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If you ever hosted a WordPress site before and wished to get better WordPress hosting, then it’s good to read this blog post on the best hosting for WordPress Convesio

Why is Convesio called the best WordPress hosting?

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What is Convesio?

Convesio is the next-generation WordPress hosting site that was built on speed, scalable, and security, they guarantee their customer’s websites to be 239% faster than sites hosted on another platform.

You can give them a try if you run a WordPress blog since they offer 30 days free trial of their services without credit card information, after which you’ll be required to pick a plan based on the monthly pricing that best suit your need.

They have many levels to choose from, starting from level one at 50 dollars per month to the final level seven at 2,400 dollars per month.

When was Convesio founded & by Who?

Convesio was founded in 2018 as a platform for hosting scalable and secured WordPress sites without traditional cloud providers.

It was founded by Tom Fanelli after thousands of hours of research and too many sleepless nights.

Features of The Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

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 1. Self-healing 

Convesio was built with a self-healing architecture that is provisioned to ensure self-site healing whenever your website is down, Convesio system will automatically re-deploy your container.

This is the number one feature that singled Convesio out from its counterparts. A feature that guarantees unbeatable uptime to their customers.

2. Easy-to-use dashboard

With Convesio dashboard, you don’t need to be an expert before you can understand and use their dashboard.

It’s so easy that even a novice can still find his or her to whatever settings or changes he or she wants to make.

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3. 24/7 Hours Support

With Convesio you don’t have to worry yourself in times of help because their teams are always available to help with every single fixing and solution.

All you have to do is to reach out to their teams at any time and get your problem resolved immediately without protocols.

4. High Availability

The best WordPress hosting Convesio platform has a way of running and balancing more than one instance of a service on a different machine.

This trick ensures continuous uptime in the case of a service failure, the extra one continues to work like the initial one.

5. Access to Free Trials

Convesio hosting offers free 30 days’ trials without credit card information for you to try their wonderful service for free.

All you’re required to access their 30 days free trial is your name, company name, email, and password. You can view the free trial supports below!

All trial account support image on the best WordPress hosting Convesio

6. Free Website Migration

With Convesio you’re sure to get a free website migration if you’re moving your website from other hosts to Convesio hosting.

In this case, all you’ve to do is to contact their teams for instructions on how to easily carry out the website migration.

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7. Backup ( best WordPress hosting Convesio

Convesio always ensures that all your blog contents are backed up on their server, their backup mostly depends on your scheduled backup frequency.

Convesio WordPress Hosting backup is always fast and secure and can be easily restored when the need comes.

8. Automatic Scaling

Convesio has automatic Scaling capability in such a way that whenever your website traffic becomes overloaded, the system will automatically deploy multiple containers to maintain the load without failure.

So you don’t need to worry too much about your huge traffic for the Convesio system is capable of handling them all without panic.

9. Application & Security Monitoring.

Convesio WordPress hosting will always monitor your website at the WordPress application level to ensure the smooth running of all your application.

In this way you don’t have to fear unknown application malware or application incompatibility on your WordPress site, They also make sure that your entire website is always maintained & secured.

10. Speed ( best WordPress hosting Convesio

Speed is another great reason why you must choose Convesio hosting from its competitors.

Knowing the fact that the WordPress front end is one of the speed determinant factors in WordPress hosting, the Convesio system ensures that the WordPress front end is delivered through a custom-made caching layer in the load balancer for fast caching and speed boosting.

11. Clustered database

To maintain their high availability features promised, together with the uptime and scalability features.

Convesio system was built in such a way that every WordPress site is powered by multiple MySQL servers, a feature that is lacking in most of today’s generation WordPress hosting.

Prons of the best WordPress hosting Convesio

  • Self-healing
  • Speed
  • High availability
  • Application monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Clustered database
  • Automatic backup
  • Automatic scaling
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • 24 hours support
  • 30 days free trial access

Cons of the best WordPress hosting Convesio

  • No free version instead they have 30 days of free trials.
  • Convesio hosting is too costly to afford.
  • Some features seem to be lacking in the lower-level versions.

Convesio Reviews ( do we recommend Convesio )

As I wrote before, Convesio hosting is, without a doubt, the recommended next-generation WordPress hosting in 2022 and beyond.

Working with the wonderful features that are found on Convesio together with the high ratings and reviews received from their worldwide users on G2 and Trustpilot

We proudly recommend Convesio to everyone who can afford the money to go ahead and host their WordPress site on Convesio.

Convesio FAQ

I have successfully signed up on Convesio hosting platform, how can I log in on my new account?

After successful registration, you can log in to your hosting account dashboard by typing in any trusted browser.

Input your Username and password to access your hosting account.

Convesio Affiliate Program

People use to wonder whether Convesio has an affiliate program for their hosting promotions.

Yes, Convesio got an affiliate program for bloggers to help them promote their website, for their affiliate program you will receive 100% payment on each person that joined Convesio via your affiliate link.

Not just that, you will also receive 20% of the person’s payment for the next month.

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