10 Common Blogging Mistakes

Are you a blogger especially the newbie bloggers working on your new website? then is necessary to go through this must-read article on the 10 common blogging mistakes.

If you’re reading this post today, then you’re privileged.

I also made some of the mistakes before coming to realize that it’s a no do strategy for bloggers.

Every human being are bound to make mistakes, but we shouldn’t rely on the fact,

Instead, we try to avoid it through our efforts and hardworking knowing the fact that prevention is better than cure.

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Now, what are these 10 common blogging mistakes that new bloggers always make in their blogs?

10 Common Blogging Mistakes.

What are these 10 common blogging mistakes?

1. Neglecting SEO.

SEO Should be the first step to your blogging success and shouldn’t be neglected. That is why it is listed as number one in the 10 common blogging mistakes.

If you haven’t started on SEO yet, please kindly start now by installing a good SEO Plugin on your Website, preferably Yoast SEO Plugin.

It will help you to analyze and Optimize your content to perfection, especially when using the paid version of the Plugin.

Though not limited to the pro version, you can also achieve great success with the free version.

2.  Not writing consistently is among the 10 blogging Mistakes to avoid 

Consistent writing and publishing had been known to have a huge impact on search engines and even when your readers know about your consistency it will make them always have confidence in your blog.

And such positive knowledge about your blog is sure to create a good markup in your blog that would stand the test of time.

So you should know that you’re doing one of the 10 common blogging Mistakes when you fail to write and publish consistently.


3.  When you fail to speed up your Website.

The facts here are as simple as ABC when you fail to speed up your Website you will miss a lot of would-have-been readers of your blog.

This is due to the idea that zero% out of readers would have such patients to wait for your slow-loading blog, instead, they will leave immediately for the alternative blog.

Missing your would-have-been readers indirectly means missing conversions and money,

Do not even try to make such mistakes, is one of the grave blogging mistakes to avoid.


4. Covering many niches inblog is among 10 blogging Mistakes to avoid 

You should know that it’s not good to be covering articles that are supposed to be in a different niche in one niche.

Try to avoid such practice, it’s not recommended especially when you’re planning to be making money from your Blog.

5. Mistake of choosing quantity over quality. 

You’re making one of the 10 common blogging mistakes when you choose to operate your blog on quantity instead of quality.

I must tell you that writing a quality post makes it more successful than writing a quantity Post but then merging quality and quantity is still the best practice.

So be careful about the nature of the Content you publishes in your blog today for a better tomorrow.


6. Not joining a blog forum is among 10 blogging Mistakes to avoid

Blog forum has been another way of boosting your popularity as a blogger,

When you join a blog forum you create the chances of boosting your blog to the outside world.

Or maybe you didn’t know of the blogger’s forums to join?

Anyway you can get started on the Quora forum just by signing up on their website at  Quora.com

If for any reason you didn’t want to start with Quora there’re many other blog forums to join, something like yahoo answers, Reddit, and many others. I started on Quora. And it helped me a lot and it’s still helping me.

7. Not providing proof when necessary.

Sometimes blogging requires some kind of proof in some instances so in such situations including proof to your articles or illustrations is a recommended idea for blogging success.

You do it to gain credibility and also to prove that your content is not a copy and paste content.

There’re many ways to provide proof to your readers, by dropping the actual illustration proof or even by including a video tutorial of your article.


8. Neglecting to build an email list in your blog.

An email list is a part of blog promotion that can never be neglected at all in any blog for successful blogging.

What is an email list?

To explain an email list in a simple way, it is the process of storing your subscriber’s email in such a way that it becomes easier for you as a blogger to share your new or old content with them in a single click.

How can you start with an email list?

You can get started on an email list in your blog using some plugins meant for email list building.

Something like Mailchimp, constant contacts, mail poet, and many others.


9. Not responding to comments.

By saying that you shouldn’t fail to respond to comments I didn’t mean you should respond to every comment coming to your blog even spam comments.

Nope, you will have to check on your comments before replying to the genuine ones, by so doing it will increase the commentator’s morale to comment next time in your blog.


10. Not promoting your blog.

I guess you wouldn’t want to also make the 10 common blogging mistakes of not promoting your blog or website.

Then I must tell you that 90 percent of failed bloggers failed due to improper promotion or by neglecting the entire process.

Show me a successful blogger and I will prove to you that promotion is the major key factor behind his being successful.

You may want to know how to Promote your Blog right?

Anyway, there’re many ways for you to Promote a Blog, which include; Via Email marketing, social media, advertising, and many other ways of blog promotion.

You may also want to read my article on blog promotion for free here; How to Promote your Blog: 9 Best Ways

I think I’ve gradually come to the end of the article on “10 common blogging mistakes that bloggers should avoid.

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Also, ask your question in the comment table.

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