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Blogging for Beginners

Hey friends! Here we’re on our today’s tutorial titled ” Blogging for Beginners ”

It’s going to feature everything about;

How to become a blogger?

How to start a blog?

How to become a successful Blogger?

The first step into learning blogging for beginners should be “how to become a blogger”

What is it that would make people around you to start using the word ” blogger” when referring to you and your career?

Anyway the simple thing that made them to call you a blogger is because you have a blog.

Not just that you have a blog but you owns an active blog where you writes blog articles.

This is just the reason why people will refer to you as a blogger.

How then can you become a blogger? Let’s just learn it below.

How can you become a blogger?

You can only become a blogger when you start a blog and also starts  publishing articles on your blog, that’s the only way to become a blogger.

Now, we have known that starting a blog is the first step to becoming a blogger.

And that would lead us to a must asked query on ” how to start a blog” to become a blogger.

Let’s keep moving please!

How to start a blog ( blogging for beginners)

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To start a blog is very easy, you can start your own self hosted blog in less than 10 minutes provided you have the money for domain and hosting.

Or maybe you want to start a free blog? I don’t know, which ever way, we’re going to explain in details;

how to start a blog for free

how to start a self hosted website or  blog”

We will first of all explain how you can start a blog for free without spending any money.

If maybe you’ve been thinking on how to get started on free blogging because of your financial statues.

Then you can start your free blog by following the guide below!

How to start a blog for free( blogging for beginners)

I guess you’re here to learn the step by step blogging for beginners? Then learn how to start a free blog,

To start a free blog is simple,all you’re required to start free blogging  is to start with a free blogging platform.

And what are these free blogging platforms?

Well, there’re many free blogging platforms in the world today, of which some of them includes;

1. WordPress

This is one of the best free blogging platform to start with, it is easy to start blogging on

You just have to pass a 4 steps sign up and you’re good to go.

You can initiate blogging for free with WordPress by signing up in their website at

WordPress com

2. Blogger;

It is the most recommended free blogging platform, this is because it’s owned by google and you can also make money on the blogger platform via Google AdSense.

So that is one of the great advantage of starting a free blogging on blogger website. Wanna get started on blogger?

Get started with them by clicking on their website link

3. Wix;

If you want to also get started on the free blogging platform?

Then Wix free blogging platform is another good platform you can check.

And you can get started on Wix in less that 5 minutes

4. Medium;

Medium is another popular free blogging platform that is good to be recommended for Bloggers looking to start on free platform.

5. Weebly;

The last but not the least is Weebly free blogging platform, you can get started on their website

Now that you have learnt how to start a blog for free, let’s talk about how to start a self hosted blog below!

How to start a blog ( self hosted blog )

You can start a self hosted blog in less than 10 minutes, it is the number one facts when learning blogging for beginners, all you have to do to start a blog is to;

Choose domain Name

•  Choose blog Niche

•  Choose hosting Provider

1. Choose domain Name.

Let’s get started with picking a blog name, how can you pick the best domain name for you blog?

You can successfully pick the best domain name for your blog by looking into the 3 tips below!

Tips to choose the best domain name;

1. Easy to be remembered

2. Make it short

3. Include keywords

4. Let it be unique

5. Go with .com

2. Choose Blog Niche

Another necessary thing that you should consider to know when learning blogging for beginners is to choose a blog niche and “what is a blog niche?

A blog niche is your blog specialization, explaining it in a more better way, a blog niche is all about the topics that you talks about in your blog.

Now how can you choose the best blog niche for yourself? You can pick the best Blog niche by looking into the ideas below!

Tips to choose a blog Niche

1. Pick a niche you knows very well

2. Pick the less competitive

3. Also check if the niche is profitable

If you want to know more on ” how to choose a blog Niche ” kindly read our article

That says it all,

How to Choose a blog Niche: 3 easy tips

3. Choose hosting provider

There’re many hosting companies in the world today, so you can choose a hosting company that best suit your choice.

How can you pick the one that would be best for you?

Just by looking into their features one by one, also consider the hosting price.

Some of the top rated and recommended hosting companies includes;

Bluehost, Hostinger, Namecheap, Site ground and many others.

Let’s start a blog using Hostinger hosting below!

Why I love Hostinger more than any other hosting provider

1. Cheap and affordable

2. Easy to use cpanel

3. 24 hours chat supports

4. Trusted and reliable

Wanna get started with hostinger right?

Start by clicking on Hostinger image banner below!

First type and confirm the availability of your selected  domain name in their domain checking table,

Domain availability check image to start a blog on blogging for beginners

Only start proceeding with the domain after finding out that the domain you want to use in your blog is available for use,

After clicking on the Hostinger banner image, choose a hosting plan that best suit you as seen in the image below!

Hostinger image signup on how to start a blog


I assumed you’re going to get started with the basic Plan as a beginner, that’s why the illustration image was done using the basic Plan.

Now make selection of what you want on the hosting plan by ticking them just like in the image below!

At this point now, you’re required to make payment to Hostinger hosting at the checkout

Final checkout image on how to start a blog with Hostinger hosting

Finally make your payment to them by selecting on your desired payment method as seen below, at least there’re many payment options to choose from, either pay via PayPal, Visa and many other options.

Payment method image on how to start a blog

That’s just it!

You have finally started a self hosted blog with Hostinger.

If maybe you wants to read more on starting a blog, please read it below!7

How To Start A Blog: Step by Step Guide

But then, you still have a long way to go, at this point you’re suppose to know the essential things to do immediately after hosting your blog

It is recommended that you should not start writing articles immediately after starting your blog, instead look into essential things to do at this point.

Let’s read it below!


Essential things to do after hosting a blog 

1. Submit your sitemap to Google search console

Submitting your sitemap to Google search console is supposed to be your next line of action after hosting your blog.

Question. Why must you submit your blog sitemap to Google search console? 

Answer.  To create awareness of your blog to search engine, you should know that the power of blogging relies partially or even fully on search engine, so let them know about your blog.

Wants to know more about why you must submit sitemap to search console? Then kindly read it below!

Reasons To Add Website To Search Console

I believed you’ve seen the important of sitemap submission, the next question should be;

Question.  How can you submit your blog sitemap to Google search console

Answer.  Kindly learn about how to submit sitemap on the link below!

Submit your Sitemap To Search Engine


2. Create must have Pages

There’re many essential pages needed in every blog to maximize the professional quality of the blog or Website.

Some of these pages you must create are;

  • About Me Page,
  • Contact Me Page &
  • Privacy Policy Page.

So make sure to write the Pages on your blog before thinking of writing and publishing.

3. Install some necessary Plugins

There’re many must have plugin that you should consider installing in your blog, some of them includes;

Cache Plugin: like Wp Fastest Cache, Cachify etc

SEO Plugins: like Yoast SEO, Rank Math, SEOPress etc

Backup Plugins: like Updraftplus,Backwpup etc

You can read more about the must have plugins below!

Top 15 Best wordpress plugins 2020

4. Change your Permalink Structure

Is your blog built on WordPress? Kindly change your Permalink structure from the pre-installed permalink structure to the Post- Name structure.

Question. Why must you change your permalink structure in WordPress?

Answer. This is because the WordPress pre- installed permalink structure is not too friendly to search engine and may hinder your organic ranking.

Learn more on the top things to do after hosting your blog below!

Top 14 Things To Do After Installing WordPress

That’s just it, you have successfully done the necessary setup needed in a new blog.

I guessed that your next headache should be, ” how to write and become a successful blogger

It’s not only about starting a blog, after all some had started a blog and later failed to achieve their desires in blogging.

How to become a successful blogger 

For you to succeed in blogging there’re must know tips and tricks to survive in the blogging world.

Of which without knowing them and having them implemented in your blog will partially or even totally block your success in blogging.

Get to know more about these blogging tips and tricks;

Blogging Tips and Tricks for beginners

Now let’s keep moving!

Question. What are the tips to become a successful blogger you should know in blogging for beginners.

Answer.  There’re many tips you must initiate in your blog to become successful, some of these tips are;

1. Blog about what you love

2. Bring out time for your blog

3. Publish consistently

4. Write quality contents

5. Join bloggers Forum

6. Share your contents on social media

7. Create a favourable reading environment

8. Communicate with your readers

9. Promote your blog

10. Monetize your blog

11. Never give up

You can get more deep knowledge on how to become a successful blogger by reading it on the article below!

11 Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger


Everyone can start a blog but it’s only few people can be able to make success in blogging.

This is due to the fact that not everyone will have the quality that it will take to create a successful blog.

That’s why I decided to write about our today’s topic on blogging for beginners.

This article is meant for you if you’re aspiring to get started in blogging.

Thank for reading my article on blogging for beginners, you can also drop us a comment in the comment table.


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