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How to Choose a blog Niche: 3 easy tips

Have you been aspiring to start a blog of your own? I think the first step to put in consideration should be ” how to choose a blog niche for your blog.

It will always interest you to seeing many successful bloggers like Neil Patel of website, Scot Chow of

And many other successful bloggers, they’re successful because they started with the best blog niche that best suit their personality.

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You can believe with me that choosing the best blogging Niche is the first step to Blogging success and should not be neglected for any reason.

But then, how can you choose the best blogging Niche that is sure to stand the test of time?

Keep reading to find out the best 3 tips that is sure to guide you into choosing the right blog niche that will lead the to excellence!


How to Choose a Blog Niche.

1.  Choose a Niche that you knows very well 

Must know tips to learn when you want to choose a blog niche can be seen below here!

Do not choose a blog niche because someone you know is into it, and also don’t choose a Niche only because of its profits nature also consider how good you would be in that niche

You wanna choose a blog niche that would be of the best fitting to you? Then go for the niche that you knows very well and can be able to express yourself on the niche without having to contact a second party.

I guessed you’ve known the first tips to choosing a blog niche? But then still burning with curiosity to know the second tips, then see the second tips below!

2. Go for the less Competitive Niche.

There’re a lot of benefits of going for a Niche that is less Competitive, which includes fast ranking opportunities, and also the chances of making money in such niche is fast and effective.

But then, how can you know the less Competitive Niche?

First start by researching about your targeted niche,

Type one or two common keywords in your aspiring blog niche to see the search outcome of the keyword.

Finally analyse the whole search result based on the total number of search results you see, and also compare the niche competition by the quality of the ranking pages or url.

To simplify the niche competition analysis, let’s assume you’re knowledgeable on blogging Niche and travel niche, and on checking 5 articles topics in blogging Niche and you find more than 5 million search result in each of the keywords,

You then checked 5 keywords also in travel niche and find out that the search results of each keyword in travel niche is less than 300 thousands results,

Then summarizing the competition in the two niche it means that blogging Niche is more competitive and the one of travel niche is less Competitive.

So it would be more recommended for you to go for the travel niche which is the less competing niche  since you also know about the niche and can write a good article on it without needing someone’s help.


3.  Consider the Niche Profit.

So why must you research to know more on the niche profits?

Considering the facts that your major aim of joining blogging is to make money online, that is why is wise to also check on the profits of the niche you’re aspiring to join.

This is very neccesary due to facts that some blogging Niche tends to be more lucrative than others in terms of making money on your blog.

To help you in choosing the best profitable blogging Niche, I hereby provide the list of some high profitable and lucrative Niche to join.


6 best profitable blogging Niche.

  1. Make money online
  2. Food blog
  3. Travel blog
  4. Relationship blog
  5. Personal finance blog
  6. Parenting blog

Now that you have learnt how to choose a blog niche and also get to know the best profitable blogging Niche to start with, I also expect your comments below!

And if maybe you have a querry to clear your doubt on how to choose a blog niche,also let us know in the comment table also, we’re very willing to reply to your querry anytime.


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