Blog vs article ( what is the difference? ))

Have you ever wondered to know the difference between a blog vs article? I’ve noticed a lot of incoming emails requesting to know the difference between a blog post and an article.

Blog post publishing is all about writing & self-publishing a blog post in a blog by a blogger or blog owner.

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Let’s quickly get started without much protocols! But before getting started, you may want to read some other blogging topics to know more about what blogging is all about right? Okay.

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Blog vs article (difference between a blog post and article.

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1. Word count.

Word count is the number one difference between a blog vs article, In a blog post, you can write and publish a post of 250  words and above.

While in article writing word count is usually more higher to compare to how it’s supposed to be when writing a blog post.

That is why a long blog post can also be referred to as an article

2. Publishing ( in blog vs article )

In blog post writing publishing is usually done by the blogger alone, that is to say, it’s more of self-publishing.

While in article writing it’s going to go through a different editing process before finally being approved and published.

3. Opinion.

The opinion is another great thing to differentiate a blog vs article, A blog post is usually written according to personal opinion and perspective before publishing.

While an article is written based on people’s opinions or unbiased perspectives before publishing.

4. Keyword research.

There is a great need for keyword research to write & publish a successful killer blog post.

While in article writing sometimes, there’s no need to do keyword research when writing & publishing an article, this is to say that you can successfully publish an article without keyword research knowledge.

5. Online & Offline.

A blog post can be written, publish and read online in a blog. Whereas the case is different when dealing with articles.

In as much as you can also write, publish and read articles online on a website or blog, you can as well write and publish an article offline like in newspaper publishing.

6. Updating ( in blog vs article )

Since blog post changes and fades with time, there’s a great need for regular updating from the blog owner.

While in article writing, there’s no need for regular updates and therefore age doesn’t affect the article information.

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