Blogging Tips and Tricks for beginners

In today’s blog post, I’m going to be dropping the complete blogging tips and tricks to succeed as a blogger. This is supposed to be a must-read for every blogger.

First of all, get yourself a blog or website of your own, for those who haven’t gotten their blog. it’s always easy starting a blog following our step-by-step guide here How To Start A Blog: Step-by-Step Guide 

Hostinger signup image where you can register and start your blogging tips and tricks

The blogging tips and tricks that you’re going to learn by going through the link given above are;

  • How you can start a blog
  • How to choose a perfect domain name
  • Which is the reliable hosting company to join
  • How you can install WordPress on your Website
  • How you can customize your site as a beginner 
  • How you can Publish your first blog Post etc

Having gotten the starting up knowledge, you may then decide to join a hosting company, Here is my three recommended and trusted hosting to start as a beginner.


1. Hostinger hosting company;  

They are being recognized as the cheapest hosting company in the world today, they are equally trusted and reliable, you can Join Hostinger  Here


2. Namecheap hosting company;

They are also one of the recognized cheap hosting companies to join as a starter, joining them will guarantee you peace of mind.

And one good special thing about them is the ability to provide a monthly payment option to their customers, instead of waiting to raise the yearly payment bulk money. I think it’s another considerable advantage over their competitors.

You can Join Namecheap hosting to register and Host your domain with them Here


3.  Bluehost hosting; 

They are the world’s most recognized hosting provider in the world today in terms of cost, and reliability, and trusted by almost 99 percent of their users. though they are a bit more costly than Namecheap and Hostinger yet their customers love and valued them so much.

  • You can get started on Bluehost Here

What next is to learn how you can install WordPress or their alternative on your Website after you have successfully signed up and gotten a functional account.


Because the three mentioned hosting company always come with a one-click WordPress installation and so it is always easy to install WordPress on them.

I think I have a Post on how to do it on Hostinger, you can check out the post here  Steps to Install WordPress in Hostinger

Whereas we are yet to cover the step by step-by-step tutorial on installing WordPress in Bluehost and Namecheap,

So to do that you may want to reach out to us so that we will e-mail you the detailed steps that will guide you through.

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Now that you have successfully finished the first chapter in the blogging tips and tricks tutorial, learn how you can set up your new website below.

Blogging ideas for setting up a Website


This is where you’re going to learn and make some important changes to your Website as a beginner, for instance, some good examples of things to change before planning of making your first blog post are;

  • Changing your time zone
  • Changing your permalink to post name
  • Website customization
  • Setting comment and discussion section
  • Deleting default Post and pages etc

You can get the perfect knowledge on the top 14 things to do after installing WordPress on your new Website by reading our post here, Top 14 Things To Do After Installing WordPress for Beginners

Bluehost registration image banner where you can register and start your blogging tips and tricks


Installing some necessary must have Plugins 

One good thing about WordPress that makes it a perfect choice to choose among its alternatives is the ability to make everything easier for its users through the help of some good WordPress Plugins, both free and paid plugins.

So you have to get these recommended Plugins Installed immediately after setting up your new site.  Some of the must-have beginners plugins are;

  • Constant Contact
  • Contact form 7
  • Imagify
  • Wp fastest cache etc

To know more about the top 15 recommended Plugins to install as a beginner and also know them by their function, you may like to check our post on the  Best WordPress plugin: ( Top 15 must-have Beginners Plugins )  here.


Blogging ideas in writing and publishing.


Now that you have gotten a hosted domain,

Installed WordPress on your Website,

Made some important beginners setup and

Also, install some necessary must-have WordPress Plugins. Now let’s push you forward to learning blogging tips and tricks for writing good blog content.

Domain names for just 88 cents!

The next step to take is to start writing and publishing content,

Start writing your first article now, make it rich in keywords and also make it easy to comprehend even by the worst low-brained readers,

It doesn’t matter if you’re the best English-speaking writer in the world,

What matters is making your content comprehensible enough to be understood by a growing child. Check out on 5 Powerful rules for writing a good article below.


5 smart rules to observe when writing a good blog post

  • Choose a good post title
  • Make your content to be comprehensive and easily digestible
  • Back your content up with illustrating images where necessary.
  • Use related life stories to awaken your reader’s spirits, especially motivating stories.
  • Use keywords when writing a Post and always include keywords in your Blog Post content.


Blogging tips and tricks for promoting  a blog

Now that you have filled your blog with enough quality posts, you should think of how you’re going to Promote your Blog,

Always know that publishing without promotion is like cooking without salt.

There are many ways to promote your Blog as a publisher,

Some of the ways to do that are through Social media Sharing, Email Marketing and many other ways, for more information on how to promote a blog  check our post on How to Promote your Blog: 9 Best Ways 


Blogging tips and tricks for getting more traffic 

This is the stage where every newbie blogger experience difficulty a lot, but I want to simplify the solution to that in a nutshell,


I think is good to Promote your Blog through many social sharing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.

But if I was left to say my opinion on that I would say that a new blogger should struggle hard enough in getting organic traffic to his Website.

Instead of focusing only on the social media traffic,  you might think I’m crazy about the statement right?

No, I’m not my dear, when I talk, whatever I speak, should be out of my experience. You can view my reasons below!!


Having enough social sharing traffic would make you relax and be thinking that everything has been achieved as a blogger, whereas nothing has been achieved.

Wait a minute!

Do you know that such huge traffic without organic traffic combination is not gonna elevate you to the successful bloggers level? Yes of course.

Organic traffic is the number one boosting factor of the money they are making today,


Tips and tricks you’re going to learn here  is to  try and  improve your organic traffic more than any other traffic sources and some of the top ways to do that are by;

Top ways to boost organic traffic to a new blog

  • Make sure that you have submitted your sitemap to the Google search console, you can learn how to do it here  How To Submit A Sitemap To Google Search Engine
  • using long-tail keywords in your Post
  • Writing original and rich content
  • By publishing consistently

I think I am going to stop here, you can always ask questions where necessary, and never should you fail to comment, Thanks for reading.


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