Best WordPress Backup Plugins: 4 free

Are you into publishing? And searching for a free backup Plugin for your blog? Here you are to read the top 4 best WordPress backup Plugins free

What’s the need of having a Website without backup, even ordinary android and iPhone users valued backup a lot, people backup things like photos, chats and many other things.

Now tell me why Website owners won’t backup their Website? I believe there is no reason for that to happen.

Can you even imagine of loosen your fully laboured Site to the carelessness of not implementing a backup Plan on your Website after all the night burned candle?  I believe that no one would want such an embarrassing incident.

It’s an awful sight too painful to behold, that is why I decided to write this Post today to help bloggers especially newbie bloggers that would find it difficult to  pay for a backup Plan when they have not enjoyed any blogging money.

I know that it sometimes hurts to start paying for Plugins or themes when you haven’t earn any money from your Website. I wants to tell you that you can still enjoy some best free WordPress backup Plugins and themes to build a good working Website.

In case you would also need a free but premium  theme to also use In your Website, you can check it out here Best free wordpress themes in 2020

Let’s start now without protocols!!

Top 4 best WordPress backup Plugins free


1.  WpbackitUp; The best WordPress backup Plugins 


This is among the best free WordPress backup Plugins used in WordPress blog, it will help you to backup and restore your WordPress in just a simple click.

Using WpbackitUp Plugin in your site will not only backup your Website but it will also help to protect your site from hackers, host failure and malware.

WpbackitUp free features 

  • No complex configuration settings
  • No coding required
  • East to setup and use
  • Unlimited and complete backup
  • Works on all WordPress PlatformsRequired
  • WordPress version 3.8 and above


WpbackitUp paid or premium features 

  • All free features plus
  • One click restore from the WordPress dashboard
  • Free site migrate to another host
  • Clone your site for development
  • Save backup to Dropbox


2.  UpdraftPlus Plugin; The 2nd best WordPress backup Plugins 

The image of UpdraftPlus Plugin with features attached as one of the best backup Plugins in WordPress


UpdraftPlus is one of the top rated backup plugins in WordPress, it also came with a free and paid plan.

The free version of the UpdraftPlus Plugin can backup directly to Google drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP, email and Updraftvault. Whereas the premium version can backup to Microsoft one drive, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud storage, Backblaze B2, SFTP, Scp  and WebDav.

Let’s see the features in UpdraftPlus Plugins free Plan

UpdraftPlus Plugins free Plan

  • Backup and restores
  • Has many options to restore after backup
  • Faster backup
  • Offers automatic backup Plan


Let’s see the Premium or Paid features 

  • Easily migrate Website
  • More added storage options
  • Expert supports
  • Offers database encryption
  • Allow Multisite

Premium Pricing 

  1. Personal;  You get 2 licenses for 70 dollar
  2. Business;  You get 10 licenses for 95 dollars
  3. Agency;  You get 35 licenses for 145 dollars
  4. Enterprise; You get Unlimited licenses for 195 dollars 
  5. Gold; You get Unlimited licenses for 399 dollars per year


3.  BackWpup free; Also one of the best WordPress backup Plugins free

Backupwp image that displays it as part of the best backup Plugins WordPress


BackWpUp plugin free is another good WordPress backup Plugin that also offers a free Plan to backup Website,

It requires WordPress version 3.9 or higher and PHP version 5.6 or higher. You can get a free premium like quality from the Plugin and it also offers a free and paid plan.

BackWpup free Plan features 

  1. Backup full database
  2. Option to choose what you want to backup
  3. Schedule a backup time
  4. Backup to external storage like Dropbox, Amazon S3, and FTP

Premium Plan features

  1. Few clicks backup and rrestores
  2. Gives more storage backup option like Google drive, Amazon Glacier, Rackspace cloud, Microsoft Azure,
  3. Support multisite PLAN

4.  Backup guard plugin;  The last on the list of Best WordPress Backup Plugins free

The image of a backup guard plugin with features that proves it as one of the best backup Plugins WordPress


This is also one of the 4 best WordPress backup Plugins free, it provides a quality free to use service, you can backup and restore your WordPress files and database with the backup guard plugin, 

Domain names for just 88 cents!

It requires WordPress version 3.8 or higher and PHP version 5.3.3 and higher, you can see the free features below.

Backup guard free features 

  1. Backup your Website anytime you want
  2. Choose folders and database to backup
  3. Restore backup anytime
  4. Support Multisite
  5. Specify paths to exclude
  6. Automatic backup schedule
  7. Upload to Dropbox
  8. Shows the progress of the backup and restore

Backup guard Premium or Pro features

  1. Migrate site from one domain to another
  2. Notify via email
  3. 24 hours emergency support
  4. Get alert before updating
  5. Upload to Dropbox, Google drive, Amazon S3, One drive, SFTP/FTP


Backup guard Premium Pricing 

  1. Silver Plan;  Support 2 Website and lifetime usage at 25 dollar
  2. Gold Plan;  Supports 5 Website and lifetime usage at 39 dollar
  3. Platinum Plan;  Supports Unlimited  Website and lifetime usage

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