steps To Successfully Publish Your Book On Amazon.

1.   Go to Amazon Website to Create Account With Them 

Steps on how to make money self publishing at Amazon begins by  Login to amazon Website and create your Amazon account, http://www.amazon.com 

Now login to your account and go to create a new title and click on the kindle Ebook.

2.   Enter Your Book Information 

Here you are required to enter the details of the book you’re about to publish, for example the title of your book,the subtitle of your book and also the language used in your book, all should be written in the book informations requirements section.

3.   Enter Your Book Description 

The number 3 step to follow is to enter your book description and always be careful while choosing your book description.

4.   Choose Your Keyword

Choose your keyword from the list of the seven keyword offered by amazon and also be careful while selecting a keyword.make sure to choose a keyword that people will always type on the search box,to know how to choose a good keyword, subscribe and read my post on how to choose the best keyword for your book on amazon book publishing. 

5.   Choose Your Book Category 

Though amazon permits only two Categories & Subcategories with all their other categories hidden

Just select your book category from the two available categories options and publish your book after which you will  search all  the similar book like yours on amazon and look for their category so that you request a change of category  from amazon.


6.   Upload Your Book Cover & Manuscripts File to Amazon

Be sure to create an attractive book cover to your book. You can hire someone to do it for you here,  http://www.fiverr.com

You can also contact us to help you create your Ebook cover as cheap as $5, Or if you decided doing it by yourself because of financial issues you can still subscribe and drop your email so that I will send you a procedure on how to do it perfectly by yourself.

7.   Enter Your Book Pricing 

For me i will advice you to start from the lowest price $0.99 after which you will continue to increase your price,and one important rule while increasing your price is to be sureto create awarness of the price change even before making the increment


You can also publish at amazon through createspace website http://www.createspace.com

Also note that any kindle book priced from $0.99 to  $2.98 and those priced from  $9.99 and above will always receive a 35%  royalty on any sale made to the book

while the books priced from $2.99 to $9.99 receive a  70%  royalty on each sale made from amazon.After succesful price setting finally click on the publish my book button. 


  • So now that you have successfully followed my detailed step-by-step tutorial on how you can be making money self publishing at Amazon, You can also decide to own your own Website where you can be Publishing & Selling your own  EBOOK right? You can go through my detailed post on How To Start A Blog: Step by Step Guide

You can also go here  Top 14 Things To Do After Installing WordPress  to know all the neccesary things to do after creating your Website and installing WordPress in your Website, if you find my Post helpful,

Are you still confused on how you can get started by publishing your first book on Amazon Kindle Publishing for free? Then feel free to Contact Me Now 

Never mind giving me a good comment and subscribe to be getting more and more update from  THEMAKEMONEYCENTER.

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