How to clear Cache in WordPress

One of the greatest mistakes that are affecting some publishers’ blog performance is not knowing how to clear Cache in WordPress or neglecting the entire process.

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What is Cache?

Why you should clear Cache in WordPress?

How to clear Cache in WordPress?


What is a cache? 

A cache in WordPress can be easily explained as the process of storing temporary information that may be needed in the future in such a way whereby you don’t need to keep reloading it from the server.

Why should you clear Cache in WordPress?

Here is the reason for clearing cache from the definition given above!

Assuming say you have many stored information on your website, don’t you think is going to slow down your blog performance?

Well, that is the main reason for learning how to clear  your website Cache,

Top 3 reasons to clear Cache in WordPress

1.  To speed up the Website loading time when visiting your Website

2.  To improve your blog performance.

3.  To remove outdated stored information or contents.

Now that you have known what cache is all about and why you should clear it in your blog or website, the next question that should pop into your mind is how to clear Cache in your site for good performance.

Anyway, you can see it below!!


How to clear Cache in WordPress

Unfortunately, there are no inbuilt settings for cache clearing in WordPress but there’re many WordPress Plugins specifically developed for doing the job well, here we’re going to enumerate the best 2 plugins that would ease your journey.

1. Wp fastest Cache plugin

Image of Wp fastest cache plugin one of the Plugins used to clear Cache in WordPress


I guessed you must have known how to install a WordPress plugin. Specifically, if not kindly read our article on how to install plugins in WordPress here below,

How to install Plugin in WordPress  After a successful download and activation,

Go to your WordPress dashboard and locate the plugin, click on the plugin to set it up, and also clear your site Cache as in the image table below,

This picture shows how to set Wp fastest cache for you to clear Cache in WordPress

Tick your desired choice of caching options like in the above image, do not forget to click on the submit button to save your settings, then you’re good to go.

After you must have saved your settings, kindly start to clear your WordPress Cache by clicking on the delete Cache option at the top of the settings table of the plugin.

You can view the image sample below!

That is just it, you’ve successfully cleared your cache using Wp fastest cache Plugin.


2. Cachify Plugin.

Developer image of caching plugin, one of the plugin used to clear cache in WordPress

Download the cachify Plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard by login to your account,

Click and select the plugin from the settings list, as you can see in the image below,


Image settings screen display for clearing cache in WordPress

Choose your options like the one above and finally click on the flush cache now, that is just it, you have finally learned how to clear Cache in WordPress using Cachify WordPress Plugins.

Any questions and suggestions on the article are welcomed in the comment section.



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