Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

Are you a website owner seeking for how to get high website ranking in Google search result?

Then start building your blog with the best SEO Plugin for WordPress.

And the good thing to note about some of these SEO plugin  is that they are completely free to download and use.

Though there are many SEO Plugin available for bloggers in the plugin world but making a good choice out of thousands of the available SEO Plugin still remains another hard nut to crack.

Are you confused on the best SEO Plugin for your blog site?

Worry no more!!

You can get back your joy as a publisher after reading and making a decision based on the SEO Plugin that I’m going to mention in this article.

Now let’s start the topic without delay!!

Best SEO Plugin for WordPress


1. Yoast SEO ( best SEO Plugin for WordPress )


People rejoicing over Yoast SEO Plugin, a plugin for everyone.


As long as SEO ( search engine awareness optimization ) is concerned, Yoast SEO by Team Yoast still remains the number one SEO Plugin that works perfectly well in Google optimisation and ranking.

Yoast SEO Plugin helps you to; improve your WordPress SEO ranking, write a better contents and also helps make your WordPress site to be fully optimized for search engine ranking most especially when you obey it’s rule in post writing analysis.

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5 core features of Yoast SEO;

  1. Generate XML SITEMAPS
  2. Submit the generated sitemap to Google.
  3. Helps to rearrange meta description 
  4. Post analysing guide
  5. Helps to create a redirection


2.  Rank Matt SEO 

Picture of the Rank Matt SEO Plugin with detailed features


Rank Matt SEO Plugin by Rank Matt is a new WordPress SEO Plugin that tends to combine the features of many SEO tools.

Rank Matt SEO Plugin rating in WordPress is quite impressing considering the fact that it is a new SEO Plugin, the rate at which Rank Matt grows is an indication that the plugin is and worth trying.

Some core featuresof Rank Matt SEO are;

  1. Easy to setup and use 
  2. Helps to write meta description 
  3. Generate XML Sitemap 
  4. Helps connect your site to Google search console


3.  All in one SEO Pack



All in one SEO Plugin by Micheal Tobert is another good SEO Plugin that is sure to help you optimize your WordPress site for SEO.

The plugin also came with good features that can improve  your site into ranking in Google and other search engines.

Core features of All in one SEO Plugin are;


  1. Generate XML Sitemap 
  2. Supports Google analytics 
  3. Helps in creating a redirection 
  4. Can generate a meta description automatically 
  5. Automatic title optimisation 


4.  SEOPress ( 2nd high rated best SEO Plugin for WordPress)


SEOPress is the second high rated SEO Plugin after Yoast SEO, it was developed by SEOPress.

Their Pro pricing tends to be more cheaper than Yoast and many other SEO Plugin, that is why some people prefers building their site with SEOPress.

Core features of SEOPress


  1. Easy to install and setup
  2. Helps to write meta description 
  3. Helps to generate XML Sitemap 
  4. Creates a redirection 
  5. Provides Google analytics with download tracking.


5.  Wp Meta SEO

Picture of the Wp Meta SEO Plugin with some of its features highlighted


Wp Meta SEO Plugin is another great WordPress SEO plugin developed by JoomUnited,

One of the features that makes them stand out from other SEO is the ability to do bulk editing in WordPress.

Core features of Wp Meta SEO are;

  1. Bulk editing of Meta
  2. Bulk editing of SEO link title
  3. Bulk editing of images
  4. Generate XML and HTML Sitemap 
  5. Generate breadcrumbs 
  6. Create redirection 


Notice Please!!

By mentioning the 5 best SEO Plugin in this article doesn’t mean that you should download all the 5 plugins to improve your ranking,

Instead, you’re required to install and activate only one of the plugin that you prefer to avoid conflict in between plugins.

Do you want to make a suggestion on the best SEO Plugin for WordPress? Then kindly do so in the comment table!

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