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As long as there are individual differences in life, there’s also the possibility that some people might be looking for Blogging Alternatives.

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Keep reading until you perfect your desires!

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Why Must People Look For Blogging Alternatives?

Like I said before, one man’s meat could be another man’s poison! And you shouldn’t blame anyone for that.

We’re all born differently with different faces and characters, that’s just the reason behind writing this post on Blogging Alternatives.

Some people may like to share their knowledge through writing.

While some people may also like to share their knowledge through online voice talking.

Some may wanna share their knowledge via video playing, whichever way you choose we got you covered in this post.

Blogging Alternatives that Make Money.

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1. Vlogging.

This is the must-try blogging alternative, do You hate Blogging and still want to make money online as bloggers do?

Then try Vlogging!

Vlogging is a way of passing information to the public via online video teaching.

It is achieved through the help of some online video websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dtube, etc.

It’s the number one suggestion when it comes to Blogging Alternatives.

Do you want to make money online via Vlogging? It’s very simple to achieve even without spending money.

Just register a free account on YouTube using your Google account or register on other Vlogging sites, depending on the one you choose, and start your video teaching on their platform.

Get more subscribers and enough views and monetize your channel for free, with no hosting fees and no protocols.

2. Podcasting.

Podcasting is a method of passing information to people via online voice recording.

It is fast gaining popularity in the world today. Maybe you like teaching people by recording your voice without showing your face?

Then you should quickly go into podcasting, it is one of the best Blogging Alternatives to make money.

I like podcasting a lot, this is because listening to a podcast is not limited to your convenient time alone.

This is because you can be cooking in the kitchen and still be listening to your favorite Podcast episode.

You can be washing your clothes and at the same time listening to your favorite Podcast.

Yeah, that’s true! So start a Podcast today and enjoy making money online tomorrow via your podcasting show.

3. Social Media.

Wanna make money online like bloggers do but at the same time detest Blogging?

Then try making money online on Social Media, It’s another great Blogging Alternative that can make money for you.

Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok can give you a lot of money when planned correctly.

How can you make money on this Platform?

Very simple! Create a free account on any social media platform, and get popularity by gaining more engaged followers.

Finally, start making money online from your huge followers.

4. Freelancing ( blogging alternatives)

Freelancing services are fast gaining popularity and users in the world today.

It has been one of the easiest ways to start making money online working remotely from your comfort.

To get started in the freelancing business, all you have to do is to join one, two, or three freelancing sites. There are many freelancing sites in the world, but if you ask me to do a recommendation, I will strongly recommend Fiverr freelancing sites as the best of them all.

How does freelancing work?

As a freelancer, you will be required to create a gig in the area of your specialist to be connected to buyers from every part of the world.

You will be paid as soon as you complete your work and submit it to the buyer.

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5. Email Marketing.

Some people don’t believe the fact that they can make money via email marketing.

I want to tell you that email marketing alone could be a source of extra income for you, and you can even get started without having a blog.

How is it going to be possible?

Okay, get connected with one or two email marketing websites like Aweber, Constant Contact, Get response, etc.

I would recommend you get started on a constant contact platform because they are more reliable and trusted.

Build your email list faster by offering bonuses like free ebooks, giveaways, and some other freebies.

Then start monetizing it via selling ads space, affiliate marketing, and even by selling products, That’s just it.

This is where we’re going to stop our today’s article on blogging alternatives.

Now that you’ve known the 3 blogging alternatives, why not let us know your thoughts by commenting on the post here?

Thanks for reading!


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